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[15:02] PhilippL meeting time ?

[15:02] shaunmcdonald PhilippL: +1

[15:03] PhilippL do we have an agenda ? the wiki entry is outdated ...

[15:03] * ericb2 didn't foudn the time to add entries. Sorry

[15:04] PhilippL traditionally we start with 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port

[15:04] PhilippL So any new people on board ?

[15:05] PhilippL ... seems not so.

[15:05] paveljanik Hi, I hope to be back on board after 2.3 8)

[15:06] PhilippL next point ? If there is one ?

[15:06] * mav_eric is now known as mav_eric_away

[15:07] paveljanik next point is the next meeting ;-)

[15:07] paveljanik what is the status of aqua% cwses?

[15:07] PhilippL aquavclcarbonfixes is RfQ

[15:07] PhilippL aquavcl03 is progressing. Currently I'm working on cocoafying printing.

[15:08] PhilippL However Cocoa's print model is patently unsuited to our own (contrary to the carbon one).

[15:08] paveljanik ups

[15:08] PhilippL s/unsuited/mismatched/

[15:09] ericb2 PhilippL: I still have the discussion we had. Did you continue the same way ? Create a new interface in offapi ..etc ?

[15:10] PhilippL I'm not talking about dialogs, I'm talking AquaSalInfoPrinter and AquaSalPrinter, sorry.

[15:10] ericb2 PhilippL: ok, I was confused

[15:10] PhilippL The native dialog things are not on my personal agenda right now.

[15:11] PhilippL ericb2: I didn't explain myself enough, sorry.

[15:11] ericb2 PhilippL: no problem, really :)

[15:13] PhilippL After printing only the application events (printing, open files) are missing in cocoafication of vcl, we should be as far as the carbon port was then.

[15:13] PhilippL modulo bugs of the new implementation of course ;-)

[15:13] PhilippL also outside of vcl nothing is cocoafied yet AFAIK.

[15:13] paveljanik hdu_hh: #i81231# is in cws with target 2.4 but has target 2.3.1?

[15:13] ericb2 PhilippL: are all events implemented ?

[15:14] IZBot framework DEFECT VERIFIED FIXED P3 System file-picker can't be used http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=81231

[15:14] PhilippL ericb2: depends on what events you mean ?

[15:14] hdu_hh paveljanik: wrong target ;-)

[15:14] PhilippL ericb2: the application events are not yet, all view and window events are.

[15:15] paveljanik hdu_hh: ok :-)

[15:15] ericb2 PhilippL: ok. Do you have more infos about the getFrame() issue ?

[15:15] PhilippL ericb2: getFrame ?

[15:17] ericb2 PhilippL: in Cocoa version, add anything in equation editor causes a crash -> getFrame() is always on top of the stack

[15:17] PhilippL then we should fix that.

[15:17] ericb2 PhilippL: huu .. sorry, I believed the bug was already filed in some issue

[15:18] ericb2 PhilippL: shall I create one ?

[15:19] hdu_hh ericb2, PhilippL : I'm sure there is one... let me check

[15:19] PhilippL i don't see one in the current list, so please do.

[15:19] hdu_hh PhilippL: i80695

[15:19] ericb2 still for Cocoa version, I have proposed some little fixes about leaks in saltimer and salmenus

[15:21] PhilippL ericb2: any patches ?

[15:21] paveljanik PhilippL

[15:21] ericb2 PhilippL: I committed them already

[15:21] PhilippL ericb2: I think we talked about the menu stuff already, yes ?

[15:21] ericb2 PhilippL: I have another one for sal, but it can wait

[15:22] ericb2 PhilippL: yes we did

[15:22] PhilippL if it's already committed, then that's fine.

[15:22] ericb2 PhilippL: I still have a lot of crashes in menu too, with or without my patch. Maybe there is another cause

[15:22] ericb2 PhilippL: but sure I fixed some leaks

[15:23] PhilippL Funny, I don't get any. But then I never use the formula editor.

