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[15:03] <ericb2> \O/ can we start the meeting ? >_O<

[15:03] <paveljanik> ;-)

[15:03] <paveljanik> yes

[15:03] <ericb2> 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port

[15:04] <ericb2> New devs around ?

[15:04] <ericb2> new contributors ?

[15:05] <ericb2> rbircher: ?

[15:08] * spiral (n=spiral@unaffiliated/spiral) has joined #ooo_macport

[15:08] <spiral> helo

[15:09] <ericb2> spiral: hello

[15:10] * dave_largo (n=drichard@64-132-254-110.static.twtelecom.net) has joined #ooo_macport

[15:10] <shaunmcdonald> spiral: are you a new dev?

[15:11] <shaunmcdonald> spiral: or contributor?

[15:11] <spiral> shaunmcdonald: let's say a contributor, tester & so on... But 'm learning cocoa right now, & if I find ways to help, I'll try to

[15:11] <shaunmcdonald> spiral: 8)

[15:12] <shaunmcdonald> spiral: where are you from?

[15:12] <spiral> shaunmcdonald: I'm french.

[15:13] <shaunmcdonald> spiral: there are quite a few other french folk

[15:13] <ismael_> spiral: like ericb2 or me ;-)

[15:13] <spiral> :-)

[15:16] <ericb2> spiral: is it your job ?

[15:16] <ericb2> (developer)

[15:17] <spiral> ericb2: yeah... hmm, in fact, it's said "Ingnieur d'tudes" on my contract

[15:17] <paveljanik> next point?

[15:17] <ericb2> spiral: ok, be welcome on Mac port, and don't hesitate to ask here if you have problems and /or other questions :-)

[15:18] <jsi_sun> paveljanik: your family is waiting, am I right? ;-)

[15:18] <paveljanik> jsi_sun: no, but 17 minutes per point is a bit too much according to my habbits ;-)

[15:18] <paveljanik> 8)

[15:18] <jsi_sun> paveljanik: ok, agree +1

[15:19] <ericb2> paveljanik: new comers are enough important

[15:19] <ericb2> paveljanik: imho

[15:19] <jsi_sun> spiral: Do you also have "spiral" as IssuTracker account @ooo?

[15:20] <ericb2> Next point ?

[15:20] <spiral> jsi_sun: hmmm, I already submitted some things on a "bugzilla" for OOO, but I don't know if this is the same account

[15:20] <jsi_sun> spiral: yes

[15:20] * _Nesshof_ (n=mh@sd-socks-197.staroffice.de) has joined #ooo_macport

[15:20] <ericb2> spiral: better use only one account ;)

[15:20] <jsi_sun> spiral: Bugzilla = IssueTracker

[15:20] <ericb2> spiral: more easy for a lot of reasons

[15:21] <ericb2> 2. Latest Cocoa news ( aquavcl03 news )

[15:21] <ericb2> ismael_ , hdu_hh ?

[15:21] <jsi_sun> spiral: Issue =! Bug -> IssueTracker

[15:21] <ismael_> It's Carbon for me, although i commited to aquavcl03:

[15:21] <spiral> jsi_sun: alright, I'll just have to retrieve my ids... It's been quite a long time ;-)

[15:21] <hdu_hh> ericb2: hi

[15:22] <ismael_> i added support for native progress bar in the splash screen

[15:22] <ismael_> i also made a patch to have native nodes in listviews, and once reviewed i'll commit it

[15:23] <ismael_> see Image%202.png

[15:23] <ismael_> hdu_hh: can you review them as i updated them not to use svdata

[15:23] <ericb2> ismael_: I'd suggest you to no invest too much in Carbon things now

[15:23] <hdu_hh> ismael_: will do

[15:23] <ismael_> hdu_hh: it's here: http://lebasket.free.fr/OOo/21_08_07/

[15:24] <ismael_> ericb2: in fact i'm finishing things i started, to commit them and stuff on listwiews is part of it

