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[21:00] paveljanik: OK, 22:00 let's start.

[21:01] paveljanik: any other points to be added to the agenda?

[21:02] plipli: let s go

[21:03] paveljanik: shaunmcdonald: ping

[21:04] paveljanik: ok, welcome to the meeting.

[21:04] paveljanik: 1. Welcome new devs (if any)

[21:05] paveljanik: Do we have any new developers here?

[21:05] paveljanik: Looks like Etsushi Kato wants to join us, but he is not here.

[21:05] paveljanik: perezda: ? Want to join as well?

[21:06] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: pong

[21:06] perezda: sorry, stepped away.

[21:06] paveljanik: shaunmcdonald: please continue with moderation

[21:07] mav_eric: paveljanik: depends on where in Japan he lives it could be that its very early in the morning for him

[21:07] paveljanik: mav_eric: then he is very early bird

[21:07] paveljanik: because he already sent two patches

[21:08] mav_eric: paveljanik: not quite. They got stuck here at my mailbox because I'm the moderator and I was away

[21:09] paveljanik: ah

[21:09] paveljanik: then he sent one patch this morning (for him)

[21:09] cloph: should be around 6 am in japan now...

[21:10] mav_eric: cloph: you're right

[21:11] paveljanik: next point?

[21:12] paveljanik: 2. Latest Aqua news and not yet integrated patches

[21:12] paveljanik: We have lot of patches flying around and people use some subset of them.

[21:13] paveljanik: We should work on their integration.

[21:13] paveljanik: I know about at least four patches/set of patches:

[21:13] paveljanik: Patch-001: invert

[21:13] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: sorry, I'm just getting some food. My dad unexpectedly turned up, so I've spent the past hour or two chatting to him

[21:13] paveljanik: ismael_: Do you know the status?

[21:13] paveljanik: shaunmcdonald: no problem

[21:13] paveljanik: he can join as well

[21:14] ismael_: paveljanik: concerning invert, the INVERT_50 is not good enough, i think i will change its implementation

[21:15] paveljanik: ismael_: ok, good. Do you have a current version of your patch somewhere?

[21:15] paveljanik: (to add the link to the minutes...)

[21:16] ismael_: paveljanik: moreover, there's another problem, window selected buttons have a grey rect on their text because of the win32 implementation of VCl

[21:16] paveljanik: ah, I remember. So we should find the code painting it and kill it

[21:17] ismael_: paveljanik: and the last thing, in my patch SAL_INVERT_TRACKFRAME is not yet implemented, i don't know where ericb is in its implementation

[21:18] ismael_: yes

[21:18] paveljanik: OK, so you'll cooperate with EricB. on it, right?

[21:18] shaunmcdonald: • shaunmcdonald is back

[21:18] ismael_: paveljanik: yes

[21:18] paveljanik: ismael_: thanks!

[21:18] paveljanik: Patch-002: blinking cursor

[21:19] paveljanik: when we have invert patch in, to get the cursor blinking, we need another patch which is IIRC one liner.

[21:19] paveljanik: plipli: can you please commit it?

[21:19] plipli: paveljanik: to get blinking cursor i partially appleid patch from ericb, just set setblinking time (500)

[21:20] ericb2 joined the chat room.

[21:20] ericb2 was promoted to operator by ChanServ.

[21:20] plipli: hi ericb2

[21:20] paveljanik: plipli: yes - this part.

[21:20] shaunmcdonald: hello ericb2

[21:20] ericb2: hello

[21:20] shaunmcdonald: • shaunmcdonald thought ericb2 was on holiday

[21:20] paveljanik: hi

[21:20] plipli: paveljanik: ok i ll do a little patch for ssetblonkingtime and send it

[21:20] ericb2: sorry for being late, but I'm hacking a network, and I 'm not sure to stay all the meeting

[21:20] ismael_: ericb2: hi

[21:20] plipli: ericb2: no more snow or too much ?

