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[15:00] ericb2 I propose to wait a bit before to start

[15:00] ericb2 the meeting

[15:01] shaunmcdonald ericb2: ah, ok

[15:01] shaunmcdonald ericb2: how long?

[15:01] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: 5-10 min ?

[15:01] shaunmcdonald ericb2: ok

[15:08] ericb2 Let's start ?

[15:08] shaunmcdonald ericb2: is anyone else here, other than just us?

[15:08] shaunmcdonald 1. Welcome new devs (if any)

[15:08] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: looks like saturday is not the best day

[15:09] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: ismael_ is present

[15:09] ericb2 mikesic: too

[15:09] shaunmcdonald IZBot: ping

[15:09] IZBot pong

[15:09] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: lol

[15:09] shaunmcdonald ericb2: :D

[15:09] mikesic hi

[15:09] shaunmcdonald oobuildbot: ping

[15:09] shaunmcdonald hello mikesic

[15:09] ismael_ hi

[15:10] shaunmcdonald ericb2: maybe we need mid afternoon during the week ;-)

[15:10] shaunmcdonald hello ismael_

[15:10] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: IMHO, if people are willing to attend, the are present ;)

[15:10] shaunmcdonald we have 4 people here just now: shaunmcdonald ericb2 ismael_ and mikesic

[15:10] shaunmcdonald maybe others will join us later

[15:11] shaunmcdonald lets start

[15:11] shaunmcdonald 1. Welcome new devs (if any)

[15:11] * shaunmcdonald doesn't see any new developers

[15:11] shaunmcdonald 2. Latest Aqua news

[15:11] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: younker was here ~20 minutes

[15:11] ericb2 Last changes are :

[15:11] ericb2 Pavel resynch'ed aquavcl01 with m208

[15:12] ericb2 The wiki page has been updated : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/AquaBuild

[15:12] ericb2 Native menus are now default

[15:13] ericb2 Pavel fixed a serious breaker for m208

[15:13] ericb2 we do not build psprint, and some parts for fonts are needed. the current fix is a hack

[15:14] ericb2 We need volunteers for a correct solution

[15:17] shaunmcdonald seems no one here is volunteering to help

[15:17] ericb2 I propose to ask on mac@porting

[15:18] shaunmcdonald ericb2: good idea, there is a wider audience there

[15:18] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: at least we send 148 mails :)

[15:18] mikesic ericb2: Maybe you could explain a little why this is important - if we don't use psprint?

[15:19] ericb2 mikesic: I'll try

[15:19] mikesic ericb2: at least in the mail ...

[15:19] mikesic ericb2: not in the meeting

[15:19] ericb2 mikesic: in psprint are a lot of helpers to use cups

[15:19] ericb2 mikesic: ok

[15:19] ericb2 mikesic: and fonts

[15:19] ericb2 mikesic: just in some words :

[15:20] ericb2 if we use native printing, we don't need all those helpers anymore

[15:20] mikesic ericb2: thanks

[15:20] ericb2 mikesic: Oliver Braun know more than me about that

[15:24] ericb2 no other changes ?

[15:25] ismael_ i started implementation of mouse cursors (the SetPointer function). I implemented 18 out of 94 mouse pointers, but they are the most used. If you want to test, i made a patch http://lebasket.free.fr/OOo/14_04_07/patchMousePointer14_04_07.diff

[15:25] shaunmcdonald ericb2: what is the status of the build product changes

[15:25] shaunmcdonald ?

[15:25] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: build product ?

[15:25] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: e.g. 2.3 ?

[15:25] shaunmcdonald ericb2: so that the app will run out the box

[15:26] shaunmcdonald issue 73693

[15:26] IZBot porting DEFECT STARTED aquavcl01->modify Bundle tree for native version http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=73693

[15:26] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: I just proposed a patch, after Mox fixed an issue with versioning

[15:27] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: IMHO, Oliver changes are not the correct one : we *must* modify the tree

[15:27] mikesic ericb2: I tested Mox patch, and still the debug issue :(

[15:27] mikesic ericb2: -1 for me

[15:27] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: not gdb nor XCode work, and this is is because no change in the tree loooks like a hacked Mac Application

[15:28] shaunmcdonald so we need to modify the tree for debugging

[15:28] ericb2 mikesic: I agree. The only correct fix is Pavel modification

[15:28] mikesic ericb2: +1

[15:28] mikesic ericb2: Any proper fix will work out of the box with Finder and gdb

[15:29] ericb2 mikesic: I'll have a look and if I can, I'll try to modify the bundle like Pavel does with his patch