[15:25] <ericb2> ismael_: as a good start, I suggest you to help Damien with Cocoa cursors. Should compile now

[15:25] <ismael_> i also worked to replace the old non native checkboxes and radio buttons by the native ones in listviews

[15:25] <ismael_> i replaced these ones Image%203.png

[15:26] <ismael_> and the last thing i did is to make native the headbar of most of the listviews

[15:26] <ismael_> i replaced that listVCL.png by http://lebasket.free.fr/OOo/08_08_07/ listHeaderAqua2.png

[15:27] <paveljanik> ismael_: great work!

[15:27] <ismael_> i'll improve the patches and commit them as soon as possible

[15:28] <ismael_> moreover native radio buttons and check boxes will profit also to other platforms like windows or linux

[15:28] <ismael_> paveljanik: thanks

[15:28] <jsi_sun> ismael_: nice; the last listHeaderAqua2.png image has not a selection like the VCL one. Is that just a screenshot issue or is there no selection by default?

[15:29] <ismael_> jsi_sun: that's because in the screenshot, i didn't selected an item so no selected item

[15:29] <jsi_sun> ismael_: you made some great changes... to get a more Aqua like build! Thx!

[15:29] <jsi_sun> ismael_: ok

[15:29] <ericb2> ismael_: thank you very much for your work. If I read correctly the survey, the Google SoC is officially finished or close, isn't it ?

[15:29] <ismael_> jsi_sun: i just modified the headbar, items are not changed

[15:29] <jsi_sun> ismael_: ok, good to know

[15:30] <ismael_> ericb2: yes the google SOC finishes between 20 and 31 of August

[15:30] * jsi_sun has to be in a real-time meeting; will be back in 1/2hrs

[15:30] * jsi_sun is away: chrrr.......

[15:31] <ericb2> ismael_: I suggest you to use bonsai, and extract all the commits you did, and provide a .tar.gz or something as archive

[15:31] <ismael_> ericb2: i saved almost all the patches i commited, so it will be easy to upload code on code.google.com

[15:32] shaunmcdonald sky spiral

[15:32] <ericb2> ismael_: great. good work :)

[15:32] <ericb2> Last news ( both Carbon and Cocoa) : aquaremovescripts cws RfQA : main.applescript, powtinstall.applescript and osacompile part have been removed. Should solve the remote build issue with window server.

[15:32] <cloph> (removed = disabled/skipped for aqua builds)

[15:33] <ericb2> the agenda was too big for today, and I'll prepare something new before OOoCon

[15:33] <ericb2> cloph: thank you

[15:34] <paveljanik> ericb2: so there is no fondu in X11 anymore?

[15:34] <paveljanik> or?

[15:34] <paveljanik> or it touches only aqua?

[15:34] <ericb2> paveljanik: fondu is still in X11

[15:34] <cloph> ..and /me will reintroduce the need for osacompile again for building languagepacks... (unless somebody knows how to copy (from the commandline) a script saved as app so that it still works

[15:35] <cloph> )

[15:35] <spiral> cloph: have you tried using "ditto" for this kind of copy ?

[15:35] <ericb2> cloph: maybe add a text file as .scpt will avoid the need of osacompile

[15:35] <ericb2> cloph: ask yvan barthelemy, has knows the tip

[15:35] <spiral> cloph: ditto is able to copy resource forks & so on, so this might work

[15:35] <ericb2> s/has/he/

[15:36] <mav_eric> yes ditto is a good idea.

[15:36] <cloph> spiral: thanks - will try with that (unless somebody objects to putting a "binary" script into OOo sources, then this would be futile anyway :-))

[15:37] <paveljanik> ah, aquaremovescripts only adds two ifdefs, OK.

[15:38] <ericb2> Next point ?