[21:20] paveljanik: plipli: just commit it, no need to send it

[21:21] ericb2: plipli: this is the night

[21:21] plipli: ericb2: you re a hacker !!! Im shocked

[21:21] ericb2: • ericb2 red

[21:21] shaunmcdonald: plipli: lol

[21:21] ericb2: first, congratulations for all the work I can see in the mailing list

[21:21] ismael_: here's the link to the patch for invert+drawAlphaRect: http://lebasket.free.fr/OOo/09_03_07/patch03_03_07InvertAlphaRect.diff

[21:22] plipli: paveljanik: please someone give me the wiki link or the instructions for my firsts commits

[21:22] paveljanik: plipli: uff, I do not know if there is a description in the wiki

[21:22] plipli: Patch forl refresh and salatslayout : http://www.openoffice.org/nonav/issues/showattachment.cgi/43607/patch_salgdi.h_0803.diff.zip

[21:22] paveljanik: shaunmcdonald: ?

[21:22] paveljanik: Patch-003: salats*

[21:22] paveljanik: ^^^

[21:23] plipli: patch 003 : http://www.openoffice.org/nonav/issues/showattachment.cgi/43606/Patch_salatslayout_salgdiutils_0803.zip

[21:23] ericb2: plipli: once at home, I can help you, but you'll have to wait until sunday afternoon

[21:23] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: ooo code hacker/network hacker

[21:23] plipli: patch 003 : http://www.openoffice.org/nonav/issues/showattachment.cgi/43607/patch_salgdi.h_0803.diff.zip

[21:23] dave_largo left the chat room. ("Client exiting")

[21:23] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: play on the meaning of the word hacker/type of hacker

[21:24] paveljanik: ismael_: I think the patch can go in and can be fixed later, no?

[21:24] paveljanik: shaunmcdonald:

[21:24] ismael_: paveljanik: the patch has also the code of DrawAlphaRect implemented by damiend

[21:24] plipli: paveljanik: +1 for invert patch

[21:24] plipli: paveljanik: but with the minor change i did

[21:24] paveljanik: plipli: 1. do clean checkout of the aquavcl01 cws's vcl to some tree, change the file and run cvs diff, when OK, do cvs commit -m "Some description"

[21:25] plipli: paveljanik: with mikesic advice, avoid a bug

[21:25] paveljanik: plipli: you can change it in the cws after ismael_ commit it

[21:25] paveljanik: ismael_: OK?

[21:25] plipli: ok

[21:25] ismael_: plipli can commit directly the last version of invert

[21:26] paveljanik: and drawAlphaRect?

[21:26] plipli: ismael_: you could give me the first step to connect with non anonymous/ ssl to the cvs repository ?

[21:26] ismael_: paveljanik: i would do come modifications

[21:26] plipli: paveljanik: I have drawalpharect too

[21:26] ismael_: plipli: ok

[21:27] paveljanik: plipli: OK, so invert+drawAlphaRect will be committed.

[21:27] plipli: paveljanik: yep

[21:27] paveljanik: plipli: are you satisfied with your salats* patches? They do not have to be complete, just stable enough...

[21:28] paveljanik: I found them stable and good to have in cws...

[21:28] plipli: paveljanik: yes I ll commit it, it does not crash but will be easier to make better with tsm and refresh

[21:28] paveljanik: yes.

[21:28] paveljanik: Thanks.

[21:29] paveljanik: The last patch I listed is Etsushi's TSM patch. I'll communicate with him in the mailing list.

[21:29] paveljanik: Any other patches I forgot?

[21:29] paveljanik: I rewrote SalTimer to newer API, but I still have some weird crash at the exit of OOo...

[21:29] plipli: dont think, but TSM patch is great

[21:30] paveljanik: +1

[21:30] plipli: we have full character encoding accent, etc...

[21:30] ericb2: +1

[21:30] paveljanik: I also did any changes to prevent warnings/unused variables in the last week, and notified respective people about their tasks connected with this.

[21:30] paveljanik: please test your code for warnings.

[21:30] plipli: paveljanik: yes i ll do it asap

[21:31] Moxed: for instructions how to use CWS / commit, see: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/CWS

[21:31] paveljanik: Moxed: thanks.

[21:31] paveljanik: Any other AQUA related new/item/topic?

[21:31] paveljanik: The progress in the last week was enormous!

[21:32] paveljanik: 3. 2.2 release and QA status

[21:32] paveljanik: The latest milestone is OOF680_m11.

[21:33] paveljanik: There is one known stopper - #i75249#

[21:33] IZBot: Presentation DEFECT RESOLVED FIXED OpenOffice.org exits while loading the attached presentation http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=75249

[21:33] paveljanik: there will be big flamewar about it on Monday release status meeting...

