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[2008-01-30 14:04:08] <PhilippL> meeting ?
[2008-01-30 14:04:19] <paveljanik> Hi
[2008-01-30 14:04:30] <obr> Hi
[2008-01-30 14:04:40] <fne> yeas, meeting
[2008-01-30 14:04:43] <PhilippL> 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port
[2008-01-30 14:04:44] <fne> -a
[2008-01-30 14:04:50] <PhilippL> anybody new around ?
[2008-01-30 14:05:25] =-= cloph_away is now known as cloph
[2008-01-30 14:05:37] <PhilippL> 2. Current state of the open CWS's
[2008-01-30 14:05:43] <PhilippL> aquavcl05 is progressing nicely
[2008-01-30 14:06:00] =-= Mode #ooo_macport +o Lachs  by ChanServ
[2008-01-30 14:06:01] <PhilippL> macosxdnd is "Ready for QA
[2008-01-30 14:06:17] =-= Mode #ooo_macport +o hdu_hh  by ChanServ
[2008-01-30 14:06:38] <fne> aqua11y01 has some delay due to insufficient information/documentation. we are now in contact with Apple engineers of the accessibility API and VoiceOver to solve this...
[2008-01-30 14:06:48] <paveljanik> PhilippL: great! Thanks to Tino for this.
[2008-01-30 14:07:03] <PhilippL> yes, tino did a real nice job on that.
[2008-01-30 14:07:42] <PhilippL> however QA will take a time since they are 100% on 2.4 at the moment.
[2008-01-30 14:08:53] <PhilippL> I think aquafilepicker02 is almost ready, too.
[2008-01-30 14:10:19] <PhilippL> any other CWS news ?
[2008-01-30 14:10:26] <tino> PhilippL, paveljanik: Thanks! Did anybody of you test that stuff already?
[2008-01-30 14:11:02] <PhilippL> tino: I saw it on jogi's machine.
[2008-01-30 14:11:50] <tino> PhilippL: Ah, ok Hopefully QA will not find major problems on this cws
[2008-01-30 14:12:17] * tino fingers crossed ;)
[2008-01-30 14:13:47] * jsi_sun ....smiles...
[2008-01-30 14:14:20] <PhilippL> tino: seems to work fine to me.
[2008-01-30 14:14:39] <tino> PhilippL: I like to hear that. :)
[2008-01-30 14:14:58] <PhilippL> tino: however there is no drag cursor until you leave the document. But works without as well as with.
[2008-01-30 14:15:38] <tino> PhilippL: If the drag opeartion is a move the cursor will not change!
[2008-01-30 14:15:52] <PhilippL> tino: ah.
[2008-01-30 14:16:14] <tino> PhilippL: Use the modifier keys to change the DnD op ;)
[2008-01-30 14:16:30] <tino> PhilippL: I put a lot of effort into getting this part right :)
[2008-01-30 14:16:53] <PhilippL> tino: yes, works perfect.
[2008-01-30 14:17:43] <tino> PhilippL: A nice feature would be to drag transparent image of the currently selected object as other apps on OSX do but in order to support this the apps would have to provide such an image
[2008-01-30 14:18:00] <tino> ..I cannot create it on my own in the bridge
[2008-01-30 14:18:22] <tino> atm I just create a small dummy image
[2008-01-30 14:18:41] <PhilippL> tino: yes, we'd need extensions to the UNO protocol here I think.
[2008-01-30 14:19:00] <tino> ...watch out for the small rect at the beginning of the mouse arrow ;)
[2008-01-30 14:19:35] <tino> PhilippL: Maybe I would be sufficient already to provide this image in the transferable and imvent a special content type for it
[2008-01-30 14:20:03] <PhilippL> tino: you mean like some paper if the mimetype is text for example.
[2008-01-30 14:20:06] <tino> On other platforms that do not support such visual feedback the dnd bridge could ignore this data type
[2008-01-30 14:20:50] <tino> PhilippL: I mean an image of the currently selected area
[2008-01-30 14:21:06] <tino> PhilippL: Don't know how complicated it is to generate this
[2008-01-30 14:21:25] <PhilippL> tino: yes, that would be the right solution, but we need help from the applications for that.
[2008-01-30 14:21:51] <tino> PhilippL: I doesn't necessarily have to be a NSImage, a different format that I could transform to an NSImage would do also I guess
[2008-01-30 14:22:04] <tino> PhilippL: Yes, that's where we would need app support
[2008-01-30 14:22:20] <PhilippL> tino: yes, an additional target in the transferable could do the trick.
[2008-01-30 14:22:25] <tino> Ok atm it's only a "nice to have" I think
[2008-01-30 14:23:34] <tino> PhilippL: What do you mean by "additional target"?
[2008-01-30 14:23:57] <PhilippL> tino: a special private mimetype, that would produce an image representation of the selection.
[2008-01-30 14:24:08] <PhilippL> tino: it's just an idea.
[2008-01-30 14:24:19] <tino> PhilippL: Oh yeah, sounds good
[2008-01-30 14:24:51] <PhilippL> But let's first get this CWS integrated :-)
[2008-01-30 14:24:58] <PhilippL> ok, any other CWS news ?
[2008-01-30 14:25:18] <tino> PhilippL: Yes indeed :)
[2008-01-30 14:25:31] <PhilippL> 3. Roundtable
[2008-01-30 14:26:00] <jsi_sun> paveljanik:  ping
[2008-01-30 14:28:43] <paveljanik> jsi_sun: pong
[2008-01-30 14:29:25] <PhilippL> BTW: whoever uses X11 on leopard should really give Xquartz 2.1.3 a try. It actually works unlike the Xserver that comes with leopard.
[2008-01-30 14:31:15] <PhilippL> That's it for today ?
[2008-01-30 14:32:39] <paveljanik> looks so
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