[15:39] * obr has quit (Remote closed the connection)

[15:39] <ericb2> 3) Objective-C++ : .mm vs .cxx

[15:40] <cloph> spiral: Thanks, ditto works :-)

[15:40] <spiral> cloph: you're welcome :-)

[15:41] <ericb2> who added the point .mm vs .cxx ?

[15:43] * jsi_sun is back (gone 00:13:07)

[15:44] <ericb2> seems to be Florian Heckl

[15:44] <ericb2> and Florian is not there

[15:44] <jsi_sun> ericb2: -> next meeting

[15:44] <ericb2> any objection to postpone the point for next ..

[15:45] jamesmckenzie JoergB jsi_sun

[15:45] <ericb2> jsi_sun: yes :)

[15:45] <ericb2> just some points about .mm vs .cxx before to go further

[15:45] <ericb2> Currently:

[15:45] <ericb2> The needs are vcl ( 95% of the needs ) for the changes

[15:45] <ericb2> Other concerned modules are:

[15:45] <ericb2> - dtrans

[15:45] <ericb2> - linfgucomponent

[15:45] <ericb2> - connectivity

[15:45] <ericb2> - dbaccess

[15:45] <ericb2> - ..

[15:45] <ericb2> Historicaly: .mm extension is usable since ages. .m was in old aqua implementation, while .mm was added by Florian Heckl ~2 years ago.

[15:45] <ericb2> Drawback: replacing .cxx with .mm -> we lose the history ( good or bad ? )

[15:46] <ericb2> this way, we have a starting point for next meeting

[15:46] <ericb2> Next point is:

[15:46] <ericb2> 4. a point on Top 5 of issues before Alpha ( to be shipped during OOoCon 2007 )

[15:46] <ericb2> Links :

[15:46] <ericb2> http://porting.openoffice.org/mac/news/2007/20070818top5beforealpha.html

[15:46] <ericb2> issue 80799

[15:47] <IZBot> porting DEFECT NEW P3 Top 5 issues before Alpha Aqua http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=80799

[15:47] <ericb2> Status:

[15:47] <ericb2> issue 77549 : fix the scrollbar: not yet complete, needs some work. The changes have only been commited into aquavclcarbonfixes, and wil be in aquavcl03 when working.

[15:47] <ericb2> issue 79581 backingstore issue. Waiting for Philipp to have more infos

[15:47] <ericb2> 79529 : Drag and drop Tino ?

[15:47] <ericb2> 80701 + 80704 : (see comments in issue 80701) we found a UI Layout issue with Herbert, and he's investigating.

[15:47] <ericb2> Other changes: native progressbar for the splashscreen has been added.

[15:47] <IZBot> porting DEFECT STARTED P3 Scrollbar - vcl control areas not correctly superposed with aqua areas on scrollbar http:// qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=77549

[15:47] <IZBot> gsl ENHANCEMENT CLOSED FIXED P3 Black flicker at initial show of every window on aqua http://qa.openoffice.org/ issues/show_bug.cgi?id=79581

[15:47] <IZBot> porting DEFECT NEW P3 combo boxes not drawn correctly http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=80701

[15:47] <hdu_hh> 80701+80704 should be solved soon...

[15:47] <ericb2> hdu_hh: great :-)

[15:47] <ericb2> hdu_hh: can you tell me more ?

[15:48] <hdu_hh> I'll need to discuss the soluition with someone who is familiar with 79475

[15:49] <hdu_hh> so I suggest to go into details after the meeting

[15:49] <cloph> http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=79475

[15:49] <IZBot> issue 79475: porting ENHANCEMENT VERIFIED FIXED P3 implement aqua text edits

[15:50] <ericb2> FYI, aquavclcarbonfixescws has been created. The purpose is to fix the 5 most important issues before a new development snapshot ( supposedly for OOoCon2007 )

[15:50] <ericb2> For the flicker issue, I remember Philipp fixed it in aquavcl03 and he told me it was possible to backport it