[21:33] paveljanik: it seems to not affect Mac OS X though so we are safe.

[21:33] paveljanik: Or we should be safe.

[21:34] paveljanik: I found RC3 on Mac very stable. I even spent some time to teach Apple's X11 how aacute can be typed

[21:34] paveljanik: (reported to Radar).

[21:34] paveljanik: and it is very usable and stable.

[21:35] paveljanik: But I'm not satisfied with the way QA is done on official builds/RCs

[21:35] paveljanik: We have to find more people to be able to do QA more effectively.

[21:35] paveljanik: But this is long story.

[21:35] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: rc3 isn't available in the form of offical builds yet for the Mac, so I'm still using rc2

[21:36] paveljanik: shaunmcdonald: yes, Maho announced he will be away for some days,

[21:36] mav_eric: paveljanik: is there a RC3 for Mac available?

[21:36] paveljanik: so he will probably build m3 over weekend.

[21:36] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: I remember

[21:36] paveljanik: shaunmcdonald: what are the results from RC2?

[21:36] paveljanik: Everything OK?

[21:36] mav_eric: paveljanik: I can only speak for germany but our Mac QA is in good shape and well organized.

[21:37] ericb2: same for french QA Team

[21:37] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: I have been busy with uni work, which includes report writing in ooo, and no noticable problems

[21:37] mav_eric: paveljanik: the only think I can blame myself for is that I cannot catch James as often as I like to

[21:37] paveljanik: mav_eric: great - would be great if you could give more feedback back to Mac port

[21:37] paveljanik: ericb2: the same applies to fr

[21:37] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: I haven't done and automated test or tcm

[21:37] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: I last run automated tests on the mac's rc0

[21:37] ericb2: paveljanik: I'll forward the request

[21:38] paveljanik: OK, thanks.

[21:38] mav_eric: paveljanik: Once I'm through my 200 unread mails I think I may now where we are in QA and give a status report to mac porting mailinglist

[21:38] paveljanik: mav_eric: perfect!

[21:38] paveljanik: de+fr will be better than en-US

[21:39] paveljanik: All in all, I think we are on the right track.

[21:39] paveljanik: next point?

[21:39] paveljanik: 4. MacPort and Google Summer of Code

[21:39] shaunmcdonald: on the en-GB issue I tried the patch and it didn't work

[21:40] • shaunmcdonald is slow

[21:40] paveljanik: shaunmcdonald:

[21:40] paveljanik: the deadline for submissions is Monday.

[21:40] shaunmcdonald: that isn't related to 2.2, though it does mean that we won't have a en-GB build again

[21:41] paveljanik: We have to prepare some projects with mentors and prepare the descriptions and probably vote on them to submit only the projects we want.

[21:41] paveljanik: All this on weekend...

[21:41] paveljanik: do you have ideas?

[21:42] paveljanik: Native Printing came to my mind, Native Address Book, native spell checking, ...

[21:42] mikesic: core audio; quicktime

[21:42] shaunmcdonald: the wiki page for the google summer of code is http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Summer_of_Code_2007

[21:42] paveljanik: but we need mentors...

[21:42] shaunmcdonald: • shaunmcdonald probably doesn't know enough to be a mentor for the bigger stuff

[21:43] paveljanik: we could review the projects from the last year and...

[21:43] ismael_: paveljanik: i thought about adding native windows: like color picker, spell checking, font chooser,

[21:43] paveljanik: and at the end: we have to go hard after students to produce CODE.

[21:43] ek_ joined the chat room.

[21:43] paveljanik: ismael_: in fact you are a student and already active member, so you could choose/define your project ourself ;-0

[21:43] paveljanik: ek_: Hi!

[21:44] ek_: Hi!

[21:44] ismael_: paveljanik: ok

[21:44] paveljanik: ek_: We are in the middle of our weekly meeting. Welcome!

[21:44] ismael_: paveljanik: does my project has to be defined before monday, or during student submissions?

[21:44] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: good idea about getting ismael_ into the summer of code

[21:45] ismael_: (because i planned to do the summer of code)

[21:45] shaunmcdonald: ismael_: i believe that you have to do something that you are not currently doing

[21:45] ek_: Thanks for inviting me, Michael.

[21:45] paveljanik: ismael_: i think we as OOo have to propose it to Google, they have to accept it and at the end, we could have more stdents applying for it.

