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[15:05] <fne> 1. # Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port
[15:05] <fne> anyone?
[15:07] <fne> 2. Current state of the open child workspaces (CWS)
[15:07] <fne> I am currently not working on Mac-specific CWS's, but I plan to do so for 3.1
[15:07] <ericb2> from my side I created two child workspaces for the Mac port
[15:07] <ericb2> macmenusquit
[15:07] <ericb2> and appleremote01
[15:07] <ericb2> I'm searching a QA for the macmenusquit
[15:07] <fne> great
[15:08] <ericb2> fne: thanks
[15:08] <hdu_hh> the crash at the end is being fixed for OOo3.0
[15:08] <ericb2> fne: Florian Heckl accepted to help me for appleremote01, and will play the QA role
[15:08] <cloph> ericb2: ? You asked me already, and I already said I'd do it...
[15:08] <ericb2> hdu_hh: nice
[15:08] <fne> ericb2: cool, I am looking forward to this CWS
[15:08] <ericb2> cloph: oops, I believed you were not interested. Please excuse me
[15:08] <hdu_hh> I don't know the CWS name KR will use for the fix though
[15:09] <cloph> I was not interested in checking both a set of patches floating around in the internet and then doing the same thing again in the cws.
[15:09] * ericb2 cannot promise, but I started something for the OpenGL trans on Mac OS X long time ago
[15:09] <ericb2> would improve Impress a lot
[15:10] * cloph created cws cloph11 to get rid of BUILD_OS_MAJOR/MINOR/REV that are only used to check for no-longer-supported versions of Mac OSX and only in a few places.
[15:10] <ericb2> when is 3.1 deadline ?
[15:10] <hdu_hh> CWS vcl30stop is approved and will probably get into OOO300_m4
[15:11] * ericb2 checks
[15:11] <cloph> CWS basically is finished, maybe I'll add the "don't warn about --without-x in configure" issue and then it would be rfQA
[15:11] <hdu_hh> ericb2: depends on when 3.0 is released...
[15:11] <ericb2> hdu_hh: ah , the date has been postponed ?
[15:12] <hdu_hh> its not released till it is released, I guess september or early october
[15:12] * ericb2 found: release candidate for all languages: August 25th, 2008, begin of TCM testing
[15:12] <ericb2> hdu_hh: sure :)
[15:13] <fne> ericb2: 3.1 feature freeze is 25.11. as of current planning status
[15:13] <ericb2> fne: thanks. You were faster than me :)
[15:14] <fne> ericb2: you're welcome
[15:14] <cloph> grr... anoncvs is again being so slooooooooow to update :-(
[15:14] <ericb2> is someone working on the Prxoy icon in the view ?
[15:15] <ericb2> other questions:
[15:15] <ericb2> is someone working on the Media browser implementation ?
[15:16] <fne> I think we are already on 3. Roundtable
[15:16] <ericb2> I think this could be used as an extension, but I maybe read too fast
[15:16] -->| dave_largo (n=drichard@ has joined #ooo_macport
[15:16] <ericb2> Last: I think the roadmap is not up to date
[15:16] <ericb2> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_Porting_-_Roadmap
[15:18] <ericb2> yet another one :
[15:18] <ericb2> Valentin Janiaut, a student, is trying to work on the Image Capture implementation
[15:18] <ericb2> he posted a question http://porting.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=mac&msgNo=7310
[15:18] <ericb2> but I don't see any answer. Can someone help him ?
[15:19] <ericb2> mikesic_: btw, do you need help for the Apple Scriptability ?
[15:19] <hdu_hh> PL did the scanner implementation on the other platforms
[15:20] <hdu_hh> and he is on vacation till next month
[15:20] <ericb2> hdu_hh: PL really desserves to be on holidays from time to time :)
[15:20] <hdu_hh> +1
[15:22] <ericb2> hdu_hh: ok, I'll try to find a solution with Valentin waiting for PL is back
[15:23] <hdu_hh> so unless the request is really really urgent I don't think somebody else should dig into the existing code to understand it and find good answers for the questions in the mail mentioned
[15:24] <ericb2> hdu_hh: the problem is Valentin application stops end august
[15:24] <hdu_hh> :-/
[15:24] <ericb2> hdu_hh: but I think he will continue afterwards. Not sure, but we can expect that from him
[15:25] <hdu_hh> that sounds good. It certainly is an intersting project
[15:26] <hdu_hh> and its a motivating project because one can really see the results
[15:26] <ericb2> hdu_hh: yes, that's interesting
[15:26] <hdu_hh> as opposed to projects where one works x months and only <1% notice a difference
[15:27] <ericb2> hdu_hh: exactly
[15:28] <ericb2> I forgot
[15:29] <ericb2> Pierre Pasteau, student from Epitech Paris, is there for several months
[15:29] <ericb2> and looking at the roadmap, he's working on the task : Adapt recent Mozilla sources to current builds
[15:30] <ericb2> we'll have an IRC meeting on monday with Franck Schonheit. the new patch is well advanced, and we'll use Seamonkey 1.1.11 or close
[15:30] <hdu_hh> ericb2: sounds good
[15:30] <ericb2> this is : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Education_Project/Effort#Mozilla_1.7.5_-.3E_Seamonkey_1.1.x_migration_.28click_me.29
[15:31] <ericb2> last, I started the python2.5 migration
[15:31] <hdu_hh> ericb2: AFAIK the mozilla integration is only used for authentication though and so the better way would be to work on KeyChain integration
[15:31] <ericb2> I'm not driving the cws, but I'll do the Mac OS X part
[15:32] <ericb2> hdu_hh: the issue I'm aware does concern the address book
[15:32] <ericb2> hdu_hh: indeed, work on keychain is important, but Pierre does not have a Mac
[15:32] <hdu_hh> I see
[15:33] <ericb2> that's all for me for today
[15:34] <hdu_hh> ditto
[15:34] <fne> anyone else?

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