[15:51] <ericb2> about the scrollbar, this is more complicated

[15:51] <ericb2> they are several problems

[15:51] <ericb2> the first one is something is not correctly initialized, because the relevant code is still missing

[15:51] <shaunmcdonald> ericb2: if the long talked about subversion migration had been completed, then, there would be no loss in data when re-naming files

[15:51] <ericb2> in vcl/source/control/scrbar.cxx

[15:52] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: ok. please keep this info for the discussion. Interesting info

[15:53] <ericb2> I have commited important changes and I'd like someone test them

[15:53] <ericb2> hdu_hh reviewed the code, but we need to make a point

[15:53] <hdu_hh> ericb2: I'll do it if you guide me through it

[15:53] <ericb2> hdu_hh: no problem. I'll tell you what is wrong

[15:53] <ericb2> and missing

[15:54] <ericb2> other point: since the changes are working well, the native progress bar ( for the splashscreen) has been added into the cws

[15:54] <hdu_hh> ericb2: good, let's do it after the meeting

[15:55] <ericb2> @all: do you see other important issues for the Carbon version ?

[15:56] <ericb2> No questions ?

[15:57] <ericb2> Last but not least, I expect the cws ready for next week, say wednesday

[15:57] <ericb2> hdu_hh: do you think it is possible ?

[15:58] <hdu_hh> depends on the drag+drop issue. tino?

[15:58] <ericb2> hdu_hh: uff my bad ..yes, I forgot the drag and drop issue.

[15:58] <ericb2> tino: do you have some infos ?

[15:58] <hdu_hh> OTOH we could remove this issue from the CWS

[16:00] <ericb2> hdu_hh: or not integrate the cws, and wait for Tino

[16:00] <hdu_hh> it would be nice to have the feature, but I think the CWS could live without it

[16:01] <hdu_hh> since this issue is independent of the others

[16:01] <ericb2> hdu_hh: with printing, this is one of the most important features we still need

[16:01] <mav_eric> o.k. I'll have to leave. I'll read the log

[16:01] <mav_eric> bye

[16:01] * mav_eric (n=mav_eric@xdsl-87-79-226-86.netcologne.de) has left #ooo_macport

[16:02] <hdu_hh> if there is a chance to get it ready for OOoCon having it in a seperate CWS would be no problem

[16:02] <ericb2> hdu_hh: we need tino opinion

[16:03] <tino> hdu_hh: Sorry I didn't follow, let me catch up with the conversation

[16:04] * hdu_hh just talked with tino

[16:05] <tino> hdu_hh: A short phone conversation helps sometimes :)

[16:05] <jsi_sun> ericb2: automated tests nedded? If so: Documentation up-to-date? Then I could create a build and do some testing

[16:05] <tino> hdu_hh: There exist a separate cws for D&D 'macosxdnd'

[16:06] <ericb2> tino: ok. then we will remove the issue from aquavclcarbonfixes

[16:06] <ericb2> tino: btw. Is this Carbon or Cocoa dependant ?

[16:07] <hdu_hh> great, so it should be easy to get this CWS ready for QA next week

[16:07] <tino> #79629 is part of this cws, so it makes sense to remove it from the other cws

[16:07] <IZBot> Word processor DEFECT CLOSED INVALID P3 Writer hangs up when open an odt document http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/ show_bug.cgi?id=79629

[16:07] <shaunmcdonald> ericb2: that means going back on the news release

[16:07] <shaunmcdonald> http://porting.openoffice.org/mac/news/2007/20070818top5beforealpha.html

[16:07] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: yes. But we can replace DnD with the native progressbar

[16:07] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: or add another issue

[16:07] <shaunmcdonald> ericb2: ok

[16:08] <paveljanik> just to keep it top-5? 8)

[16:08] <ericb2> hdu_hh: do you have a suggestion ?

