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[15:02]	<hdu_hh>	Meeting?
[15:02]	<fne>	meeting
[15:02]	<hdu_hh>	just us two?
[15:02]	<hdu_hh>	PL should be back soon...
[15:03]	<fne>	okay
[15:03]	<Dyrcona>	I'm here with questions that could until the round table or after.
[15:03]	* obr	is here either
[15:04]	<hdu_hh>	Lets start then with 1. Welcome new developers
[15:05]	<hdu_hh>	none?
[15:05]	<hdu_hh>	2. state of open CWSses
[15:05]	<hdu_hh>	vcl30showstop1..3 have been integrated
[15:06]	<hdu_hh>	impress151 which is supposed to fix the infamous bullet problems is in OOO300_m2 too
[15:07]	<hdu_hh>	vcl30stop4 which has an important crash fix is in QA
[15:08]	<hdu_hh>	any other Aqua related CWSses that I forgot to mention?
[15:08]	<fne>	none that I know of
[15:09]	<hdu_hh>	BTW: I heard the famous maccrashrep CWS is in
[15:09]	<fne>	true, but I haven't tested that yet
[15:09]	<hdu_hh>	this will hopefully change crash issues from half-rumours to 100% facts
[15:10]	<fne>	definitely
[15:10]	<hdu_hh>	I'm really looking forward to this :-)
[15:10]	<fne>	you're looking forward to crashes ;-)
[15:10]	<fne>	?
[15:11]	<hdu_hh>	I'm looking forward to 100% facts instead of half-rumours
[15:11]	<fne>	true
[15:11]	<hdu_hh>	AFAIK there seems to linger one remaining major crash issue 92388
[15:11]	<IZBot>	framework DEFECT NEW P1 Application Frame crashes after closing of window http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=92388
[15:12]	<hdu_hh>	which seems to happen mostly on OSX10.4
[15:12]	<hdu_hh>	but not on Sun provided builds
[15:12]	<hdu_hh>	I'd really like to have a good backtrace for this one
[15:13]	<hdu_hh>	instead of "crash in frame 21 of libsfx.dylib+1234556 bytes"
[15:14]	<hdu_hh>	welcome back PhilippL: we are about to close CWS-news, do you have anything to add to this?
[15:15]	<PhilippL>	nope
[15:15]	* Dyrcona	is on phone.
[15:15]	<hdu_hh>	PhilippL: your CWS printerpullpages already looks great!
[15:16]	<PhilippL>	It just doesn't wok yet ;-)
[15:16]	<hdu_hh>	3. Recent Apple Remote implementation progress : help needed
[15:16]	<hdu_hh>	I think ericb2 mentioned he couldn't make it to todays meeting
[15:17]	<hdu_hh>	so we should probably skip this item unless someone can provide some details here
[15:17]	<hdu_hh>	anyone?
[15:18]	<hdu_hh>	3. 2. 1. skipping to
[15:18]	<hdu_hh>	4. roundtable
[15:19]	<hdu_hh>	Dyrcona: are you ready? You mentioned you had something to discuss?
[15:19]	<Dyrcona>	ok
[15:19]	<Dyrcona>	i've been looking for ways for me to help out with the Mac port.
[15:19]	<Dyrcona>	If anyone has suggestions, I'm open, but I had a couple of ideas that may already be addressed in IZ.
[15:20]	<hdu_hh>	great!
[15:20]	<Dyrcona>	1. I was thinking it would be good to make the preferences on Mac store like other Mac applications in a property list.
[15:21]	<Dyrcona>	Oh, I guess I should mention most of these would be goals for a release past 3.0, since 3.0 is closed for new features.
[15:21]	<Dyrcona>	2. The SDK/URE on Mac OS X. (This is big, probably.)
[15:22]	<PhilippL>	Dyrcona: what's the gain ? Currently we store preferences in an xml registry (similar to firefox and other cross platform tools). What is the advantage of changing to a system dependant API ?
[15:23]	<PhilippL>	SDK/URE: you should talk to Jürgen Schmidt (jsc). He's making that work.
[15:23]	<Dyrcona>	Well, one gain that I see is you could set configuration from the command line with the defaults command.
[15:23]	<PhilippL>	That does what ?
[15:24]	<Dyrcona>	It allows for "hidden" configuration for more advanced features, mainly.
[15:25]	<Dyrcona>	You could also edit the configuration with the Mac's property list editor.
[15:26]	<PhilippL>	Currently setting to factory defautlts would be "rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/OpenOffice.org/3". However that sets everything back to default. I don't know about the mac preferences I must confess.
[15:26]	<PhilippL>	The latter point would be a plus.
[15:26]	<PhilippL>	However I'd rather someone wrote an editor for our configuration; that would work on all platforms.
[15:28]	<Dyrcona>	Ok. I won't pursue it too deeply, then, thought I still might take a look just to see on my personal copy.
[15:28]	<PhilippL>	Oh, whatever pleases you most, of course.
[15:28]	<obr>	There were also ideas to store our configuration inside the Windows Registry, so there must be some point in using native configuration backends.
[15:28]	<Dyrcona>	As for the SDK/URE, I'd like to help with that, so I'll contact Jürgen.
[15:29]	<PhilippL>	Just for the main trunk I'd rather not complicate matters unncessarily, that is if there is no clear gain. Perhaps I'm wrong.
[15:29]	<Dyrcona>	Does anyone know if the SDK is supposed to work with 3.0 when it is released?
[15:29]	<PhilippL>	The SDK is definitely something that needs more love I think :-)
[15:30]	<PhilippL>	It currently works "sort of". I think it will be released for the mac, too, however there are open points.
[15:30]	<Dyrcona>	PL: I agree about not cluttering the trunk. I was just thinking that making the config more like other Mac applications would be a gain, but perhaps a minor one.
[15:30]	<Dyrcona>	I have been playing with the SDK and DEV300_m29 and there it works rather well, IF OO.o is already open.
[15:31]	<PhilippL>	E.g. there is a printing example that deadlocks since aqua printing happens in the main thread only.
[15:35]	<PhilippL>	Anything else to discuss ?
[15:37]	<Dyrcona>	Nothing else from me at this time. I'll bother Jürgen about what needs work in the SDK.
[15:37]	<PhilippL>	Then I guess that's it for today ?
[15:38]	<PhilippL>	Oh, one thing, I won't be here the next three weeks (I'll be back on the eleventh)
[15:41]	<hdu_hh>	The meeting log is available at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/w/index.php?title=Log_Mac_Meeting_August_13th_2008
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