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[2007-11-21 14:09:34] <fne> hi
[2007-11-21 14:09:37] <PhilippL> Hi all.
[2007-11-21 14:09:51] <PhilippL> 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port
[2007-11-21 14:10:06] <PhilippL> anyone new here ?
[2007-11-21 14:10:55] <PhilippL> shaunmcdonald: ping ?
[2007-11-21 14:11:38] <PhilippL> 2. Current state of the open CWSs
[2007-11-21 14:12:00] <PhilippL> aquavcl04 is ongoing with bugfixes for testtool and other things.
[2007-11-21 14:12:21] <PhilippL> integration can happen as soon as QA has reasonable time again.
[2007-11-21 14:12:53] <fne> aqua11y01 has some progress, e.g. events. VoiceOver does more and more talking ;-)
[2007-11-21 14:13:12] <PhilippL> fne: in fact it talks for context menus ?
[2007-11-21 14:13:35] <fne> yes, sometimes it is too verbose
[2007-11-21 14:13:35] <obr> PhilippL: no :(
[2007-11-21 14:13:52] <PhilippL> obr: I thought it says "window opened" ?
[2007-11-21 14:13:53] <fne> but it tells the user a new window opens?
[2007-11-21 14:14:24] <obr> PhilippL: right, but nothing from what we want it to say :-(
[2007-11-21 14:14:30] <PhilippL> obr: ah.
[2007-11-21 14:14:46] <PhilippL> macosxquicktime01 is still in QA
[2007-11-21 14:15:32] <ericb2> hi all
[2007-11-21 14:16:23] <hdu_hh> CWS pdffix02 is stalled
[2007-11-21 14:16:26] <ssa> PhilippL: we had a short discussion yesterday that native context menus might be required for a11y - didn't you want to do them anyway to get round corners on leopard ?
[2007-11-21 14:17:16] <PhilippL> ssa: I did want round corners. However native popup menus will not fix the problem for comboboxes.
[2007-11-21 14:18:36] <PhilippL> so we need an accesibility solution for "window opened" anyways.
[2007-11-21 14:18:43] <ssa> PhilippL: right. but at last for the menus we would have two reasons now to do it. you think its doable until beta ?
[2007-11-21 14:18:54] <PhilippL> ssa: possibly.
[2007-11-21 14:19:33] <PhilippL> ssa: to be more precise it is certainly doable, the question is what will fall over the edge for it ;-)
[2007-11-21 14:21:14] <ssa> PhilippL: exactly! i could live with sharp corners, but if it would help the a11y implementation a lot, i would vote for it...
[2007-11-21 14:21:55] <obr> let's see whether we can get Voice Over to read our current menus with reasonable effort and decide from there ..
[2007-11-21 14:23:13] <PhilippL> sounds good.
[2007-11-21 14:23:39] <PhilippL> any other CWS news ?
[2007-11-21 14:23:43] <ssa> ssa: cool!
[2007-11-21 14:24:09] <ericb2> from my side, Education project eats most of my free time. About nativeplrintdlg01, I have discussed with Ismael, and I'd like to discuss more / have more infos about the changes in the initial plan (was : use UNO services )
[2007-11-21 14:24:25] <ericb2> after the meeting is better
[2007-11-21 14:24:34] <PhilippL> ericb2: certainly.
[2007-11-21 14:25:10] <ericb2> issues in progress : Leopard build is broken on PowerPC . Probably XCode issue. I'm investigating with Flroain Heckl
[2007-11-21 14:25:25] <ericb2> Florian Heckl, sorry for the typo
[2007-11-21 14:25:51] <ericb2> The log: http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/aquavcl/patches/aquavcl04_november2007/powerpc/stlport_leo_powerpc.txt
[2007-11-21 14:26:00] <ericb2> + the same code has no problem on Intel
[2007-11-21 14:26:35] <ssa> ericb2: do you know if florian is working on file picker issues on leopard ? it sometimes does not repaint.
[2007-11-21 14:27:16] <ericb2> ssa: Hi Stephan. the is a new cws, aquafilepicker02 or something like that if I'm not wrong. And Eric Hoch reported it does work fine
[2007-11-21 14:27:48] <ssa> ericb2: sounds good!