[16:08] <shaunmcdonald> paveljanik: why not

[16:08] <paveljanik> shaunmcdonald: 8)

[16:08] <ericb2> paveljanik: 10 would have been too much

[16:08] <shaunmcdonald> paveljanik: most folk won't notice the difference, especially if it will be implemented any, just on a different timescale

[16:08] <hdu_hh> I'd say top-X. While stress testing the native widgets on Aqua I found similar issues to the listbox and combobox thingies

[16:10] <hdu_hh> we shouldn't even mention the number of issues or the CWS name. Just say the most annoying issues have been fixed

[16:11] <paveljanik> yes

[16:11] * dave_largo2 (n=drichard@64-132-254-110.static.twtelecom.net) has joined #ooo_macport

[16:11] * jsi_sun will be away in 5 min.

[16:11] <jsi_sun> ericb2: automated tests nedded? If so: Documentation up-to-date? Then I could create a build and do some testing

[16:11] shaunmcdonald sky spiral

[16:11] <ericb2> jsi_sun: yes, this will help us: 1) to verify the testtol works. 2) nothing wrong is hidden

[16:12] <ericb2> jsi_sun: thanks :)

[16:12] <jsi_sun> ericb2: Please give me via IRC/eMail a hint if I can build like the documentation is telling me (then I start asap)

[16:13] <shaunmcdonald> jsi_sun: the aquabuild wiki page should always be up to date

[16:14] <ericb2> Opinions, comments ?

[16:14] <jsi_sun> shaunmcdonald: ok

[16:14] * jsi_sun is away: chrrr.......

16:15] <ericb2> Next point

[16:16] <ericb2> 5. A point about OOoCon 2007

[16:16] <ericb2> See my blog entry :

[16:16] <ericb2> http://eric.bachard.free.fr/news/2007/08/mac-os-x-port-at-ooocon2007.html

[16:17] <ericb2> to complete, I have booked a double room, and if somebody has problems to find a room, I hope this will help

[16:18] <ericb2> The content of the confs must be sent be Sept 1st

[16:18] <ericb2> hdu_hh: please note ;)

[16:18] <ericb2> Next point ?

[16:18] <shaunmcdonald> just over 1 week away :-(

[16:18] <hdu_hh> ericb2: Argh! :-)

[16:18] <ericb2> lol

[16:19] <ericb2> the first time I prepared something before the dead line :)

[16:19] <ericb2> Next point ?

[16:19] <ericb2> 6. Aqua enabled OOG680 is needed or not?

[16:19] <ericb2> Question from Maho, asking if it does make sense to provide such builds, since they don't pass QA.

[16:20] <paveljanik> I think that at least en-US could be helpful sometimes...

[16:22] <cloph> I guess he meant that since 2.3 will not be released as aqua version at all there is no point in checking that version on aqua (instead focus on the src680 milestones

[16:23] <hdu_hh> the OOG fixes will get into SRC anyway, the question is if OOG makes it before OOoCon

[16:25] * ericb2 thinks release Aqua OOG (means 2.3.0) is useless

[16:25] <shaunmcdonald> we won't be releasing the development build build (codename Barcelona) as ooo2.3

[16:25] <hdu_hh> yes, we shouldn't target aqua for 2.3

[16:26] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: all issues are now targetted 2.4

[16:27] <shaunmcdonald> hdu_hh: going by the QA project latest, aqua is targeted for 2.4

[16:27] <hdu_hh> good

[16:28] <ericb2> Conclusion: then the answer Maho question is no. We won't release Aqua 2.3

[16:28] <ericb2> correct me if I'm nwrong

[16:29] <shaunmcdonald> ericb2: that's my current understanding

[16:29] <ericb2> paveljanik: but build en-Us for test is a good idea

[16:30] <ericb2> Next point ?

[16:30] <ericb2> 7. Language packs for the Mac (see http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=64937 ) ...

