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[22:01] shaunmcdonald Agenda for 16th February 2007 meeting

[22:01] shaunmcdonald 1. Welcome new devs (if any)

[22:01] shaunmcdonald Are there any new developers about?

[22:01] mikesic Yes

[22:02] shaunmcdonald mikesic: please introduce yourself

[22:03] mikesic I'm just getting into OpenOffice, and back into Mac development.

[22:03] mikesic I started with my frst Mac in 1980.

[22:03] mikesic But work has taken me in different directions.

[22:04] shaunmcdonald mikesic: that was 6 years before I came into the world then ;-)

[22:04] mikesic Right now I am just getting the compile set up.

[22:04] paveljanik mikesic: great - welcome. Do not hesitate to ask here if you have some problems and want to get them solved quickly :-)

[22:05] mikesic Right now I am looking for sndfile

[22:06] mikesic The poeblem is too much for this meeting I think.

[22:06] plipli good evening

[22:06] ericb2 mikesic: welcome :)

[22:07] shaunmcdonald mikesic: just for the record, what's your real name (as opposed to IRC name) and ooo user name

[22:07] mikesic Mike Sicotte. I am in Houston Texas.

[22:08] shaunmcdonald mikesic: great

[22:08] * shaunmcdonald doesn't see any other new users

[22:08] shaunmcdonald so lets move on to the next point

[22:09] shaunmcdonald 2. Latest Aqua news

[22:09] shaunmcdonald 2.1 current aquavcl01 cws status and recent changes there, new issues (#i74602# - aquavcl01: buttons drawing to offscreen buffers?,

  1. i74601# aquavcl01: scrolling bitmap changes its colors)

[22:09] IZBot porting DEFECT NEW aquavcl01: scrolling bitmap changes its colors http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=74601

[22:09] paveljanik The current status of aquavcl01 is much better than before one week.

[22:10] paveljanik It doesn't crash that lot, we have identified and filed issue for various crashes.

[22:10] paveljanik The most problematic part now are tooltips.

[22:10] paveljanik But we have yet to identify the rea issue behind them.

[22:10] paveljanik I filed two new issues today, which can be reproduced easily in About window.

[22:12] paveljanik I hope plipli will take the idea from my patch for drawing texts to the offscreen bitmap to his patch and will make it ~ready for inclusion soon :-)

[22:12] paveljanik All from my side.

[22:12] plipli yes im doing it

[22:12] paveljanik plipli: great!

[22:12] plipli it will be available tonight if no problem occurs

[22:12] mav_eric I can confirm that the patch from Pavel that enables scrolling works

[22:13] paveljanik mav_eric: thanks.

[22:13] ericb2 mikesic FYI, Mox Soini started a work for native player, using QuickTime. You can have a look there : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/ wiki/Mac_OS_X_Porting_-_Native_Audio_and_Video

[22:13] paveljanik plipli: what if we apply my patch to the cws now? Is it a problem for you?

[22:13] mav_eric because of not beeing compatible with pliplis patc

[22:14] mav_eric patch I now have an aqua OOo that scrolls but no invertation or font changing works

[22:14] paveljanik mav_eric: wait a bit and plipli will have new patch.

[22:14] plipli paveljanik: yes because you didn't have all my modifications

[22:14] mav_eric otherwise I can second what pavel said. OOo is much more stable

[22:15] mav_eric paveljanik: plipli O.K. Take your time to make it right and feel free to give me a note when testing is to be done

[22:15] plipli paveljanik: i applied your patch on fresh m202 file and then includedall my modifications. ill soon have finished and wil lproduc a full patch for salatslayout

[22:15] paveljanik plipli: OK, so we will wait - no need to apply it now, when it is in your new patch.

[22:15] paveljanik anything else?

[22:16] plipli is tehre a liste of all patches t oapply

[22:16] plipli ?

