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[21:01] shaunmcdonald: Time to start the meeting?

[21:01] shaunmcdonald: 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port

[21:01] shaunmcdonald: Are there any new devs today?

[21:02] Fridrich left the chat room.

[21:03] shaunmcdonald: FYI ericb2 is away tonight at a conference so is unable to attend

[21:03] CerebrosuS: ok

[21:05] CerebrosuS: no one else here for the meeting than you and me?

[21:05] cloph: • cloph waves to the crowd...

[21:06] ismael_: CerebrosuS: i'm here too

[21:06] cremlae: • cremlae waves as well

[21:06] shaunmcdonald: I presume that there are no new developers who want to introduce themselves

[21:06] CerebrosuS: all right

[21:06] shaunmcdonald: • shaunmcdonald thinks we should all wave at the start of every meeting from now on

[21:06] damiend joined the chat room.

[21:06] shaunmcdonald: 2. Last Aqua news / Work in progress

[21:07] shaunmcdonald: The aqua build is now on BitTorrent ready for distribution

[21:07] cloph: hdu identified the cause for issue 72248

[21:07] IZBot: porting DEFECT STARTED vcl compiled with debug crashes http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=72248

[21:07] damiend: ih everybody

[21:07] ismael_: hi damiend

[21:07] CerebrosuS: hi damiend

[21:08] cloph: (URL for the Bittorrent downloads: http://ooodev.org:6969/index.html?search=aquavcl01 )

[21:08] shaunmcdonald: http://porting.openoffice.org/mac/download/aqua.html still needs the mirror network links updated, once it has been distributed to the mirror network

[21:08] cremlae: damiend: hi!

[21:08] shaunmcdonald: the bittorrent links should be working on those pages

[21:09] • shaunmcdonald sees 2 links aren't right

[21:09] boulifb: cloph: ok. So here is my question:

[21:10] boulifb: I wish to install GNOME ou KDE desktops under X11. How can I do that?

[21:10] cloph: Eric worked out a patch to read the highlight colors (and potentially more stuff) from Mac's preferences (from file directly currently, but probably some Mac-service in the future)

[21:10] cloph: boulifb: You want gnome on the Mac?

[21:11] cloph: Are you sure you're not only talking about GTK (GNOME) or QT (KDE) here?

[21:11] boulifb: GNOME and/or KDE on MAc OS X under X11

[21:11] boulifb: I wish to get the desktops under X11

[21:11] cloph: boulifb: I'd use fink - that offers package management and provides the necessary packages.

[21:12] cloph: I didn't run a full desktop though, but at least you will be able to run all GNOME/KDE apps..

[21:12] boulifb: I was expecting this answer. Fink is installed already, but I know nothing about unix world

[21:12] shaunmcdonald: boulifb: fink commander?

[21:13] cloph: boulifb: Fink comes with an app called "Fink Commander" (a GUI frontend) where you can easily select the packages that should be installed.

[21:13] boulifb: yes, I have currently fink commender

[21:14] boulifb: which packages must I install?

[21:16] cloph: try gnome-panel - it should depend on quite a number of other packages and should offer you a basic gnome

[21:16] cremlae: boulifb, all: perhaps this conversation should wait until after the meeting, since I assume it will be in the log?

[21:16] shaunmcdonald: cremlae: +1

[21:16] boulifb: ah, yes, it's meeting time

[21:16] boulifb: sorry

[21:17] boulifb: let's do the meeting

[21:17] shaunmcdonald: back to aqua ooo

[21:17] shaunmcdonald: it's great to see that we have progress on the vcl debug crash problem

[21:18] shaunmcdonald: the public release of the ooo aqua dev snapshots is imminent

[21:19] shaunmcdonald: we are currently waiting on the distribution of the builds to the mirror network to be setup

[21:19] boulifb: cool!

[21:20] shaunmcdonald: http://www.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=releases&msgNo=10794

[21:20] CerebrosuS: • CerebrosuS is still working on is.sue 77556, it woll take a bit more of time, because i'm not that involved in the mac source. but i made big steps in solving the issue

[21:20] shaunmcdonald: as demand is so high, we simply cannot have them on a single server

[21:21] shaunmcdonald: issue 77556

[21:21] IZBot: porting DEFECT STARTED Tools-Customize-Keyboard - keys not shown http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=77556

[21:22] shaunmcdonald: CerebrosuS: great a longer time to complete shouldn't be much of a problem

[21:22] CerebrosuS: thx

[21:26] shaunmcdonald: how are we going to deal with sites like version tracker with the aqua dev releases?

[21:27] shaunmcdonald: should we ask them to have aqua as a separate app, or to not mention it at all until it is properly beta?

[21:28] cloph: I'd say using the aqua keyword as for the current issues will do for now..