[2007-11-21 14:27:56] <ericb2> ssa: Cocoa version
[2007-11-21 14:29:33] <ericb2> ssa: there is a little issue with QuickLook plugin
[2007-11-21 14:31:09] <ericb2> ssa: Florian included it in the Bundle. But afaik, there is no possibility to build it from Tiger, and I don't see how we could provide a Leopard plugin the current way, excepted provide Leopard builds
[2007-11-21 14:32:36] <ssa> ericb2: i just had a look into the cws, the repaint issue doesn't seem to be addressed there. in fact I'm not sure if the issue was already filed...
[2007-11-21 14:34:35] <ssa> ericb2: do you know the status of the quicklook plugin ? i think we still have to discuss how it should work.
[2007-11-21 14:34:46] <ericb2> ssa: I'm not sure to get what you mean. What is the repaint issue ?
[2007-11-21 14:35:40] <PhilippL> ericb2: just open the native file picker on leopard; it does not paint correctly.
[2007-11-21 14:35:46] <PhilippL> ericb2:  it's mostly greay
[2007-11-21 14:36:07] <ericb2> PhilippL: I got it :)
[2007-11-21 14:36:27] <ericb2> PhilippL: this is a repaint issue ? I had in mind it was a timer or something like that issue
[2007-11-21 14:36:43] <PhilippL> ericb2: whatever it is, it looks butt ugly.
[2007-11-21 14:36:48] <ericb2> PhilippL: and probably Cocoa version if FilePicker should solve it
[2007-11-21 14:36:57] <ericb2> PhilippL: agreed
[2007-11-21 14:37:12] <PhilippL> ericb2: hopefully. just we should see that the issue is not overlooked.
[2007-11-21 14:37:50] <ssa> PhilippL, ericb2 : I'll file an issue...
[2007-11-21 14:37:56] -->| dave_largo (n=drichard@ has joined #ooo_macport
[2007-11-21 14:38:02] <ericb2> FYI, a desiner proposed an icon for OpenOffice.org on Mac OS X : http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/aquavcl/screenshots/new_icons_4_mac/november_17th/new_icon4mac.png
[2007-11-21 14:38:11] <PhilippL> ssa: you beat me to it :-) set it directly to eric hoch ?
[2007-11-21 14:38:25] * ericb2 wondering: maybe the issue already exists
[2007-11-21 14:38:47] <PhilippL> that looks nice, but is appropriate for writer only.
[2007-11-21 14:39:00] <PhilippL> BTW: we seem to have entered
[2007-11-21 14:39:05] <PhilippL> 3. Roundtable
[2007-11-21 14:39:20] <ericb2> isn't it issue 80686 ?
[2007-11-21 14:39:28] <ericb2> PhilippL: yes, more writer than other
[2007-11-21 14:39:44] <ssa> PhilippL: yes, to eric or florian.
[2007-11-21 14:40:00] <PhilippL> izbot: issue 80686
[2007-11-21 14:40:17] <jsi_sun> macosxquicktime01 test cycle will be started by another tester than me ;-) The problem: UI freeze has been expanded from last week to this week - for QA only - to get the UI feature freeze CWSes done. Sorry for the delays of that CWS.
[2007-11-21 14:40:50] <PhilippL> ericb2: yes, might be the same if the dialog gets large enough that nothing is displayed.
[2007-11-21 14:40:58] <jsi_sun> mikesic:  hopefully you understand it.
[2007-11-21 14:41:15] <ericb2> anybody aware when we will again be able to draw predefined shapes on Writer ?
[2007-11-21 14:41:30] <ssa> ericb2: we could at least add the additional info of the redraw problem to 80686
[2007-11-21 14:42:02] <ericb2> ssa: sure. I'l test aquafilepicker02 to see whether the issue still occurs
[2007-11-21 14:42:20] <ssa> ericb2: thanks!
[2007-11-21 14:43:00] <PhilippL> ssa: done
[2007-11-21 14:43:01] <jsi_sun> macosxquicktime01 will be started today !!! testing ;.-)
[2007-11-21 14:43:15] * jsi_sun has rang up the tester in the meanwhile
[2007-11-21 14:43:48] <ssa> PhilippL: cool, thanks!
[2007-11-21 14:44:47] <PhilippL> any other points to discuss ?
[2007-11-21 14:45:44] <ssa> had anybody found some time to have a look at the roadmap - does it make sense the way it is ?
[2007-11-21 14:46:02] <ssa> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_Porting_-_Roadmap
[2007-11-21 14:47:14] <PhilippL> If somebody were interested, we could need a canvas implementation for Mac based on OpenGL ?
[2007-11-21 14:47:46] <ssa> the most important features must be done until february in order to make it into the beta - last CWS integration is planned in march.