[22:17] paveljanik right now, we do not need any new patches ;-)

[22:17] paveljanik at least I hope so :-)

[22:17] plipli on wiki there is a place t onote tha patch to apply in order to have latest progress but it is empty

[22:17] ericb2 can we make a list of what has to be added in short time ?

[22:17] mav_eric plipli: Currently I apply

[22:17] ericb2 what I have in mind is :

[22:17] mav_eric aquavcl01_checkbox_cleanup_ericb07_02_07.diff

[22:18] ericb2 mav_eric: commited

[22:18] mav_eric plipli: aquavcl01_popups.diff

[22:18] mav_eric native_menus_crashes.diff

[22:18] mav_eric salatslayout-offscreen.diff

[22:18] mav_eric aqua_salatslayout_1102.diff

[22:18] mav_eric aqua_salgdi_invert.diff

[22:18] mav_eric sorry no salatslayout1102 because of pavels patch

[22:19] ericb2 mav_eric: some of the patches you mentionned are either commited or obsolete

[22:19] mav_eric ericb2: so aquavcl01_popups can be put aside?

[22:19] ericb2 mav_eric: commited too :)

[22:19] mav_eric ericb2: so which ones are still needed?

[22:20] paveljanik lets integrate them *soon*. There is no need to list them - I think that if the patch is reviewed and it is good, there is no need to list it. And if it is bad, it is bad to apply it anyway.

[22:22] mikesic If someone could post the patches to the list, even if obsolete, it would help me to see where things are being worked on.

[22:22] ericb2 are Ismael changes to be included or do they need more work ?

[22:22] * yoink has quit ("Unlucky.")

[22:22] paveljanik ericb2: he hasn't send anythink yet

[22:22] ericb2 mikesic: do you use our wiki ?

[22:22] paveljanik anything

[22:22] ericb2 mikesic: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Category:Aqua

[22:23] mikesic Yes, I have been looking at it, and I noticed the blank area where the patches should be.

[22:23] ericb2 mikesic: most of them are discussed on mac@porting list, or hre

[22:23] ericb2 -hre +here

[22:23] * fheckl (n=florianh@p57B549E6.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #ooo_macport

[22:24] paveljanik fheckl: Hi Florian!

[22:24] ericb2 mikesic: if you need more infos, you are welcome  :)

[22:24] fheckl Hi everyone

[22:24] shaunmcdonald hello fheckl, we're in the middle of point 2.1

[22:24] ericb2 fheckl: hello Florian :)

[22:24] mikesic Just getting started, its hard to filter the entire mailing list.

[22:25] ericb2 mikesic: so better discuss here first, and we will provide you the informations you need progressively

[22:25] mikesic great:)

[22:26] ericb2 mikesic: you're welcome :)

[22:26] ericb2 fheckl: did you resync aquafilepicker01 ?

[22:26] ericb2 with m202 ( e.g. )

[22:26] ericb2 ?

[22:27] fheckl ericb2: yes, but I still have to check in my latest canges

[22:27] ericb2 fheckl: great. Please advertise me when you're done : integrate it in my build would be great for the FOSDEM, next week

[22:28] fheckl ericb2: I'll do

[22:28] ericb2 fheckl: thanks :)

[22:29] ericb2 paveljanik: there is still a big issue : fonts

[22:29] paveljanik ericb2: right, but for now, it is enough. Really.

[22:29] paveljanik There is no need for shining Ferrari logo on our Trabant ;-)

[22:30] paveljanik (now!)

[22:30] ericb2 paveljanik: I have reused the changes I did in aquacolors cws, using UpdateSettings() and everything seems to work, but we cannot find fonts

[22:30] ericb2 paveljanik: I saw one in Berlin, some times ago !!

[22:30] ericb2 paveljanik: I know Michel Renon started to investigate

[22:31] ericb2 and plipli is searching too ( if I'm not wrong)

[22:31] paveljanik I still believe plipli is the best person for this.

