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[2008-03-26 14:02:22] shaunmcdonald: meeting time?

[2008-03-26 14:02:27] fne: yes

[2008-03-26 14:02:32] Dyrcona: yes, think so.

[2008-03-26 14:02:55] shaunmcdonald: 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port

[2008-03-26 14:03:07] shaunmcdonald: are there any new devs here today?

[2008-03-26 14:04:00] paveljanik: no

[2008-03-26 14:04:35] shaunmcdonald: 2. Current state of the open CWS's

[2008-03-26 14:05:49] fne: aqua11y01 is currently being tested, seems to look fine...

[2008-03-26 14:09:09] fne: anybody else?

[2008-03-26 14:10:43] shaunmcdonald: aquavcl06?

[2008-03-26 14:11:08] fne: since pl and hdu are on vacation there are no news regarding aquavcl06 I think

[2008-03-26 14:11:52] shaunmcdonald: Moving on

[2008-03-26 14:12:10] shaunmcdonald: for the third Mac Port Meeting in Hamburg

[2008-03-26 14:12:28] shaunmcdonald: I would like to try and get a date set

[2008-03-26 14:13:01] shaunmcdonald: I am currently in contact with our VIP over IM

[2008-03-26 14:13:15] shaunmcdonald: Would the end of April look like a good time?

[2008-03-26 14:13:38] fne: for me it would be okay

[2008-03-26 14:13:56] shaunmcdonald: We're looking at 2 days in the Sun offices

[2008-03-26 14:14:25] shaunmcdonald: Seemingly Lachs and hdu_hh are on holiday and ericb is offline

[2008-03-26 14:17:39] shaunmcdonald: OK it looks like we are going to need to move this item to the mailing list.

[2008-03-26 14:18:01] fne: +1

[2008-03-26 14:28:17] shaunmcdonald: goes to create a wikipage for the 3rd Mac Porters Meeting

[2008-03-26 14:28:31] Dyrcona: thinks he missed something.

[2008-03-26 14:29:24] shaunmcdonald: Dyrcona: In December 2006 there was a Mac Porter's meeting, where the mac porters got together to discuss the port and the way forward for the port

[2008-03-26 14:29:28] shaunmcdonald: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/2nd_Mac_porters_meeting

[2008-03-26 14:29:59] shaunmcdonald: There has been discussion since ooocon2007 to have another one

[2008-03-26 14:30:47] shaunmcdonald: We have the agreement with Sun to be able to hold it in their offices, and be able to grab on to any of their devs as required.

[2008-03-26 14:31:18] Dyrcona: ok. just i timed out after fne's +1 and thought i might have missed some important discussion.

[2008-03-26 14:31:47] fne: Dyrcona: no, you didn't miss a single posting

[2008-03-26 14:32:00] Dyrcona: k. thx.

[2008-03-26 14:33:45] shaunmcdonald: We will have a VIP who knows things from the Mac OS X side to help fix as many bugs as possible and help with the porting effort

[2008-03-26 14:35:32] fne: any chance to get a hint who (s)he is?

[2008-03-26 14:37:48] shaunmcdonald: Let's say he knows what we need to know, or who actually wrote that Mac OS X library very well (for example when there is no documentation in the Apple Developer Docs)

[2008-03-26 14:39:15] fne: great!

[2008-03-26 14:39:50] shaunmcdonald: 3. Roundtable

[2008-03-26 14:39:59] shaunmcdonald: 2.4 release is almost due

[2008-03-26 14:47:15] shaunmcdonald: it currently looks like the mac builds will be late

[2008-03-26 14:52:14] johanhenselmans: shaun, what do you mean by late? A day? Or compilation problems that prevent the release to be built?

[2008-03-26 14:53:12] shaunmcdonald: James Mackenzie is currently started testing the build this morning (EU time)

[2008-03-26 14:53:20] shaunmcdonald: johanhenselmans: Basically QA is late

[2008-03-26 14:53:35] shaunmcdonald: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/3rd_Mac_porters_meeting

[2008-03-26 14:54:30] johanhenselmans: What is the version to be tested? 2.4.0RC6?

[2008-03-26 14:54:55] shaunmcdonald: johanhenselmans: exactly

[2008-03-26 14:55:27] Lachs: I'm here

[2008-03-26 14:55:58] johanhenselmans: I will do the dutch version. Only X11, I suppose?

[2008-03-26 14:56:42] shaunmcdonald: johanhenselmans: yes X11 only

[2008-03-26 14:57:20] shaunmcdonald: Lachs: who was it from Sun that said they were on holiday this week, so couldn't attend?

[2008-03-26 14:57:36] johanhenselmans: I'll ask on #qa fo the specifics on testing nowadays (been away for a while writing a book).

[2008-03-26 14:58:05] Lachs: ocke is on vacation this week Frank should be back today

[2008-03-26 14:58:11] shaunmcdonald: johanhenselmans: if you can do a basic functional test on the en-US version too that would be very useful

[2008-03-26 14:58:30] shaunmcdonald: hasn't heard of ocke before

[2008-03-26 14:58:37] johanhenselmans: OK, I'll see what I can do.

[2008-03-26 14:59:33] Lachs: mav_eric asked for him cause he has a mac yesterday

[2008-03-26 15:00:00] Lachs: Otherwise I'm sure there are several people on vacation. Whom are you expecting

[2008-03-26 15:00:04] johanhenselmans: shaunmcdonald: which one is that? the OOo_2.4.0RC6_MacOSXIntel_X11_install.dmg?

[2008-03-26 15:00:44] shaunmcdonald: johanhenselmans: looks good

[2008-03-26 15:01:06] shaunmcdonald: Lachs: someone mentioned that there would be a problem with taking a log

[2008-03-26 15:04:28] shaunmcdonald: Lachs: re-reading the log, it was PhilipL and hdu_hh

[2008-03-26 15:04:50] Lachs: ah ok just had my log open too

[2008-03-26 15:05:07] Dyrcona: lachs; ocke is on dbaccess?

[2008-03-26 15:06:15] Lachs: Dyrcona, sorry, don't know what Ocke is up to

[2008-03-26 15:07:23] fne: Dyrcona: ocke is in the base aka dbaccess team

[2008-03-26 15:08:07] Dyrcona: mav_eric probably asked for him because we're having a problem with Base on Leopard builds of DEV300_m4.

[2008-03-26 15:08:27] Dyrcona: But it may be sorted out, since it appears to be a flex issue.

[2008-03-26 15:09:38] Dyrcona: is doing a build with a different version of flex to see if that fixes the problem.</message>

[2008-03-26 15:11:19] Dyrcona: http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=87398

[2008-03-26 15:11:25] IZBot: issue 87398: Database access DEFECT NEW P3 Syntax error in SQL Expression when no where clause

[2008-03-26 15:21:14] shaunmcdonald: I presume there is nothing else that someone wants to discuss?

[2008-03-26 15:24:38] johanhenselmans: Well....

[2008-03-26 15:25:30] johanhenselmans: I was wondering what version to put on a CD that we discussed about via email. Should I go for m2, to demonstrate the aqua version, or should m4 be a better option?

[2008-03-26 15:27:34] shaunmcdonald: for aqua use m2

[2008-03-26 15:27:48] shaunmcdonald: x11 use 2.4.0rc6

[2008-03-26 15:28:16] johanhenselmans: OK, I'll do that. Thanks.

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