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[2008-07-30 15:02:09] <PhilippL> 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port
[2008-07-30 15:02:14] <PhilippL> anybody new
[2008-07-30 15:03:16] <PhilippL> 2. Current state of the open child workspaces (CWS)
[2008-07-30 15:03:46] <PhilippL> currently working on the update icon (in CWS aquaupdateicon)
[2008-07-30 15:04:17] <PhilippL> vcl91 is nominated, vcl30stop{1,2} are in QA
[2008-07-30 15:04:32] <fne> aqua11y02 is integrated in m28, no further actiosn regarding accessibility on the Mac planned
[2008-07-30 15:05:06] <fne> but I hope we will do some improvements for OOo 3.1
[2008-07-30 15:06:51] <PhilippL> any other CWS news ?
[2008-07-30 15:07:36] <fne> PhilippL: I think we are alone out here
[2008-07-30 15:07:48] * cloph 's  here as well this time :-)
[2008-07-30 15:07:59] <cloph> But I don't have any news...
[2008-07-30 15:08:07] <fne> okay :-)
[2008-07-30 15:08:15] <PhilippL> 3. Roundtable
[2008-07-30 15:08:36] <cloph> As OOo will switch to svn - will OOo provide a svn package for convenience?
[2008-07-30 15:08:54] <cloph> svn package = svn client
[2008-07-30 15:09:07] <PhilippL> better ask on #dev.openoffice.org , there may be people who know :-)
[2008-07-30 15:09:24] * PhilippL doesn't even know when the switch is supposed to be.
[2008-07-30 15:09:35] <cloph> I doubt people on dev.ooo know how to build a package that can be easily installed on Mac :-)
[2008-07-30 15:09:43] <cloph> PhilippL: Switch is rather close, after the RC
[2008-07-30 15:09:52] <fne> I just read that the switch will take place directly after OOo 3.0 RC is built
[2008-07-30 15:10:25] <PhilippL> Is there no svn Mac cliesnt ?
[2008-07-30 15:10:37] <fne> svnX
[2008-07-30 15:11:01] <fne> http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/development_tools/svnx.html
[2008-07-30 15:11:23] <PhilippL> http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Subversion-on-Mac-OS-X
[2008-07-30 15:11:25] <cloph> Well, it is in fink and similar, but installing such thing just for a svn client is a little overkill (IMHO)
[2008-07-30 15:11:30] <fne> looks promising, but I did not have the time to try it
[2008-07-30 15:12:53] <fne> I think svn comes with Mac OS X (at least on Leo)
[2008-07-30 15:13:01] <fne> the command line client
[2008-07-30 15:13:12] <fne> so just get the GUI and it should work
[2008-07-30 15:13:24] <cloph> Ah, ist it part of newer xcode?
[2008-07-30 15:13:48] <fne> I think so, I have it on my fresh Leo and I did not install it seperately
[2008-07-30 15:13:58] <PhilippL> OTOH it doesn't seem to be part of Tiger, which is our base line ...
[2008-07-30 15:14:02] <fne> so I presume it is part of XCode 3.0 / 3.1
[2008-07-30 15:15:09] <PhilippL> Other points ?
[2008-07-30 15:15:42] <cloph> Any new milestone/beta is "ready for use" (as the other OS like linux, etc), right?
[2008-07-30 15:17:01] <PhilippL> Hmm ? Milestones are not platform dependant. The mac (intel) version is provided at the same time as the other platforms that release engineering does.
[2008-07-30 15:17:31] <PhilippL> Or so it is supposed to be ? Anything else would have to be an exception.
[2008-07-30 15:18:31] <cloph> No, I mean: Can there be a big announcement to invite testers like for the other OS; or are there known problems that are not yet integrated.
[2008-07-30 15:18:52] <fne> are there any Mac-specific show stoppers in m28?
[2008-07-30 15:18:59] <PhilippL> ah, yes I'd wait for vcl91 and vcl30stop1,2
[2008-07-30 15:19:05] <fne> ah
[2008-07-30 15:20:07] <cloph> Ah, OK. That's what I wanted to know.
[2008-07-30 15:20:41] <PhilippL> Other points to discuss ?
[2008-07-30 15:22:48] <cloph> not from my part
[2008-07-30 15:23:35] <fne> same here
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