[22:31] paveljanik so next point?

[22:31] paveljanik Outstanding patches?

[22:31] ericb2 paveljanik: sorry ?

[22:31] plipli ericb2: what do u mean we canot find fonts ?

[22:32] shaunmcdonald 2.2 patches to be verified and integrated (scrolling text in the About window - offscreen drawing of fonts, plipli's font work - basic stuff, native widget framework cleanups)

[22:32] ericb2 plipli: something is missing. I wonder if the missing part is not in psprint, since the helper is inside. And we don't build psprint on aqua

[22:33] paveljanik I put the list of patches I know about, is there anything else which is missing?

[22:33] ericb2 I put everything here ( or close)  : http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/aquavcl/patches/controls/fev_2007/

[22:33] paveljanik ericb2: sorry, but this is unreadable :-(

[22:33] paveljanik patches are solving what?

[22:34] ericb2 paveljanik: the patches are

[22:34] paveljanik plipli

[22:34] ericb2 paveljanik: this one does allow to use macosxrc.txt : http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/aquavcl/patches/controls/fev_2007/14_02_07/ aqua_macosxrc.txt.diff

[22:34] ericb2 for the other, simply ask me , but they are very experimental patches

[22:36] ericb2 Next point ?

[22:36] shaunmcdonald 2.3 TODOs/plans for the next week (Pavel: FOCUS events, Eric: finish Invert, fix About button scrolling, others?)

[22:36] paveljanik shaunmcdonald: please wait.

[22:37] shaunmcdonald paveljanik: sorry, I thought ericb2 was ready to progress the meeting

[22:37] paveljanik So the only other patch to integrate for now is using macosxrc.txt the same way as it is used on X11, great, Any volunteer to test it and report results?

[22:37] ericb2 paveljanik: fonts are not working

[22:37] ericb2 paveljanik: i.e. we cannot choose fonts

[22:37] mav_eric paveljanik: what's the use of macosxrc.txt?

[22:38] ericb2 paveljanik: and only macosxrc.txt from presets works

[22:38] mav_eric paveljanik: if needed I can include it in the next build together with pliplis patch

[22:38] paveljanik ericb2: this is minor issue for now, and good that we know it, but this should not stop its integration - when it is verified by someone else and everything works, just commit it and file issue for the bugs known.

[22:39] ericb2 paveljanik: yes, I just ask for testers, to verify the issues I have on my machine

[22:39] paveljanik ericb2: please post it to the list for review.

[22:39] paveljanik ericb2: please describe how to test it etc...

[22:39] ericb2 paveljanik: I'll do

[22:39] paveljanik good, next point :-)

[22:40] paveljanik TODOs.

[22:40] paveljanik My plan for the next week is to implement Focus events which are missing.

[22:41] paveljanik I hope to have some time for more cursor investigations, but as there will be OOF680_m8, I'll be busy.

[22:42] shaunmcdonald 2.3 TODOs/plans for the next week (Pavel: FOCUS events, Eric: finish Invert, fix About button scrolling, others?)

[22:42] ericb2 m8 ... ouch ...

[22:43] ericb2 Ismael is not present, but I know he's working on Bitmaps and fix Calc crashes

[22:43] paveljanik I'd like to see his fixes integrated as well, because crashing Calc doesn't mean we are stable ;-)

[22:44] paveljanik also we still have upside down icons in invaders etc.

[22:44] ericb2 from my side, I'll try to find a solution for Invert(). FI, I already found a solution to replace obsolete QuickDraw part (InvertRect() )

[22:44] * plipli needs the redraw to work correctly, beacause when you select font, font of text is changed but you don t see it unless you scroll down and up to force redraw

[22:44] paveljanik plipli: yes, this is one of our current major issues.

[22:45] paveljanik The question is if we can't workaround it somehow, e.g. to Synchronize the Context very often or osmething like that.