[15:29] ericb2 mikesic: this is IMHO the correct way

[15:29] mikesic ericb2: I have been testing - the three key points are

[15:30] mikesic ericb2: 1. move executable files to MacOS dir (for Finder)

[15:30] mikesic mystic_ca

[15:30] mikesic ericb2: 2. Move " mv THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.html help presets share .." for OOo

[15:30] * sparcmoz has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

[15:31] mikesic ericb2: ln program "ln -sf MacOS program"

[15:31] ericb2 mikesic: another issue is the dot in the name

[15:31] mikesic ericb2: for me - it works in Finder and gdb then (with other changes already in the patch)

[15:32] ericb2 mikesic: ok

[15:32] mikesic ericb2: the dot is an issue for xcode - true

[15:32] mikesic ericb2: I agree - it is better to work with xcode out of the box

[15:33] mikesic ericb2: so four changes

[15:34] ericb2 mikesic: the problem is : the name in the Info.plist will provide the Application name

[15:34] shaunmcdonald please remember that THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.html should after the integration of pj76 be in the license folder in the root of the disk image

[15:35] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: can we consider this issue as fixed ?

[15:35] shaunmcdonald nominated

[15:36] shaunmcdonald It was nominated on the 10th

[15:36] ericb2 mikesic: .. and this is mandatory to use OpenOffice.org as aplication name

[15:36] shaunmcdonald http://eis.services.openoffice.org/EIS2/cws.ShowCWS?Path=SRC680%2Fpj76

[15:37] mikesic ericb2: and the latest existing patch by you does that - no?

[15:38] ericb2 mikesic: if you have it on your disk, just don't delete it : I have removed it from my server

[15:38] ericb2 mikesic: the aquabudle5.diff I provided you yesterday uses OpenOffice instead of OpenOffice.org

[15:39] mikesic ericb2: No - I have Mox patch - but the to Max patch is just CFBundleName - I think.

[15:39] mikesic ericb2: the change to Mox patch - that is

[15:41] ericb2 mikesic: does this patch verify everything you need : http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/i73693/aquabundle6.diff

[15:41] ericb2 ?

[15:42] ericb2 mikesic: Mox's changes and corect name for gdb /XCode , but IMHO, it won't work

[15:47] shaunmcdonald +BUNDLEEXECUTABLE=program/OpenOffice looks rather strange

[15:47] shaunmcdonald shouldn't it be +BUNDLEEXECUTABLE=program/soffice or +BUNDLEEXECUTABLE=program/soffice.bin ?

[15:48] * mikesic_ (n=mikesic@cpe-70-122-225-9.houston.res.rr.com) has joined #ooo_macport

[15:48] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: no, there is a symlink between OpenOffice and soffice.bin

[15:48] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: in the same patch

[15:48] shaunmcdonald ericb2: ah ok

[15:48] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: just the two names must match

[15:49] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: the problem is caused by the tree

[15:49] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: and I don't see another solution than the one we use in Pavel's script

[15:50] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: a bad tree means the Finder don't see anything, and XCode /gdb either

[15:50] shaunmcdonald what about ln -s program/soffice.bin droplet?

[15:50] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: droplet will become the application name

[15:51] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: just try

[15:51] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: the most simple should be : OpenOffice.org 2.3.app, and we launch OpenOffice.org

[15:52] * shaunmcdonald looks at the Adium bundle

[15:52] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: the version does appear with the splashscreen

[15:52] shaunmcdonald it has 1 entry binary in MacOS

[15:52] shaunmcdonald and other binaries and resources in the Resources folder

[15:53] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: this is another tree :)

15:54] shaunmcdonald ericb2: so there are many posibilities

[15:55] ericb2 shaunmcdonald: indeed. We have to verify: OpenOffice.org does appear in the folder, and XCode and gdb work

[15:56] ericb2 Next point ?

[15:56] shaunmcdonald I have had problems before if I have changed an application, the Finder wouldn't update its library of Applications a restart was generally required to update its self

[15:56] shaunmcdonald I think the problem is with Launch Services

[15:57] mikesic_ shaunmcdonald: Yes, there is a cache of some info in Info.plist

[15:57] shaunmcdonald If you are producing a whole new app or moving it to some other location each time, this is unlikely to be an issue

[15:57] shaunmcdonald mikesic_: I just want to check that this isn't the problem

[15:57] mikesic_ shaunmcdonald: You can move the app to a different folder after the change to get a new cache entry.