[21:29] CerebrosuS: i think they should have it as an seperate app

[21:29] CerebrosuS: but it has to mark very clearly as dev and not stable

[21:29] shaunmcdonald: CerebrosuS: that was what I was thinking

[21:30] shaunmcdonald: we should also get them to explicitly mark the other one as X11

[21:30] CerebrosuS: it could be healpful getting an feetback from other users

[21:30] CerebrosuS: right

[21:31] shaunmcdonald: CerebrosuS: that's why we are going public with the builds

[21:31] shaunmcdonald: CerebrosuS: every few months we will provide more builds

[21:31] CerebrosuS: perhaps when many people test this dev and find issues, the crowd won't tell the issues to the openoffice.org

[21:31] CerebrosuS: to circular

[21:32] CerebrosuS: so perhaps an seperate channel or anything for the testing crowd? that would seperate the dev process more cleary from the test

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[21:33] mav_eric was promoted to operator by ChanServ.

[21:33] shaunmcdonald: CerebrosuS: I have an RSS feed for articles that appear in the google blog search that meet "openoffice mac" (without quotes), so will pass on any remarks that I get

[21:34] CerebrosuS: oh ok

[21:34] shaunmcdonald: anyone who posts something in their blog or on some forums will notify me through this rss feed

[21:35] CerebrosuS: so, i'm sorry i have to learn for my study, ....

[21:35] CerebrosuS: so i will read the log and keep working on the issue i have

[21:35] shaunmcdonald: CerebrosuS: ok

[21:35] CerebrosuS: by at all, ...

[21:36] CerebrosuS left the chat room. ("Leaving")

[21:37] shaunmcdonald: Hopefully by the middle of next week we will have the release

[21:37] shaunmcdonald: is there anything else that has happened with aqua this week?

[21:39] damiend left the chat room.

[21:39] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: nothing I'm aware of

[21:40] damiend joined the chat room.

[21:40] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: lets move on then

[21:40] shaunmcdonald: 3. Start aquavcl01 cws integration (part2)

[21:40] • shaunmcdonald thinks this might be an ericb2 item

[21:41] mav_eric: but he is not present

[21:42] shaunmcdonald: I believe that we are looking at integrating aquavcl01, and starting aquavcl02 for all future work on aqua

[21:42] skyza: big ups public snapshots!

[21:43] shaunmcdonald: skyza: bittorrent is already in place

[21:43] shaunmcdonald: the mirror network isn't yet in place though

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[21:44] skyza: if to not throw meeting off track I could comment on a couple broken links

[21:44] skyza: when you follow the change port link, you cant get back to that page

[21:44] shaunmcdonald: we have space on good-day, but it doesn't have the bandwidth to cope with our projected demand

[21:44] skyza: also might want to put something about being able to run both versions concurrently or what

[21:47] shaunmcdonald: skyza: that can go in the right hand panel and into the to-be re-written faq http://porting.openoffice.org/mac/faq/aqua-prerelease/index.html

[21:47] shaunmcdonald: skyza: anyone want to help re-write the faq?

[21:47] skyza is now known as sky.

[21:48] sky: I could help edit

[21:48] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: from monday on I may have some time for doing this

[21:49] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: great

[21:49] mav_eric: yes. But I cannot promise it

[21:50] mav_eric: I'll know more on late Sunday

[21:50] shaunmcdonald: sky: even some ideas are fine

[21:50] mav_eric: we won't have meetings on Tuesday so leaves only wednesday when I will have no time

[21:50] sky: ok

[21:51] shaunmcdonald: should we setup a wiki page for this in the mean time for readying the faq prior to release?

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[21:51] sky: 'The OpenOffice.org Mac porting team has decided to release development snapshots of the current Aqua project.'

[21:51] shaunmcdonald: sky: that title is too long

[21:51] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: yes.

[21:52] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: we can edit the draft more easy in the wiki

[21:52] sky: 'You may install the development snapshot, OpenOffice.org 2.3 along side your release installation'

[21:52] mav_eric: and the wiki is more open and public - so more people can help more easy

[21:53] mav_eric: Development Snapshot Release of OOo native for Mac OS X

[21:53] sky: 'By releasing the Aqua snapshots, we hope to engage a larger audience for participation with the project'

[21:53] mav_eric: shorter but not that good yet

[21:54] sky: OpenOffice.org Mac OS X Aqua Development Snapshot

[21:55] shaunmcdonald: sky: almost there

[21:55] shaunmcdonald: OpenOffice.org Mac OS X Aqua Development Snapshots now available

[21:55] shaunmcdonald: not quite but close

[21:55] sky: OpenOffice.org for Mac OS X Aqua Developer Preview available

[21:56] mav_eric: OpenOffice.org Aqua Preview available

[21:56] shaunmcdonald: mav_eric: nice, short and makes a great headline

[21:57] GlowingApple left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

[21:57] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: thank you

[21:59] sky: wow. the build looks great

[21:59] sky: nice UI guideline following

[21:59] mav_eric: shaunmcdonald: maybe we can replace Preview with Snapshot but these are details

[21:59] mav_eric: sky: that is only the beginning of it all

[22:00] mav_eric: sky: one day we will hobefully follow Apple Human Interface Guidelines

[22:00] sky: nah... far from the beginning

[22:00] sky: I woul dknow cause ive been here a while

[22:02] sky: was looking a bit gloomy for a while, glad to see aqua alive

[22:02] mav_eric: sky:

[22:03] shaunmcdonald: wiki page created http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/AquaRelease

[22:04] sky: shaunmcdonald: the links http://porting.openoffice.org/mac/download/aqua-Intel.html are whacked out

[22:05] sky: the direct links are to the 2.2 release, but the torrent links are to the aqua build

[22:05] sky: so you might want to designate that somehow

[22:05] sky: also changing the startup picture for the snapshot would be a good idea

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[22:06] shaunmcdonald: sky: the problem is that I don't have the links for the mirror network yet

[22:06] shaunmcdonald: sky: thus I haven't updated those links

[22:06] sky: sure... but the link titles should still be an accurate reflection

[22:06] sky: I see your point tho

[22:07] shaunmcdonald: sky: I'm thinking of uploading the builds to good-day as a temporay measure and using the direct links to there

[22:07] sky: good idea

[22:07] sky: cause it totally confused me for a while, and im here!

[22:08] shaunmcdonald: the aqua download page is currently not linked, which is another reason why I get away with it

[22:09] sky: links spread fast these days

[22:11] shaunmcdonald: good point

[22:15] shaunmcdonald: ok, I cannot upload to goodday, though I do have ssh access

[22:16] shaunmcdonald: lets move on to the next point

[22:16] shaunmcdonald: 4. WWDC 2007 (weekly news)

[22:16] mav_eric: sky: changing the startup picture is easy

[22:16] mav_eric: sky: the thing is, we don't have a matching one

[22:17] shaunmcdonald: another problem with the startup picture is that ericb2 is unlikely to provide new builds soon

[22:17] shaunmcdonald: The WWDC will be in just over a weeks time

[22:17] shaunmcdonald: if you have any questions you would like asked while devs are there they should be added to the wiki

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[22:22] shaunmcdonald: • shaunmcdonald thinks no one is interested in commenting or speculating on the WWDC

[22:23] shaunmcdonald: 5. OOoCon 2007 : Mac OS x port proposal

[22:23] shaunmcdonald: There have been a few proposals submitted to the ooocon2007

[22:23] shaunmcdonald: ericb2 submitted something

[22:24] dave_largo left the chat room. ("Client exiting")

[22:25] shaunmcdonald: I submitted http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/User:Smsm1/ooocon2007-2 and http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/User:Smsm1/ooocon2007

[22:26] shaunmcdonald: has anyone else here submitted anything?

[22:26] ismael_: shaunmcdonald: seems great! I hope i will be able to attend them

[22:26] shaunmcdonald: ismael_: that depends on whether they are chosen

[22:27] ismael_: shaunmcdonald: i haven't submitted subject for confs as i'm not sure i will be able to attend due to school

[22:27] ismael_: shaunmcdonald: i hope they will be chosen

[22:27] shaunmcdonald: from what I hear there is enough for an extra day of conference

[22:28] shaunmcdonald: the conference is a bit later this year

[22:28] shaunmcdonald: though it doesn't affect me at the moment

[22:31] shaunmcdonald: in some ways though it is quite good for me

[22:31] shaunmcdonald: last point

[22:31] shaunmcdonald: 6. Misc

[22:33] sky: you could put a stamp of sorts on the startup picture

[22:33] sky: and it can probably be changed without rebuilding the proj

[22:34] damiend left the chat room.

[22:35] ismael_: bye

[22:35] ismael_ left the chat room.

[22:35] shaunmcdonald: sky: packaging still needs to be redone and the bittorrent files need to be updated

[22:36] sky: also, with regard to the packaging

[22:36] sky: the application icon is not aligned in the window

[22:36] shaunmcdonald: sky: known issue

[22:37] sky: k

[22:37] shaunmcdonald: sky: I need to sort it once i've finished my dissertation

[22:37] shaunmcdonald: sky: it will only be fixed after a resync

[22:37] shaunmcdonald: as it affects aqua too

[22:38] sky: i just put online a retrospective of my university research http://www.cybozone.com/vcu/

[22:38] shaunmcdonald: no X11 too

[22:40] sky: shaun you could style the aqua port page a bit so the warning is in red too

[22:40] sky: or bold or something

[22:43] mav_eric: sky: you have good ideas

[22:43] mav_eric: sky: but we cannot adress them all right now

[22:43] mav_eric: we don't have the manpower

[22:44] mav_eric: there are currently enough devs - that doesn't mean that we need more - but not enough work guys

[22:44] sky: I know the feeling

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[22:54] cloph: I guess that's it for the meeting,is it?

[22:55] doctype joined the chat room.

[22:55] shaunmcdonald: cloph: yes, next week same time?

[22:56] shaunmcdonald: 8th June 2007 ?

[22:56] cremlae: shaunmcdonald: +1

[22:56] cloph: OK (though I'd prefer one hour earlier...)

[22:57] mav_eric: +1

[22:57] mav_eric: good night

[22:57] cremlae: cloph: It's actually all the same for me. So, I'm happy with that.

[22:57] cremlae: mav_eric: Good night!

[22:57] mav_eric: cloph is right. One hour earlier would be fine

[22:57] mav_eric: but I can live with 22h too

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