[22:46] ericb2 paveljanik: did you have a look at my post on mac@porting, about HandleWindowPaintEvent() ?

[22:47] paveljanik I have it flagged for weekend.

[22:47] plipli full patch for salatslayotu is ready and will be mailed

[22:47] paveljanik plipli: great!

[22:47] ericb2 maybe we could ask for plipli ssh2 key ?

[22:48] ericb2 plipli: your JCA is confirmed, right ?

[22:48] plipli ericb2: yes

[22:48] paveljanik so there are two patches now - Eric's macosxrc.txt and plipli's salatslayout. Lets work on them so we have them in on weekend ;-)

[22:48] plipli ericb2: i did not receive a confirmatin mail but i m on the list on website

[22:48] ericb2 plipli: this is enough :)

[22:48] ericb2 plipli: I'll create the issue

[22:49] paveljanik ericb2: what about this patch?

[22:49] paveljanik http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/aquavcl/patches/controls/fev_2007/16_02_07/checkbuttons_fix/aqua_NWF_checkbutons_fix.diff

[22:49] mav_eric paveljanik: O.K. As soon as I have both of them I'll start a new build tomorrow morning

[22:49] paveljanik is it to be verified as well? If so, please send a link ot the list with description.

[22:49] ericb2 paveljanik: I'm waiting for your opinion

[22:49] * plipli doing a pause : baby cry

[22:49] paveljanik looks good, send it to the list :-)

[22:49] ericb2 paveljanik: ok, I'll do

[22:50] paveljanik three patches now.

[22:50] paveljanik so: what do other plan to do next week? ;-)

[22:51] * ericb2 has enough work :)

[22:51] >shaunmcdonald< : do you remember the issue number for your sh2 key ?

[22:52] * obr continues working on a SAL patch and the aqua packaging issue

[22:52] paveljanik obr: great.

[22:52] ericb2 obr: great :)

[22:53] paveljanik who will do system upgrade? ;-)

[22:53] * fheckl has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

[22:53] ericb2 not me

[22:54] * fheckl (n=florianh@p57B549E6.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #ooo_macport

[22:54] mav_eric paveljanik: system upgrade?

[22:54] obr do we have support for objective c source already ?

[22:55] ericb2 obr: I think so

[22:55] ericb2 obr: even obj C++

[22:55] * fheckl tries to finish the file pickers in the next two weks

[22:55] ericb2 fheckl: is it usable for the next week ?

[22:55] paveljanik fheckl: great, thanks!

[22:55] obr ericb2: good :-)

[22:56] fheckl ericb2: yes, it's usable.

[22:56] ericb2 fheckl: that's great. I'll add it in my next build

[22:56] ericb2 obr: if not, ask fheckl for tips

[22:57] paveljanik BTW - I plan to take all sal changes we have in aquavcl01 and create separate cws from them for inclusion, because they are very stable and do not affect the rest of build. They cause minor issues when resyncing, so I'd like to get rid of them.

[22:57] paveljanik sorry, not sal, but solenv of course ;-)

[22:57] fheckl obr: it's depending on the suffix .m and .mm

[22:57] ericb2 paveljanik: +1 for me

[22:58] obr fheckl: will try

[22:58] fheckl obr: if it wasn't removed in the meantime

[22:58] paveljanik fheckl: no, it is still there.

[22:58] fheckl ok

[22:58] paveljanik ause tried to remove it, but ;-)

[22:58] ericb2 :p

[22:58] * obr tries rewriting osl/security using Cocoa Foundation method

[23:00] paveljanik obr: CoreFoundation?

[23:00] ericb2 plipli: can you please confirm : your OpenOffice.org login is plipli ?

[23:00] obr paveljanik: unfortunatly not

[23:00] paveljanik ah, OK.