[15:58] * mikesic has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

[15:58] shaunmcdonald mikesic_: +1

[15:58] mikesic_ shaunmcdonald: It was confusing me yesterday - I was changing Info.plist but no change was effective.

[15:58] * ismael_ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))

[15:58] shaunmcdonald mikesic_: yeah I've been caught out with it before

[15:59] * ismael_ (n=ismael@86.75.102-84.rev.gaoland.net) has joined #ooo_macport

[15:59] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to ismael_

[15:59] mikesic_ shaunmcdonald: next point?

[16:00] shaunmcdonald 3. Top 10 Status

[16:00] shaunmcdonald partly discussed already re the bundle

[16:00] <ismael_> mikesic_: i had a look at the tooltip bug

[16:01] <mikesic_> ismael_: :)

[16:01] <ismael_> mikesic_: the problem is that it needs timers to be implemented and i don't know if they are implemented

[16:02] <ericb2> ismael_: new timers ?

[16:02] <mikesic_> ismael_: please describe the problem you see on the screen ...

[16:02] <ismael_> mikesic_: i agree with Pavel, i don't think we should remove some eventhandlers

[16:02] <ismael_> mikesic_: i agree with Pavel, i don't think we should remove some eventhandlers

[16:02] <ismael_> ericb2: saltimers, i don't know if they are implemented and working

[16:03] <ismael_> mikesic_: the fact is tooltips don't disappears, and i think it's because of timers

[16:04] <mikesic_> ismael_: Did you already use Pavel patch to saltimer?

[16:04] <ismael_> mikesic_: no i use files from cws

[16:05] <ismael_> mikesic_: another thing before i forget: there's a little mistake in your patch at these lines: if( !(nSalFrameStyle & SAL_FRAME_STYLE_MOVEABLE) ) // window without decoration

[16:05] <ismael_> //nWindowAttributes |= kWindowNoTitleBarAttribute; // requires Mac OS X 10.4, may be choose another windows class like toolbar window

[16:05] <ismael_> + if ( windowClass != kHelpWindowClass )

[16:05] <ismael_> windowClass = kToolbarWindowClass;

[16:05] <ismael_> else

[16:06] <mikesic_> ismael_: The disappearing does happen for others - including me. So maybe there is something else. PPC or Intel

[16:06] <mikesic_> ismael_: You are not using the latest then.

[16:06] <mikesic_> ismael_: http://www.openoffice.org/nonav/issues/showattachment.cgi/44298/salframe_tooltipa070409.cxx.diff

[16:07] <ismael_> mikesic_: the close button doesn't appear on window, because the else is considered to be with if ( windowClass != kHelpWindowClass )

[16:07] <ismael_> mikesic_: i'm on intel

[16:08] <mikesic_> ismael_: You are correct about the close box problem with the first patch - it is documented in the issue 74392

[16:08] <IZBot> porting DEFECT NEW aquavcl01: tooltip crash http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=74392

[16:08] <mikesic_> ismael_: and the latest only removes one event - HandleWindowBoundsChangedEvent

[16:08] <ismael_> mikesic_: your new patch seems to be good

[16:09] <ismael_> mikesic_: but i disagree with if( windowClass != kHelpWindowClass )

[16:09] <ismael_> + {

[16:09] <ismael_> InstallAndRegisterEventHandler

[16:09] <mikesic_> ismael_: Its not good form - because I wanted to make it easy to remove other events if others found more that caused crashes

[16:10] <mikesic_> ismael_: please tell me your idea

[16:10] <ismael_> mikesic_: i think we have to manage with the event, and not remove them just because they make tooltip crashing. We have to correct the problem in the event handlers

[16:11] <ismael_> mikesic_: but it could be a good temporary solution

[16:11] <ismael_> mikesic_: could you explain me that: //tooltips need the parent menu, else no menu shows

[16:12] <mikesic_> ismael_: As soon as the tooltip appears, the File menu and others to the right disappear without this change.

[16:13] <ismael_> mikesic_: ok, i understand. that's a great fix.

[16:14] <ismael_> mikesic_: does it fix also menu disappearing for dialogs?

[16:14] <mikesic_> ismael_: I didn't check.

[16:17] ismael_ IZBot

[16:18] <ericb2> ismael_: mikesic_ : is it possible to write all informations we have on the wiki, no matter where, but to use it as a draft, and progress with Tooltips issue ?

