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[15:02]	<hdu_hh>	1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X por
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[15:02]	<ericb2>	fne: hi :)
[15:03]	<hdu_hh>	I'm not seing new nicknames in the list
[15:03]	<hdu_hh>	so, its just us three?
[15:03]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I'm preparing an action to attract new devs, but I need time to find resources
[15:03]	<hdu_hh>	good!
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[15:04]	<hdu_hh>	hi mikesic_!
[15:04]	<hdu_hh>	I think we can go to 2. Current state of the open child workspaces (CWS)
[15:05]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: yes, please
[15:05]	<hdu_hh>	AFAIK all Aqua specific CWS are integrated, except CWS hotmac
[15:05]	<hdu_hh>	I mean CWSses for OOo 3.0
[15:06]	<hdu_hh>	and CWS hotmac will most certainly get into the first RC
[15:06]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: good idea :)
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[15:07]	<hdu_hh>	yup :-)
[15:07]	<MechtiIde>	shaunmcdonald, told something about crashes on Mac
[15:07]	<MechtiIde>	today morning
[15:07]	<hdu_hh>	hi MechtiIde! which crashes?
[15:07]	<hdu_hh>	crashes when quiting OOo?
[15:07]	<MechtiIde>	* shaunmcdonald is getting the blame for bugs in ooo from the founder again
[15:08]	<MechtiIde>	I don't know more
[15:08]	<ericb2>	shaunmcdonald: can you explain more please ?
[15:08]	<MechtiIde>	<shaunmcdonald> founder is stioll complaining about ooo crashing :-(
[15:08]	<hdu_hh>	CWS hotmac fixes the crashes when Aqua-OOo was quiting
[15:08]	<MechtiIde>	I asked for more information but get no answer
[15:08]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I read you fixed an important and difficult to track pdf issue
[15:09]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: that was not a direct PDF issue
[15:09]	<hdu_hh>	it was a general problem of the X11 port
[15:09]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: ok
[15:09]	<hdu_hh>	yup, I felt "bloggy" on monday ;-)
[15:10]	<ericb2>	no other open cws ?
[15:10]	<hdu_hh>	currently getting OOo3 ready has the highest priority
[15:11]	<hdu_hh>	there are cross-platform issues that affect the Mac too of course
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[15:12]	<hdu_hh>	and so the related CWS are not Aqua-specific anymore
[15:13]	<hdu_hh>	e.g. vcl92 and vcl93 also benefit the Mac port
[15:15]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: I read that you are making a lot of progress with the remote control?
[15:16]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: yes. For me it works well. the code needs cleanup (removing debug ..and so on )
[15:16]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I fixed a silly bug with the Presenter Screen, and it works nicely with it now
[15:16]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: sounds good!
[15:16]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: the problem is, I have no news from Florian Heckl
[15:17]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: Juli+August are often used for vacation here
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[15:18]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: so I wouldn't be surprised
[15:18]	<hdu_hh>	hi mikesic!
[15:18]	<MechtiIde>	what about issue 84427
[15:18]	<IZBot>	porting DEFECT CLOSED FIXED P3 help page cannot be printed using Apple key + P (aqua version) http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=84427
[15:18]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I'd like to have other opinions about code
[15:18]	<MechtiIde>	IZBot, thanks
[15:18]	<IZBot>	Always a pleasure helping you :-)
[15:19]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: pl is ok for the OpenOffice.org part, but I'd like to be sure I didn't introduce leaks or so with the remote part
[15:19]	<MechtiIde>	It should to be reopen because it is back in OOO300_m3
[15:19]	<hdu_hh>	good idea. I think CL + PL should have a look. CL because of the multimedia-key things and PL for the input handling
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[15:20]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I didn't use the Multimedia keys in the first implementation
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[15:20]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: no need at all
[15:21]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I think the next implementation could use them, e.g. if we implement more features, like contextual menus ..and so on. But no, I don't see why use complicated things, when simple work well
[15:21]	<hdu_hh>	I think CL's point was that using the MM-keys would be better
[15:22]	<ericb2>	s/but no/but now/
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[15:25]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: just FYI , my hacked build has been downloaded ~ 600 times in two days, and so far, no problem.
[15:25]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: you have convinced me. I just don't think it is so urgent that it needs to be RfQ before PL+CL provided their feedback?
[15:26]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: just be sure we don't miss the gate for 3.1
[15:26]	<hdu_hh>	+1
[15:26]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: other news: I started an effort for OpenGL transitions implementation
[15:26]	<ericb2>	http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_Porting_-_OpenGL_transitions
[15:26]	<hdu_hh>	cool!
[15:27]	<ericb2>	and ssa confirmed me something is possible (I'm prudent)
[15:27]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: yes ;)
[15:27]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I got everything, excepted the final vcl implementation, because of a last silly bug, nobody has a fix yet
[15:27]	<hdu_hh>	what is the issue number?
