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[2008-12-03 14:04:57] <PhilippL> 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port
[2008-12-03 14:05:05] <PhilippL> Hi mod, welcome to mac development !
[2008-12-03 14:05:14] <mod_> PhilippL: thanks ;-)
[2008-12-03 14:05:29] <PhilippL> mod's going to implement mac services for the aqua version.
[2008-12-03 14:05:42] <PhilippL> or rather is already doing that.
[2008-12-03 14:05:48] <mod_> PhilippL: and multitouch gestures...
[2008-12-03 14:06:08] * mod_ should start studying, so it will be  not done this week ;-)
[2008-12-03 14:06:27] <PhilippL> it has time another week :-)
[2008-12-03 14:06:45] <PhilippL> No, really, thank you for investing the time to do this good work for OOo.
[2008-12-03 14:07:13] <PhilippL> If you need any help you know how to reach me.
[2008-12-03 14:07:26] <mod_> PhilippL: some comments regarding services, but I'll do it at the end.....
[2008-12-03 14:07:50] <PhilippL> 2. Current state of the open child workspaces (CWS)
[2008-12-03 14:08:01] <PhilippL> I have no mac specifc CWS ATM.
[2008-12-03 14:08:27] <PhilippL> hdu_hh: ?
[2008-12-03 14:08:31] <mod_> keyboard handling is fixed now, right? (noticed this now myself as quite annoying)
[2008-12-03 14:08:50] <PhilippL> hmm, what exactly do you mean ?
[2008-12-03 14:09:02] <mod_> shortcuts, e.g. selecting
[2008-12-03 14:09:22] <hdu_hh> ooo301gsl2 with many aqua goodies is ready for qa
[2008-12-03 14:09:25] <PhilippL> ah, yes, some more system shortcuts were added
[2008-12-03 14:10:25] <hdu_hh> macrestart2 hopefully gets ready for qa soon
[2008-12-03 14:10:26] <PhilippL> I think ericb is working on menus (removing the duplicate exit and about entries), working on apple remote and prox icons.
[2008-12-03 14:11:03] <PhilippL> Anything else ?
[2008-12-03 14:11:23] <PhilippL> 3. Roundtable
[2008-12-03 14:11:34] <mod_> PhilippL: just some quick comments, as I have to leave
[2008-12-03 14:11:42] <mod_> PhilippL: a first hack for services works ;-)
[2008-12-03 14:11:49] <PhilippL> yes, cool !
[2008-12-03 14:11:55] <mod_> I thought it didn't and looked forever
[2008-12-03 14:12:16] <mod_> but then I realized that RTF worked out of the box, and black text was copied as white text, so I never saw the text
[2008-12-03 14:12:28] <PhilippL> Argh :-)
[2008-12-03 14:13:28] <mod_> and it is actually pushed, not pulled by getdatafortype, as the implementation calls FliushClipboard
[2008-12-03 14:13:39] <mod_> so we shouldn't have the mentioned timing issues, right?
[2008-12-03 14:14:21] <PhilippL> Might very well be. So we do on with dtrans ?
[2008-12-03 14:14:29] <PhilippL> s/do/go/
[2008-12-03 14:14:38] <mod_> I guess so yes
[2008-12-03 14:15:36] <mod_> it also works only currently if the application, e.g. TextEdit is already open, some kind of timing issue related to leopard, but not all other application have the same issue, so I'll try to find out the workaround...
[2008-12-03 14:15:41] <mod_> that's it from my side
[2008-12-03 14:15:55] <mod_> PhilippL: proabably some more questions related to the factory later on....
[2008-12-03 14:16:13] <PhilippL> Sure, I'll be glad to help.
[2008-12-03 14:16:24] <mod_> PhilippL: ah, one more
[2008-12-03 14:16:53] <mod_> PhilippL: regarding integration, both gestures and services is not UI related, so could this be integrated later on still for 3.1?
[2008-12-03 14:17:17] <mod_> PhilippL: or should I take out the gesture stuff earlier so it can make it for sure?
[2008-12-03 14:17:32] <PhilippL> Good question.
[2008-12-03 14:17:52] <mod_> original plan was to have both things in macosintegration, but dec. 18 is pretty close
[2008-12-03 14:18:01] <mod_> but as it is not UI related and mac OS only.......
[2008-12-03 14:18:03] <PhilippL> The canonical answer is that there is UI freeze first, then feature freeze, then code freeze
[2008-12-03 14:18:23] <mod_> isn't UI and feature freeze the same thing?
[2008-12-03 14:18:28] <PhilippL> but since no UI is involved the feature freeze in this case might be softer
[2008-12-03 14:18:38] <PhilippL> no, there are features outtside UI.
[2008-12-03 14:18:47] <PhilippL> but that is a softer disctinction.
[2008-12-03 14:18:58] <mod_> in terms of date, I mean: UI and Feature_freeze: December 18th, 2008
[2008-12-03 14:19:19] <PhilippL> I seem to remember a few cases where enhancements becam defects after feature freeze ...
[2008-12-03 14:19:48] <mod_> so I keep both in macosintegration and try to finish it till code freeze?
[2008-12-03 14:19:50] <hdu_hh> PhilippL: impossible! ;-)
[2008-12-03 14:20:15] <PhilippL> mod_: I think that will not really be a problem.
[2008-12-03 14:20:35] <mod_> great
[2008-12-03 14:20:47] <PhilippL> mod_: ... unless you want your feature documented in the help, there's that.
[2008-12-03 14:21:19] <PhilippL> mod_: for that a feature announcement would be in order, however that would need to be until 18th.
[2008-12-03 14:21:46] <mod_> mac only feature and the OS even adds the menus, so I guess no documentation in the first place is fine
[2008-12-03 14:21:50] <PhilippL> But let's rather delay that to 3.2 then risking not getting the (UI less) feature in.
[2008-12-03 14:22:08] <mod_> if you are on mac, you now about services :-)
[2008-12-03 14:22:27] <mod_> using text to speech for openoffice is actually quite fun to use
[2008-12-03 14:22:28] <PhilippL> mod_: probably you're right. So I think UI freeze will not be our problem.
[2008-12-03 14:22:42] <mod_> PhilippL: great....nothing more from my side
[2008-12-03 14:22:56] <PhilippL> ah, that's a service, too ? I thought you'd use accessibility for that.
[2008-12-03 14:23:23] <PhilippL> Anyone else anything to add ?
[2008-12-03 14:23:40] <mod_> you can use voiceover somehow as well yes, but you can start highlight your whole text and call Services-Read Selection
[2008-12-03 14:23:52] <mod_> s/start/just
[2008-12-03 14:26:08] <PhilippL> Ok, it seems that's it for the meeting today ?
[2008-12-03 14:26:40] <mod_> long meeting this time ;-) bye
[2008-12-03 14:27:45] <PhilippL> bye
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