[21:45] mikesic: no problem

[21:46] ismael_: shaunmcdonald: this is not exactly what i'm doing, as now i'm doing general windows and dialogs, i didn't start to implement these native mac dialogs

[21:46] paveljanik: ek_: I have seen that you have already signed JCA, so only technical problems have to be solved about your commit rights.

[21:46] paveljanik: maho just uploaded RC3.

[21:46] paveljanik:

[21:46] ek_: Yes, I've signed quite while ago

[21:47] shaunmcdonald: ek_: I just sent a mail about the ssh key and commit rights

[21:47] paveljanik: ek_: OK, we have a tradition that every new member of the project says some words about him, where he lives etc. Can you please tell us something about you and your plan with the Mac port?

[21:47] shaunmcdonald: Last years projects for the summer of code are available from http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/SummerOfCode2006

[21:47] mav_eric: ek_: would you please subscribe to mac-porting mailinglist with your gmail adress? Currently all your emails got stuck at my moderators mailbox and so you have a delay when I'm not at home

[21:48] ek_: mav_eric: Sorry, I'll try later.

[21:48] mav_eric: ek_: o.k. And thank you

[21:48] paveljanik: our project last year was a bit too generic:

[21:48] paveljanik: Porting: Mac OS X's Aqua Porting of OpenOffice.org

[21:48] shaunmcdonald: mac-subscribe@porting.openoffice.org

[21:49] paveljanik: we have to be more specific this year and really make students to produce code.

[21:49] ek_: paveljanik: I'm living Tsukuba, Japan.

[21:49] paveljanik: ek_: there were some talks about the current time in Japan - can you please tell us when you wrote your revised patch?

[21:49] ek_: As you already seen, I'm not good at writing English

[21:50] paveljanik: ek_: you are actually very good!

[21:50] ek_: It's just 6:53 AM now here in Japan.

[21:51] ismael_ was promoted to operator by ChanServ.

[21:51] ek_: I've written the patch in my bed room And haven't sleeped yet today...

[21:51] paveljanik: plipli: please register your nick on Freenode.

[21:51] paveljanik: ek_: ah, yes

[21:52] plipli: ok

[21:52] ismael_: paveljanik: thanks

[21:52] mav_eric was promoted to operator by ChanServ.

[21:52] paveljanik: so any ideas about G SoC?

[21:52] paveljanik: ek_: are you a student?

[21:53] mav_eric: paveljanik: I can only support what you already stated

[21:53] mav_eric: paveljanik: clear descriptions and realistic goals

[21:53] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: I think now that we are further in the project, we should find it a lot easier to produce a more focussed project for students

[21:53] ek_: paveljanik: no, I'm post doc about studing global warming.

[21:53] mav_eric: paveljanik: and better only two quality projects

[21:53] paveljanik: shaunmcdonald: yes.

[21:54] paveljanik: mav_eric: +1

[21:54] mav_eric: paveljanik: maybe we can create a list where we collect the suggestions

[21:54] shaunmcdonald: • shaunmcdonald has added the Japan time to the wiki on the page http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_Port_Meetings

[21:54] paveljanik: I think we should define two/three projects with very good description and realistic expectations.

[21:54] mav_eric: paveljanik: +1

[21:55] paveljanik: mav_eric: as we have two days, I think the mailing list is the best way.

[21:55] mav_eric: paveljanik: and we should make sure who's in charge for the project

[21:55] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: we need to have any projects by Monday, thus we need to be fast

[21:55] mav_eric: paveljanik: agreed

[21:55] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: very good idea

[21:55] mav_eric: paveljanik: shaunmcdonald sorry I overread that deadline is on monday

[21:56] paveljanik: I'd personally like to see native printing dialogs and process for aqua and I'll spend my time on it to create good project description.

[21:56] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: it is 14th March when the student applications start

[21:56] mav_eric: paveljanik: +1 for native printing this is a very important feature

[21:56] paveljanik: the spellcheck would be my second idea, but I won't have time to create the description of it.

[21:56] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: +1

[21:57] mav_eric: paveljanik: in my old company the missing native printer support was one reason to use Neo instaed of OOo

[21:57] mav_eric: especially when you have a big budget printer that does a lot more than just printing

[21:57] ericb2 left the chat room. (Connection timed out)

[21:58] paveljanik: Do we have a list of previous Mac port projects proposed for G SoC?