[2007-11-21 14:47:49] <ericb2> PhilippL: I think this is a good idea
[2007-11-21 14:48:15] <ssa> PhilippL: would it be based on opengl - i thought it would be 'plain' quartz ?
[2007-11-21 14:48:18] <ericb2> ssa: OpenGL is the good choice on Mac OS X
[2007-11-21 14:48:35] <PhilippL> ssa: no big difference :-)
[2007-11-21 14:48:38] <ericb2> ssa: everything is OpenGL down under
[2007-11-21 14:48:59] <PhilippL> ssa: Actually quartz would be more comfortable probably.
[2007-11-21 14:49:31] <ssa> PhilippL: that's what i thought - let quartz deal with opengl
[2007-11-21 14:50:33] <ssa> on the other hand, we once had an opengl implementation, right ? we could reuse some stuff
[2007-11-21 14:50:37] <ericb2> ssa: is there a specs somewhere, or a todo for the canvas ? More easy to attract new devs with a Todo list
[2007-11-21 14:51:07] <ssa> ericb2: yes, we can put something up, thb has the details.
[2007-11-21 14:51:24] <ericb2> OT : is headless feature built in vcl ?
[2007-11-21 14:51:28] <PhilippL> ericb2: actually I think thb would be happy to work with someone on that.
[2007-11-21 14:51:47] <PhilippL> ericb2: That depends on what exactly you mean :-)
[2007-11-21 14:52:03] <PhilippL> ericb2: there is a headless plugin for vcl/X11, yes
[2007-11-21 14:52:15] <ericb2> PhilippL: as libvcl_.. something ?
[2007-11-21 14:52:27] <ssa> PhilippL: but he is swamped with other stuff...
[2007-11-21 14:52:41] <PhilippL> ericb2: libvclplug_svp, but only on X11 platforms.
[2007-11-21 14:52:53] <PhilippL> ssa: but he would answer questions I'd guess.
[2007-11-21 14:53:24] <ericb2> PhilippL: thanks. Yes, this is an user question, wondering which package install to use headless feature
[2007-11-21 14:53:51] * ericb2 found vcl/unx/headless 
[2007-11-21 14:54:04] <PhilippL> ericb2: he can use headless on any platform.
[2007-11-21 14:54:23] <PhilippL> ericb2: the plugin is just so on X11 platforms one does not connect to an X11 server.
[2007-11-21 14:54:27] <ericb2> PhilippL: he's using Linux w/rpm archives
[2007-11-21 14:54:34] <PhilippL> ericb2: this is not an issue on other platforms.
[2007-11-21 14:55:06] <ericb2> PhilippL: ok, e.g. using OpenOffice.org as document converter ?
[2007-11-21 14:55:34] <PhilippL> ericb2: the most common application, yes. Works on any platform.
[2007-11-21 14:56:06] <PhilippL> ericb2: on the non X11 platforms no window will be opened, but the graphics system of the platform is of course still used.
[2007-11-21 14:56:26] <PhilippL> ericb2: on X11 the headless plugin removes the need for that, too.
[2007-11-21 14:57:27] <PhilippL> ssa: besides thb is so agile at the moment, he can probably do quartz canvas in the coffee break ;-)
[2007-11-21 14:57:55] <ssa> PhilippL: no time for coffee...
[2007-11-21 14:58:08] <PhilippL> ssa: and no real coffee anyway ...
[2007-11-21 14:58:30] <PhilippL> Any points left for discussion ?
[2007-11-21 14:58:59] <PhilippL> oh, perhaps mikesic might be interested in the quartz canvas ?
[2007-11-21 15:00:19] <PhilippL> his quicktime work seems to indicate he's interested in graphics work ?
[2007-11-21 15:01:08] <ericb2> PhilippL: Ismael has some skills with Quartz too
[2007-11-21 15:02:05] <PhilippL> ericb2: very good.
[2007-11-21 15:02:15] <PhilippL> ericb2: would he be interested in that stuff ?
[2007-11-21 15:02:40] <ericb2> PhilippL: Ismael reads the logs .. wait and see ;)
[2007-11-21 15:03:04] <ericb2> PhilippL: he already works with me on the print dialog box, btw
[2007-11-21 15:03:26] <ssa> i think we should ask both of them, may be they can work together on it.
[2007-11-21 15:04:08] <ssa> would be great - or even required... - to have it done before beta
[2007-11-21 15:06:17] <PhilippL> Any other points left ?
[2007-11-21 15:07:45] <PhilippL> I guess that concludes our meeting.
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