[15:27]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: if close to you, ask ssa
[15:28]	* hdu_hh	will do
[15:28]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I started on the wiki only, and once I'll be sure I can see something for true, you can believe me, I'll create everything needed
[15:29]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I'm waiting for ssa code too ( please remind him I'm impatient to read what he did, to understand I have wrong in my code ;) )
[15:29]	* hdu_hh	will do :-)
[15:29]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: thank you :-)
[15:30]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: he'll join the chat soonish
[15:30]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: great :-)
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[15:31]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: last other little points: I'm helping liutao to resync python25 cws
[15:31]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: + I'll test seamonkey patch pierre pasteau created on Mac OS X
[15:31]	<ericb2>	ssa: hey !
[15:32]	<ericb2>	ssa: glad to see you there :)
[15:32]	<ssa>	ericb2: hi eric, hi everybody...
[15:33]	<ssa>	ericb2: you're waiting for an update regarding the opengl transitions, right?
[15:33]	<ssa>	ericb2: i stil didn't find the time to look into it...
[15:33]	<ericb2>	ssa: in fact, I'd like to see how you implemented the thing in vcl and slideshow, because mine doesn't work
[15:33]	<ericb2>	ssa: :/
[15:34]	<ericb2>	ssa: else, I have a complete set of patches for the rest
[15:35]	<ssa>	ericb2: first I have to find it on my disk, wait a second...
[15:35]	* ericb2	waits
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[15:36]	<ssa>	ericb2: ok I basicaly changed OGLTrans_TransitionerImpl.cxx in slideshow
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[15:37]	<ssa>	ericb2: using an NSOpenGLView
[15:37]	<ericb2>	ssa: I did that too
[15:38]	<ssa>	ericb2: which is intialized with an NSOpenGLPixelFormat
[15:38]	<ericb2>	ssa: and in vcl, you modified something ?
[15:38]	<ericb2>	ssa: same here
[15:38]	<ericb2>	ssa: did you simply consider your NSOpenGLView as an NSView ?
[15:39]	<ssa>	ericb2: let me check, I remember something with the SalObject, there was some QuickTime specific stuff there
[15:39]	<ericb2>	ssa: yes, about clipping
[15:40]	<ssa>	ericb2: I currently cannot see any changes in VCL... did you change something ? what does not work for ou ?
[15:40]	<ericb2>	ssa: can you pelase send me your OGLTrans_TransitionerImpl.cxx ?
[15:41]	<ericb2>	ssa: I probably am close, but I don't see
[15:41]	<ericb2>	ssa: I added NSOpenGLView* pOpenNSGLView in sysdata.hxx structure
[15:42]	<ericb2>	ssa: s/pOpenNSGLView/pNSOpenGLView/
[15:42]	<ssa>	ericb2: sure I will send you the sources - I have to check what else did I change, and I'm not sure in what condition the current sources are
[15:42]	<ericb2>	ssa: and I created an NSView ( the parent) , instantiated an NSOpenGLView, created the pixmap, the context and I did [pView addSubview:pNSOpenGLView
[15:43]	<ericb2>	ssa: supposing, the addSubview will solve a lot of Apple only issues
[15:43]	<ericb2>	ssa: thanks in advance :)
[15:43]	<ssa>	ericb2: as i told you, i had some flickering after the transition was done. and then i tried to fix that, not sure if i broke something then
[15:43]	<ericb2>	ssa: ok
[15:44]	<ericb2>	ssa: I'll be really happy to see something :)
[15:44]	<ericb2>	ssa: since the time I'm searching ...
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[15:46]	<ericb2>	ssa: details: I had to modify some types and fix some headers and co to make it buildable
[15:47]	<ericb2>	ssa: what is probably wrong, is the GLWin structure. I probably was confused with the pWindow or something like that, and maybe that"s the root
[15:47]	<ssa>	ericb2: ok, I just sent you the diff
[15:47]	<ericb2>	ssa: got it ! Thanks :)
[15:49]	<ericb2>	ssa: i didn't use superView method
[15:50]	<ericb2>	ssa: thanks a lot, I'll try imediately,
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[15:50]	<ericb2>	ssa: what method do you prefer if I want to keep you informed ? Mail ?
[15:50]	<ssa>	ericb2: ok, i just see some debugging stuff that should be deleted, in OGLTransitionerImpl::disposing() I'll change that and send another diff
[15:51]	<ssa>	ericb2: yes, mail is fine
[15:51]	<ericb2>	ssa: ok, I'll use mail :-)
[15:51]	<hdu_hh>	so, are we already in 3. Roundtable?
[15:51]	<ssa>	ericb2: unless somebody else wants to dive in and solve the flickering issue...
[15:51]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: oops, sorry, I was so happy, that I forgot it was meeting :)
[15:52]	<ericb2>	ssa: I'll search, but I'm not a guru ..
[15:52]	<hdu_hh>	no problem, I was just wondering :-)
[15:54]	<hdu_hh>	does anyone have something else for the round table?
[15:55]	<hdu_hh>	no?
[15:56]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: not me :)
[15:56]	<hdu_hh>	I'm closing todays meeting then.
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