[21:58] mav_eric: I don't think so

[21:59] shaunmcdonald: when I was speaking to my dad, he was saying that my mum has been using ooo in X11 and been getting double sided printing working too

[21:59] mav_eric: we could do a search in the archive of porting and mac porting mailinglist

[21:59] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: really?

[21:59] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: if so could she please write a how-to?

[21:59] shaunmcdonald: the number of copies option doesn't work right, though I did give a suggestion

[21:59] paveljanik: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/mwiki/index.php?title=SummerOfCode2006&oldid=11472#Porting

[21:59] Moxed: paveljanik: native spellchecking (with the Mac OS X provided UI) probably needs HIView to work

[22:00] paveljanik: Moxed: maybe

[22:00] Moxed: paveljanik: I don't know if that is feasible currently?

[22:00] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: I have to admit I was quite surprised, she is quite new to computers, though learning something from scratch is easy

[22:00] paveljanik: so we had: native fpicker (Florian is working on it already)

[22:00] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: yes the look of newbie sometimes is really a big winner

[22:00] paveljanik: native help

[22:01] paveljanik: address book

[22:01] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: I think the key is the fact that I installed the Guttenprint drivers before I moved out of my parent's house

[22:01] paveljanik: spell checker

[22:01] paveljanik: and we can reuse most of the previous suggestions.

[22:01] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: see for the printer we had no guttenprint drivers were available

[22:02] paveljanik: so in the worst case, we could just pick all four and submit them again.

[22:02] paveljanik: in the worst case.

[22:02] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: I have the same problem with my new printer to cannot print double sided directly in ooo

[22:02] mav_eric: paveljanik: yes plus native printing

[22:02] paveljanik: yes

[22:02] Moxed: hmmh NSView to be precise... http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Cocoa/Reference/ApplicationKit/Classes/NSSpellChecker_Class/Reference/Reference.html#//apple_ref/occ/cl/NSSpellChecker ... have to see if there is Carbon version...

[22:02] paveljanik: so: I'll prepare native printing project.

[22:03] mav_eric: paveljanik: once you're done send the link and I'll read over it

[22:03] paveljanik: Any volunteer to walk over other projects with their descriptions?

[22:03] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: and when I export to PDF, some things don't look right

[22:03] mav_eric: paveljanik: yes. If I as a no coder understand them the chances are good that coders do too

[22:03] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: no export to PDF is O.K.

[22:04] paveljanik: any volunteer?

[22:04] mav_eric: paveljanik: yes!!!

[22:04] paveljanik: ismael_: will you prepare the description for the project you want to work on?

[22:04] mikesic: paveljanik: I will work on one -

[22:05] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: something with the positioning of chars isn't quite right, it is being looked into, it appears to be font dependant, and across all platforms

[22:05] ismael_: paveljanik: the problem is that the idea is not really precise and some parts can be parts of others SOC ideas

[22:05] plipli: Moxed: i think the hiwiew works

[22:05] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: I will happily proof read the submissions

[22:05] plipli: hiview

[22:05] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: do you have an issue with description

[22:05] paveljanik: shaunmcdonald: great.

[22:05] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: which description?

[22:06] plipli: Moxed: I think currently we use mixed carbon/HIview without compositing

[22:06] ismael_: yes ericb uses HIView a lot

[22:06] paveljanik: ismael_: We have to be precise about the projects.

[22:07] mav_eric: the export problem so that I may try to reproduce it myself

[22:07] ismael_: paveljanik: yes i will think about it more precisely

[22:07] paveljanik: OK, great.

[22:07] paveljanik: Maybe we could discuss about the prepared submissions on Sunday evening.

[22:08] paveljanik: (with those available).

[22:08] paveljanik: next point?

[22:08] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: has mail

[22:08] paveljanik: updating timeline?

[22:08] paveljanik: I think is for discussion

[22:08] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: yes

[22:08] paveljanik: bump up all years with +1?

[22:08] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: thank you for the mail I can see it

[22:09] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: the last one was done about 6 months ago

[22:09] • shaunmcdonald thinks it is time to do some update

[22:09] mav_eric: • mav_eric agrees

[22:09] Moxed: We could retrofit the Cocoa spellchecking into Carbon, although that means using OOo UI, not the Mac OS X native one: http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/CarbonCocoaDoc/Articles/CocoaInCarbon.html

[22:09] shaunmcdonald: http://porting.openoffice.org/mac/timeline.html

[22:09] plipli: paveljanik: ek_ : may i commit ek tsm patch with my commit or shall we wait ?