[16:18] <ericb2> + the wiki allows an asynchronous access

[16:18] <ismael_> ericb2: i think we should write doc conerning tooltips and window and dialogs on the same page

[16:19] <ismael_> ericb2: +1

[16:19] <mikesic_> ericb2: please put a link to the page you want to use

[16:19] <ericb2> ismael_: yes, good idea

[16:19] <ericb2> ismael_: ok, I'll create one

[16:19] <ismael_> ericb2: because they are very similar

[16:20] <ismael_> mikesic_: your patch (//tooltips need the parent menu, else no menu shows) work with all dialogs, now the menu is also visible

[16:20] <ericb2> ismael_: don't forget, to add the more relevant informations on issue 74392

[16:20] <ismael_> s/also/always

[16:20] <IZBot> porting DEFECT NEW aquavcl01: tooltip crash http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=74392

[16:20] <ericb2> ismael_: does something exist about windows parenting ?

[16:20] <mikesic_> ismael_: great :)

[16:21] <ismael_> mikesic_:

[16:21] <ismael_> ericb2: ?

[16:21] <ericb2> ismael_: if I remember correctly, nothing is implemented yet

[16:22] <ericb2> ismael_: is this place ok ? http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/AquaToDo#Tooltips_Issues

[16:22] <ismael_> ericb2: in fact parenting, IMHO, doesn't need to be implemented. It is almost used everywhere in salframe.cxx

[16:23] <mikesic_> ismael_: +1 -

[16:23] <ericb2> ismael_: there is a problem when we open a menu , with e.g. a list , and move the main window

[16:23] <ericb2> ismael_: the list does not close ( move is wrong )

[16:24] <mikesic_> ericb2: is there an issue already?

[16:24] <ismael_> ericb2: i thought to have a special page for salframe (windows, dialogs and tooltips) because it a very big subject

[16:24] <ismael_> ericb2: you're right

[16:24] <ericb2> mikesic_: no. AFAI remember, Stephan Schaefer explained me it was maybe a missing callback with the window manager

[16:25] <ismael_> ericb2: because the new frame is created, and then we don't manage the movements of the parent

[16:25] <ericb2> ismael_: a wiki page about salframe already exists : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_Porting_salframe

[16:26] <ericb2> ismael_: exactly

[16:26] <ismael_> ericb2: maybe a callback could be useful to move the child window when the parnt is moving

[16:26] <ismael_> s/parnt/parent

[16:26] <ericb2> ismael_: another one :

[16:27] <ericb2> ismael_: click on the window header ( the top bar of the window) -> nothing happens , when e.g. menus are open

[16:27] <ismael_> ericb2, mikesic_: ok, i propose to use this one http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_Porting_salframe for doc about tooltips (and window/dialogs)

[16:27] <ericb2> ismael_: +1 for me too

[16:27] <mikesic_> ismael_: +1

[16:28] <ismael_> ericb2: mikesic_ : i think we should explain the main principes of how work windows and tooltips, and not describe each function

[16:29] <ismael_> mikesic_: ericb2 : explain also how we solved the problems we encounter

[16:29] <mikesic_> ismael_: If you start with what you know, I will follow your format ;)

[16:29] <ericb2> ismael_: sure. Damien started from scratch, and this is more difficult

[16:29] * ericb2 too

[16:30] <ericb2> ismael_: mikesic_ we should progress fastly if we concentrate on that

[16:30] <ismael_> ericb2: yes, he hadn't a global vision of salframe as he just started contributing

[16:31] <ericb2> can we continue with next point ?

[16:31] <mikesic_> ericb2: yes

[16:31] <ismael_> ericb2: ye

[16:31] <ismael_> yes

[16:32] <ericb2> . Patches to be integrated

[16:32] <shaunmcdonald> 4. Patches to be integrated (Please add here)

[16:32] <shaunmcdonald> there are no patches noted

[16:32] <ericb2> I propose to wait for mikesic_ and the bundle patch

[16:33] <shaunmcdonald> does anyone have a patch that needs to be discussed before committing?

[16:33] <ericb2> no, and plipli's work is not finished ( HIView )

[16:33] <ericb2> maybe mikesic_ patch or the sallayout ?

[16:34] <ericb2> s/or/for/

[16:38] <mikesic_> ericb2: that one should be ok ;)

[16:39] <ericb2> mikesic_: do you have the URL please ?

[16:39] <ericb2> mikesic_: do you have the URL please ?

[16:40] * mikesic_ looking

[16:41] <mikesic_> issue 75889

[16:41] <IZBot> porting DEFECT NEW aquavcl01: Extended tooltips text truncated http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=75889

[16:43] <ericb2> mikesic_: thanks.