[16:30] <ericb2> cloph: you can go ahead :)

[16:30] <IZBot> issue 64937: porting DEFECT STARTED P3 language pack packaging doesn't work

[16:31] <cloph> Well - it is easy to provide the data :-)

[16:31] <cloph> The issue already contains a dummy-pack to demonstrate the way I thought of installing the languagepack

[16:31] <cloph> (dmg with installer (applescript) + tarball with the data itself)

[16:32] <cloph> I just uploaded a real one (with the localedata files) here: http://pumbaa.ooodev.org/~cloph/OpenOffice.org- langpack-2.3.0_de.dmg

[16:32] <cloph> (m225)

[16:33] <ericb2> cloph: does a cws exist already ?

[16:33] <cloph> The open problems are: localisation of the installscript itself, localisation of the main-aqua-menu (the bold OpenOffice.org one)

[16:33] <cloph> ericb2: No, no cws yet.

[16:34] <cloph> But the changes required are minimal

[16:34] * spiral has quit ("Bye")

[16:34] <cloph> And of course the optics lack and user-experience lacks (lots of debug-dialogs in the script, no special icons, etc yet)

[16:35] <cloph> I got fr, cs, vi and en_US languagepacks prepared as well, so when you want to check with one of those...

[16:36] <cloph> The main question is: Is this way of intalling the languagepack OK? and if yes, how should permissions be handled?

[16:36] * ericb2 humour : test_cloph_installer.jpg

[16:37] * bm_ (n=bm@e176192162.adsl.alicedsl.de) has joined #ooo_macport

[16:37] <cloph> drag'n'drop install of OOo itself as regular user into /Applications asks for confirmation (identify as administrator), but the files will still belong to the unprivileged user [16:37] <cloph> (it changes the group to "admin" though)

[16:38] <cloph> Is it worth to bother with that or is it OK to just extract the tarball with the user's ID (as in the uploaded sample)?

[16:38] <cloph> ericb2: Wow :-)

[16:39] <hdu_hh> ericb2: aquavcl05! Never heard of it

[16:39] * cloph doesn't let spotlight allow to index my build-dirs, so I don't see those :-)

[16:39] <ismael_> ericb2: you're lucky to have a big Hard drive :-)

[16:39] <ismael_> ericb2: i'm obliged to delete old installs to have space on my HD

[16:40] <paveljanik> ok, I have to leave now - bye

[16:40] * paveljanik has quit ("Leaving")

[16:41] <cloph> But ericb2's screenshot did remind me of another thing: Should a certain version of OOo be enforced for the languaepack or is telling the user enough that it might work with another base-version, but it is not guaranteed?

[16:43] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: it works :-)

[16:43] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: could the translation of the application menu have something to do with the system languages?

[16:43] <cloph> shaunmcdonald: Great - I did test it quite a bit with dirnames with umlauts and apostrophs and things like that :-)

[16:44] <cloph> shaunmcdonald: I guess it is not part of the default localisation process yet

[16:45] <obr_> cloph: IIRC we had something in place for localizating fondu install script parts

[16:45] <cloph> or maybe it is coded into the app itself and one would need some special lproj files for that - didn't look into it

[16:45] <cloph> obr_: Sure?

[16:45] <cloph> I only remember always seeing an english dialog

[16:45] <obr_> cloph: yes, it just did not work on Panther, so it was never integrated

[16:46] * shaunmcdonald deleberately didn't install all the other langs when he reinstalled Mac OS X recently

[16:46] <cloph> Ah, ok.

[16:46] * obr_ needs to search for the issue

[16:46] * shaunmcdonald knew there was a reason he shouldn't have :-(

[16:46] <cloph> One way of localizing it is just to have the script as textfile in the sources and let the make process sed over it.

[16:46] <cloph> But this would require osacompile again.

[16:47] <cloph> shaunmcdonald: Why? Is there a problem?