[22:10] ek_: plipli: please commit

[22:10] Moxed: However, I would prefer to use the real Cocoa one, of course (i.e. requires NSView)

[22:10] plipli: if ek_ agree

[22:10] plipli: oki

[22:10] paveljanik: plipli: +1.

[22:10] plipli: ek_: i ve used your patch with last debug ucrChar

[22:11] shaunmcdonald: Moxed: are we using Carbon or Cocoa for the Aqua port?

[22:11] paveljanik: plipli: I'll do some polishing over all committed code (identation, ....)

[22:11] ismael_: shaunmcdonald: carbon

[22:11] Moxed: shaun: heh that's a moving target, I guess

[22:11] shaunmcdonald: Moxed: are we able to mix them completely?

[22:11] Moxed: shaun: not completely, no.

[22:11] ek_: paveljanik: please do

[22:11] paveljanik: plipli: if you need help with commit, say so.

[22:11] shaunmcdonald: Moxed: you are saying that you want to use the real Cocoa one

[22:12] ek_: paveljanik: is there any c

[22:12] paveljanik: ek_: you should really go to bed now We need you tomorrow for more patches

[22:12] ek_: paveljanik: code style about OOo?

[22:12] plipli: Moxed: we are mixing carbon/hiview just events of hiview are not used

[22:12] paveljanik: ek_: yes - in wiki, mmnt

[22:12] Moxed: shaun: yes I said I would prefer... but the reality might be different

[22:12] paveljanik: ek_: vi or Emacs?

[22:12] ek_: vi

[22:12] Moxed: plipli: HIViews, yes, but not the Cocoa ones: NSView

[22:13] plipli: Moxed: you re true

[22:13] paveljanik: ek_: uff, ok: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Cpp_Coding_Standards

[22:13] ek_: paveljanik: thanks. I'll read later after goto bed.

[22:13] paveljanik: ek_: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Editor_Vim

[22:14] plipli: Moxed: there is sample code to call carbon from cocoa on apple site but not the reverse...

[22:14] Moxed: plipli: I guess Apple really does not people to use Cocoa (UI parts) from Carbon

[22:15] paveljanik: shaunmcdonald: I think for the timeline update, you should just discuss with ericb2 and prepare some proposal for discussion.

[22:15] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: ok so I should prepare a proposal draft for us to discuss

[22:16] paveljanik: yes

[22:16] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: I think we have a history page somewhere on the wiki, that I think it would be a good idea to link to

[22:16] • shaunmcdonald thinks that ericb2 keeps it up to date

[22:17] paveljanik: meeting finished?

[22:17] shaunmcdonald: on G SoC http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/List_of_OpenOffice.org_Mac_OS_X_issues_and_problems might help

[22:19] shaunmcdonald: we even have a wishlist http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Wish_list_for_Mac_OS_X_port

[22:20] • shaunmcdonald has found the wiki page he was looking for http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Developer_News_about_porting_OpenOffice_to_Darwin_PPC%2C_Darwin_Intel_and_Mac_OS_X

[22:20] Moxed: plipli: do you need help with CWS commit / have time now, I could try to walk you through the needed stuff...

[22:21] shaunmcdonald: • shaunmcdonald thinks that some of the more recent items need to be added to the dev news wiki page

[22:21] shaunmcdonald: paveljanik: I think that is everything for tonight

[22:21] • shaunmcdonald will put the log of the meeting on the wiki

[22:21] shaunmcdonald: next meeting same time next week?

[22:21] plipli: +1

[22:21] ismael_: +1

[22:21] plipli: • plipli but i won t be here newt friday

[22:22] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: +1 but I don't know yet if I can attend it

[22:22] mikesic: +1 - good night

[22:23] ismael_: good night

[22:24] paveljanik: good night.

[22:24] mav_eric: good night

[22:24] ek_: good night may be i cant attend next week btw

[22:24] ismael_ left the chat room.

[22:24] mav_eric: ek_: you're welcome otherwise you can find the logs of the meeting on the wiki page mentioned in the channels subject

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