[16:43] <ericb2> I'll test it with m208

[16:43] <ericb2> Other patches in mind ?

[16:44] <mikesic_> ericb2: no

[16:44] <ericb2> Next point ?

[16:45] <ericb2> 5. Google Sommer of Code 2007

[16:46] <ericb2> As I already explained on mac@porting list, two tasks have been selected by Google for SoC2007

[16:47] <ericb2> ismael_ is one accepted candidate, and Omer, looks not present

[16:47] <ericb2> so, I propose to postpone this part to next meeting ?

[16:48] <mikesic_> ericb2: OK

[16:48] <ismael_> ericb2: no problem

[16:48] <ericb2> ismael_: more people will be present on friday IMHO

[16:49] <shaunmcdonald> ok

[16:49] <mikesic_> ericb2: Friday next week ok

[16:49] <ericb2> Next point ?

[16:50] <ericb2> WWDC 2007

[16:50] <shaunmcdonald> :-)

[16:50] * ericb2 searchs the links

[16:51] <ericb2> Current status is : http://council.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=discuss&msgNo=1175

[16:51] <ericb2> The URL is a link to the CC prposal, and looks like it has been accepted to help us

[16:52] <ericb2> 2000 euros. In counterpart, we have to write a report

[16:52] <ericb2> Other resources : donations with Cusoon

[16:52] <mikesic_> ericb2: I would propose a wiki page to document specific issues to take up with Apple engineers

[16:52] <shaunmcdonald> ericb2: write something on your blog every day about what has happened then it will be easier to make a summary report at the end

[16:53] <ericb2> currently, Sophjie confirmed we received 1000 eurso

[16:53] <ericb2> euros

[16:53] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: mikesic_ yes, the blog is what I had in mind : blog entries +photos

[16:53] <shaunmcdonald> mikesic_: good idea, that way we will have a focus on what to ask

[16:53] <ericb2> mikesic_: +1

[16:54] <ericb2> mikesic_: I'll ask on mac@porting

[16:54] <mikesic_> ericb2: when you meet with engineers you can show a list of questions - some will know the answer right away.

[16:55] <ericb2> mikesic_: indeed. Very good idea !

[16:55] <ericb2> mikesic_: sometimes, things need to be discussed

[16:55] <ericb2> mikesic_: and discussion + code with a laptop, helps more than mails and mailing lists

[16:56] <mikesic_> ericb2: and the wiki helps to keep the knowledge alive better than the mail list.

[16:56] <ericb2> mikesic_: sure

[16:58] <ericb2> Currently, Shaun and me have searched places for travel + hotel, and prices are IMHO correct

[16:58] <shaunmcdonald> ericb2: what do you mean about the prices being correct?

[16:59] <shaunmcdonald> ericb2: in line with the current donations?

[16:59] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: not too expensive. My first thought was 2000 euros per attendee ( last year is was the case )

[16:59] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: you are around 1400 euros and I'm around 1700 to 1800

[17:00] <ericb2> Last but not least, we should receive a completmentary help. To be confirmed

[17:00] <mikesic_> ericb2: Will plipli attend?

[17:00] <ericb2> mikesic_: I'd like, and I'll try to have enough money for Shaun, Sebastien and me

[17:01] <mikesic_> ericb2: You mean complementary admission to WWDC?

[17:01] <ericb2> mikesic_: yes, and money too

[17:01] <mikesic_> ericb2: great :)

[17:01] <ericb2> mikesic_: not sure, but I'll try

[17:02] <ericb2> mikesic_: this is very time consuming to find resources

[17:03] <mikesic_> ericb2: true - but one full week of work by three people is worth a lot :)

[17:03] <ericb2> mikesic_: and needs a serious preparation

[17:04] <ericb2> Other questions ?

[17:06] <mikesic_> later - thanks :)

[17:06] <ericb2> Next meeting  : Friday 20th April / 20:00 UTC  ; 22:00 CEST ( Paris Hamburg ) ?

[17:06] mikesic_ mystic_ca

[17:06] <ericb2> mikesic_: later

[17:06] * shaunmcdonald has changed the topic to: OpenOffice.org Mac porting team channel. Next IRC Meeting is scheduled Friday 20th April 2007 (20:00 UTC). See http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/MacOSXPortMeetings for the agenda. All previous Mac port meetings logs are available at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Previous_Mac_Meeting_logs | http://www.openoffice.org/issues/buglist.cgi?keywords=aqua

[17:07] <ericb2> The log of the meeting is available : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Log_Mac_Meeting_14th_April_2007

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