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[2007-11-14 13:59:39] <PhilippL> meeting time
[2007-11-14 14:00:06] <PhilippL> 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port
[2007-11-14 14:00:14] <PhilippL> anyone new here ?
[2007-11-14 14:01:35] =-= cloph_away is now known as cloph
[2007-11-14 14:01:49] <PhilippL> it would seem not
[2007-11-14 14:01:51] <PhilippL> 2. Current state of the open CWS's
[2007-11-14 14:02:11] <fne_> there is some progress in aqua11y01
[2007-11-14 14:02:17] <PhilippL> aquavcl04 is progressing slowly. One open issue for testtool remains (declare.bas)
[2007-11-14 14:02:27] <fne_> and obr is currently working on the events
[2007-11-14 14:02:55] <PhilippL> macleopardbuild is integrated (just waiting for m237 to finish before resyncing aquavcl04)
[2007-11-14 14:02:56] <ericb2> PhilippL: is the issue for scrollbar fixed ?
[2007-11-14 14:03:03] <PhilippL> ericb2: no
[2007-11-14 14:04:50] <PhilippL> macosxquicktime is in QA
[2007-11-14 14:05:15] <ericb2> about nativeprintdlg01, i didn't find time to continue this week. I expect to have more time soon
[2007-11-14 14:05:48] <PhilippL> ericb2: for that I need to talk to you and ismael.
[2007-11-14 14:06:12] <ericb2> PhilippL: ok
[2007-11-14 14:06:17] <PhilippL> ericb2: there is currently the kprinter CWS which enables external dialogs for printing.
[2007-11-14 14:07:03] <PhilippL> ericb2: It may be the better course of action to not do a UNO interface after all and simply call the print dialog in printing like we should do per Apple's gusto anyway.
[2007-11-14 14:07:32] <ericb2> PhilippL: and you mean we could use the work in progress, or implement something similar ?
[2007-11-14 14:08:02] <PhilippL> ericb2: the kprinter CWS is scheduled for 2.4 (in fact it should be ready for QA today evening).
[2007-11-14 14:08:15] <ericb2> PhilippL: uff .. this is short :/
[2007-11-14 14:08:23] <PhilippL> ericb2: so we can have a look at the integrated version soon.
[2007-11-14 14:08:48] <ericb2> PhilippL: that's ok for me. I think Ismael will read the log of the meeting
[2007-11-14 14:09:11] <PhilippL> ericb2: Effectively this is only about NOT showing our own print dialog and using an external tool (kprinter) if one wishes to do so (this is for Linux)
[2007-11-14 14:09:24] <PhilippL> ericb2: But It may be good to do the same for Aqua.
[2007-11-14 14:10:41] <PhilippL> well, actually this would have belonged to 3. Roundtable, so
[2007-11-14 14:10:45] <PhilippL> 3. Roundtable
[2007-11-14 14:10:55] <ericb2> PhilippL: I still have 3 weeks of full time at work, then I'll have more time for the code
[2007-11-14 14:12:21] <PhilippL> Anyone any points left ?
[2007-11-14 14:12:30] <tino> Just for roundtable: I was able to create a first Carbon-based prototype for D&D (demonstrated this to Philipp and Herbert last week
[2007-11-14 14:12:53] <PhilippL> tino: yes, sorry I forgot to mention. Looks really nice already.
[2007-11-14 14:12:54] <tino> Meanwhile I resync my cws (macosxdnd) to m236 and am about to make the switch to Cocoa
[2007-11-14 14:13:04] <tino> PhilippL: np
[2007-11-14 14:13:14] <ericb2> tino: that's great :)
[2007-11-14 14:13:19] <tino> Now we need the Cocoa port of this :)
[2007-11-14 14:13:25] <ericb2> tino: I already checked your code, to see the changes
[2007-11-14 14:13:34] <ericb2> tino: what was the change in vcl ?
[2007-11-14 14:13:36] <tino> I started to refresh my Obj-C knowledge this morning already :)
[2007-11-14 14:14:08] <mikesic_> I have been working to add the ability to add and remove words to the Mac Spelling dictionary from the within OOo
[2007-11-14 14:14:11] <tino> ericb2: In salframe I set the native window handle in the sysdata struct
[2007-11-14 14:14:21] <PhilippL> mikesic_: cool !
[2007-11-14 14:14:23] <ericb2> tino: ok
[2007-11-14 14:14:25] [INFO] 1 matches for ``mik'': [mikesic_: ]
[2007-11-14 14:14:31] <ericb2> mikesic_:  :)
[2007-11-14 14:14:37] <tino> ericb2: Did I check this in?
[2007-11-14 14:14:41] <PhilippL> mikesic_: I think you talked to jsi on OOoCon  about that.
[2007-11-14 14:14:58] <ericb2> tino: no, the only change I have seen is a comment ;)
[2007-11-14 14:15:12] <mikesic_> There is a patch at http://mikesicotte.com/patch/macspelldict.tar.gz if anyone wants to see - very preliminary but works to add words
[2007-11-14 14:15:42] <tino> ericb2: Could be that I commented out this part again in anticipation of its uselessness after the resync?!
[2007-11-14 14:16:09] <tino> ericb2: What I need and will get now is a NSView pointer I guess :)
[2007-11-14 14:16:22] <ericb2> tino: could be, but i have undesrtood the change.  I just need some .. yes :)
[2007-11-14 14:16:50] <mikesic_> I have to go to work - see you all later ;)
[2007-11-14 14:17:05] <PhilippL> mikesic_: bye
[2007-11-14 14:17:29] <ericb2> mikesic_: bye. Have a nice day :)
[2007-11-14 14:17:55] <tino> ericb2: If you wanna have a m229 based installation of my experimental D&D OOo let me know where I can upload it (Intel version of course)
[2007-11-14 14:18:23] <ericb2> tino: I extracted everything already, and this can work with m233 (at least )
[2007-11-14 14:18:52] <tino> ericb2: Ok, don't forget to activate the salframe change again then
[2007-11-14 14:18:56] <ericb2> tino: we have some place on stardiv server
[2007-11-14 14:19:24] <ericb2> tino: I remember I asked login/passwd to st some times ago. Shaun Michael and me have writing access
[2007-11-14 14:19:31] <ericb2> tino: can you ping st ?
[2007-11-14 14:19:44] <ericb2> tino: and then put the link on the channel
[2007-11-14 14:25:10] <PhilippL> ok, I think that concludes our meeting ?
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