[23:00] * paveljanik curious ;-)

[23:01] obr paveljanik: if it works, it will make the relevant function implementations 2-3 liners :-)

[23:02] paveljanik :-)

[23:02] * obr found the code in osl nearly unreadable now

[23:04] paveljanik obr: yes, some parts are terrible

[23:05] fheckl obr: you might need to wrap your code between NSAutoreleasePool *pool = [[NSAutorelease alloc] init] and [pool release], just so you know if you get any error or warning concerning memory

[23:05] ericb2 issue 74612 has been created

[23:05] IZBot www TASK NEW please upload ssh2key of plipli http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=74612

[23:05] * ericb2 forgot the URL , for the instructions

[23:06] obr fheckl: interesting, thanks for the hint

[23:08] * obr is nearly as confused about Objective C syntax as he was about perl 4 years ago ;-)

[23:10] ericb2 Next point ?

[23:10] ericb2 Point 3 is 2.2 release and QA status

[23:10] paveljanik Looks like m8 will be RC1 and we do not have any Mac OS X specific issue/stoppers now.

[23:10] paveljanik Right?

[23:12] mav_eric paveljanik: according to german community testings you're right

[23:12] shaunmcdonald I have the test results from err m?

[23:12] obr we probably don't have desktop integration for OOo extensions yet, but I wouldn't call this a stopper

[23:14] paveljanik obr: do we have in issue for it?

[23:14] obr I am not aware of any

[23:15] obr won't be fixable before we have separate app launchers anyway

[23:15] obr as we need an extension manager launcher

[23:16] shaunmcdonald The summary of the results are at http://smsm1.selfip.info/~oootestsmsm1/ooo/testtoolresults/2007-02-14/a_summary.txt they are from the last build maho done

[23:17] mav_eric shaunmcdonald: Results from a germen community member are here http://kulfadir.ath.cx/OOoQA/680m6_INTEL/

[23:17] mav_eric shaunmcdonald: he tested on MacIntel

[23:18] shaunmcdonald obr: isn't the script used for unix based systems for the launching of the extensions manager included in the mac bundle?

[23:18] shaunmcdonald mav_eric: I tested on Intel too

[23:18] shaunmcdonald so we should be able to compare results

[23:18] obr shaunmcdonald: yes

[23:19] mav_eric shaunmcdonald: german community will get PPC results as well but the tester is new to testing

[23:19] * dave_largo has quit ("Client exiting")

[23:19] mav_eric shaunmcdonald: he needs to get familiar with the process

[23:19] shaunmcdonald mav_eric: I don't have access to a PPC machine

[23:19] * shaunmcdonald hopes that jamesmckenzie is doing the PPC tests for en-US

[23:22] shaunmcdonald It should be noted that there is now mac compatible scripts in CVS, so we don't need to use special ones from the issue any more

[23:23] mav_eric shaunmcdonald: great

[23:23] mav_eric shaunmcdonald: are they tagged with 220?

[23:23] shaunmcdonald we should all update them

[23:23] shaunmcdonald hopefully

[23:26] paveljanik OK, next point?

[23:27] shaunmcdonald mav_eric: it appears they are not tagged http://qa.openoffice.org/source/browse/qa/qatesttool/script/unix/first_topten.sh

[23:27] shaunmcdonald I'll file an issue for andreschnabel

[23:27] mav_eric shaunmcdonald: thanks

[23:27] shaunmcdonald paveljanik: we're past 3. 2.2 release and QA status

[23:28] ericb2 FYI, Uwe Altmann asked me to upgrade the french Install HowTo to match with last version. I'll ask someone to help me.

[23:28] shaunmcdonald so it is any other issues since the python votes has been postponed

[23:29] * shaunmcdonald should add some pics/impove flow to the FAQ install pages

[23:29] shaunmcdonald improve

[23:29] ericb2 about the python issue : this is just because 2.3.5 is proposed with Tiger. This will cause unavailable extensions

[23:29] ericb2 in the future

[23:29] * cloph doesn't understand

[23:30] cloph Why would that cause unavailable extensions?