[16:47] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: I cannot test something

[16:48] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: I'm thinking that changing the language in international prefs could potentially localise the application menu in ooo

[16:49] <shaunmcdonald> after restarrting ooo

[16:49] <cloph> http://pumbaa.ooodev.org/~cloph/OpenOffice.org-langpack-2.3.0_vi.dmg is uploaded as well - but only use if you're familiar with OOo and can find the language-selection in the options blindly :-)

[16:49] <cloph> I don't think so. I have a german version of Mac OS X installed, and the english version of OOo and the menu is english

[16:51] <cloph> As you might have noticed already, there is no uninstall option. Do you think an uninstall option is necessary at all?

[16:51] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: ah, maybe there is something more to it, like creating an .lproj folder

[16:51] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: for debug purposes yes

[16:51] <shaunmcdonald> and space saving

[16:52] <cloph> shaunmcdonald: "rm -rf OpenOffice.org\ 2.3.app" and drag'n'drop the main version into place again :-)

[16:53] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: include that in any documentation used

[16:53] <cloph> shaunmcdonald: Users should not need to debug..

[16:54] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: true

[16:55] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: do the lang packs work on both ppc and intel?

[16:55] <cloph> If you're on Intel and it works, then yes :-)

[16:55] * cloph is on PPC

[16:55] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: ok, then that's a fraction of the downloads that are needed then

[16:56] <cloph> The script itself works on both, mav_eric already checked that already with the dummy from the issue

[16:56] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: users download the en-US version and install the langpack for their language

[16:56] <cloph> shaunmcdonald: Yes.

[16:57] * shaunmcdonald see more changes needed for QATrack and the bouncer

[16:58] <cloph> at least for the developer milestones I'd only provide en_US + languaegpacks.

[16:58] <cloph> For the releases one can provide full builds as well, at least for the much requested ones

[16:59] <shaunmcdonald> how about a language pack with all languages?

[17:00] <cloph> (even more so, since updates to localisations don't appear so frequently with the current way of handling localedata cws - a few big cws once in a while....)

[17:00] <cloph> shaunmcdonald: What benefits would that have?

[17:00] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: which isn't often enough for testing in the run up for release

[17:00] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: probably a all language build would be better for CDs

[17:04] <obr_> cloph: issue 57252 might be of interest for you

[17:04] <IZBot> porting FEATURE VERIFIED FIXED P3 Support for fonts in user's library: ~/Library/Fonts with fondu http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/


[17:04] <cremlae> I must go. Bye, everyone.

[17:04] * cremlae has quit ("Ex-Chat")

[17:05] <cloph> Any volunteer to write a "spec" for the installer? I.e. define the wording of the installation messages (and the amount of needed dialogs)?

[17:05] >_Nesshof_< sorry, my wife asked me something extremely urgent

[17:05] * shaunmcdonald hasn't written a spec before, but could give it a shot

[17:07] <cloph> Thanks, there is a template in the wiki

[17:08] <cloph> The spec of course doesn't need to cover details, but should reflect the user experience

[17:09] <cloph> So that testers, translators and documentation writers will know how it is supposed to work, even without having a mac to test themselves

[17:10] <cloph> obr_: Thanks for the issue, will experiment a bit with these lproj-strings

[17:12] * obr_ has to leave now

[17:12] <obr_> CU

[17:12] * obr_ has quit ()

[17:12] * ericb2 is back

[17:12] <ericb2> sorry had an urgent work to do

[17:15] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: thanks for the pointers

[17:15] <shaunmcdonald> ericb2: please close the meeting

[17:17] <ericb2> ok, I'll paste the end and provide the link. Sorry for being away at the end

[17:18] <ericb2> Next meeting ? Next wednesday ( 29th August ) same hour ?

[17:20] * ericb2 has changed the topic to: [English]OpenOffice.org Mac porting team channel. Next IRC Meeting:Wednesday 29th August 2007 (*13*:00 UTC) See http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/MacOSXPortMeetings for the agenda. Previous meetings logs are available at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Previous_Mac_Meeting_logs | http://www.openoffice.org/issues/buglist.cgi?keywords=aqua | http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Summer_of_Code_2007

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