[23:30] plipli ericb2: yes my login is plipli

[23:30] ericb2 the solution : reverse default system python at buildtime, and make the one provided in the source the default

[23:30] ericb2 plipli: I have verified already ;)

[23:30] shaunmcdonald ericb2: so you are proposing to bundle python 2.4 or 2.5 in ooo

[23:30] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: IMHO, it will be soon

[23:31] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: becase on Linux and on Windows, it will be at least 2.4

[23:31] shaunmcdonald ericb2: so the mac is running behind again

[23:32] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: my question is to prevent this issue

[23:32] * plipli has sent full patch for salatslayout

[23:32] * ericb2 searching his dictionnary, not sure this work does really exist

[23:32] * plipli will work on fonts next week

[23:32] shaunmcdonald ericb2: maybe we need to ask apple to include it in Mac OS X 10.4.9, and set the system requirements to mac os x 10.4.9, if you want python 2.4 ooo plugin

[23:32] paveljanik plipli: thanks!

[23:32] paveljanik plipli: your patch will be the first one, I'll test - I hope it will be soon tomorrow.

[23:33] ericb2 plipli: yes, thanks!

[23:33] plipli is there more points to see tonight ?

[23:34] paveljanik I think we are finished.

[23:34] ericb2 plipli: excepted the next meeting date, I don't think so

[23:34] * plipli won t hide you, that nights are short with a 2 weeks baby at home ;-)

[23:34] paveljanik plipli: :-)

[23:34] ericb2 plipli: good night :)

[23:34] plipli good night everybody, good tests for salatslayout !

[23:35] mav_eric good night plipli

[23:35] * plipli has quit ()

[23:35] ericb2 Next meeting : Friday 23th February, same hour ?

[23:35] mav_eric ericb2: well I'll have good news from german marketing but they can wait till next week

[23:36] ericb2 mav_eric: good :)

[23:36] ericb2 mav_eric: but if this is important, just shoot ..

[23:36] mav_eric ericb2: o.k. then next week same hour is o.k. for me

[23:37] * Fridrich (n=fridrich@ has joined #ooo_macport

[23:37] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Fridrich

[23:37] mav_eric ericb2: not that. We're talking about some background stories on how native ports work in progress etc

[23:37] mav_eric ericb2: I'll ask if I need more informations or so

[23:37] ericb2 mav_eric: this is a very good idea

[23:37] ericb2 mav_eric: you're welcome

[23:37] mav_eric ericb2: and maybe we get one or two interviews

[23:37] paveljanik I'll have a dancing ball next week, so I won't be able to attend.

[23:38] ericb2 just before to go : who will attend the FOSDEM  ?

[23:38] * ericb2 suddenly remembers he has no plane ticket

[23:39] shaunmcdonald ericb2: what about the train?

[23:39] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: indeed, I'll test. Maybe this is more easy

[23:39] * shaunmcdonald heard the TGV are now trying for a train speed record

[23:40] * ericb2 heard the TGV lives far from my house ;)

[23:40] ericb2 ok, I have to stop. good night, and see you !

[23:40] mav_eric good night Eric

[23:41] shaunmcdonald paveljanik: found the problem I'm having (thanks to cloph ) http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=34597

[23:41] IZBot issue 34597: tools DEFECT STARTED cws tooling does not accept pserver port

[23:41] * mav_eric thinks this to be a good idea

[23:41] mav_eric good night folks

[23:41] * shaunmcdonald has changed the topic to: OpenOffice.org Mac porting team channel. Next IRC Meeting is scheduled Friday 23rd February 2007 (21:00 UTC / 22:00 CET). See http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/MacOSXPortMeetings#Next_Meeting for the agenda. All previous Mac port meetings logs are available at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Previous_Mac_Meeting_logs | http://www.openoffice.org/issues/buglist.cgi?keywords=aqua

[23:41] paveljanik shaunmcdonald: ;-)

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