[15:24] ericb2 PhilippL: I started my courses using aquavclcarbonfixes, and no problem so far :)

[15:25] * ericb2 glad to have a working office suite ^^

[15:25] PhilippL So is there a next point ?

[15:25] ericb2 I'd like to discuss cws integrations

[15:25] PhilippL yes ?

[15:26] ericb2 macaddressbook01, macosxspellchecker, aquavclcarbonfixes ..

[15:26] ericb2 is it ok ? not ok ?

[15:26] PhilippL I think aquavclcarbonfixes is on its way. I'd like to resync aquavcl03 as soon as it is in.

[15:27] ericb2 Florian Heckl wrote me he has a new spotlight plugin

[15:27] ericb2 written from scratch

[15:27] ericb2 the plugin is under test since some times, and there is no known issue so far

[15:27] PhilippL cool

[15:27] ericb2 would be great to add it

[15:27] paveljanik macaddressbook01 is approved by QA, so it only has to be nominated.

[15:28] ericb2 paveljanik: great

[15:28] ericb2 no news about Drag and drop ?

[15:28] paveljanik spellchecker is still in RfQA, so no need to discuss about integration now.

[15:28] hdu_hh ericb2: sorry, no news about D&D

[15:28] hdu_hh :-(

[15:28] ericb2 hdu_hh: maybe Tino needs help ?

[15:29] ericb2 hdu_hh: or at least be two people to work on it could help ?

[15:30] PhilippL spellchecker has a rather red tinderbox state on Mac/X11

[15:31] ericb2 PhilippL: it is not made for X11, but maybe something is not correctly protected ?

[15:31] hdu_hh ericb2: Certainly. But AFAIK getting to know the D&D implementation details for outsider probably takes longer than having it implemented by the expert

[15:32] ericb2 hdu_hh: well, describe what has to be done should help too

[15:32] ericb2 hdu_hh: here we are stalled, and we have no info

[15:34] * dave_largo (n=drichard@64-132-254-110.static.twtelecom.net) has joined #ooo_macport

[15:34] ericb2 PhilippL: do you have an URL for the red logs with X11 build ?

[15:34] paveljanik ericb2: spellchecker is written without taking care about other platforms...

[15:34] PhilippL ericb2: http://go-oo.org/tinderbox/gunzip.cgi?tree=macosxspellchecker&brief-log=1189282268.7201

[15:34] paveljanik after looking at lingucomponent/source/spellcheck/macosxspell/makefile.mk:

[15:34] paveljanik +.IF "$(GUI)"=="WNT"

[15:34] paveljanik +ULINGULIB=libulingu.lib

[15:34] paveljanik +.ENDIF # wnt

[15:35] paveljanik It is nonsense to set it RfQA IMO

[15:35] ericb2 paveljanik: when did you see that ? today ?

[15:35] paveljanik ericb2: just now.

[15:36] ericb2 PhilippL: thank you

[15:38] ericb2 ok, who is volunteer to help mikesic to fix the portability issues in macosxspellchecker ?

[15:38] PhilippL tl should see that ?

[15:39] ericb2 PhilippL: tl is not there if I remember correctly

[15:39] PhilippL so ?

[15:39] PhilippL He had concerns about the separation from the hunspell checker anyway, are those solved ?

[15:39] ericb2 PhilippL: I don't know. Waiting, we can prepare patches, no ?

[15:45] PhilippL ping ?

[15:46] PhilippL anybody still out there ?

[15:46] ericb2 PhilippL: me :)

[15:46] paveljanik yup

[15:47] PhilippL so next point ?

[15:47] hdu_hh OOoCon? See you guys next wednesday!

[15:48] ericb2 hdu_hh: yes :)

[15:48] shaunmcdonald hdu_hh: less than a week to leave

[15:48] ericb2 splashscreen_OOoCon7.png

[15:48] ericb2 8)

[15:48] * ericb2 still has to finish the second part

[15:48] ericb2 FYI : http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/OOoCon2007/OOoCon2007_topical_item_ericb.odp

[15:48] hdu_hh ericb2: beautiful!

[15:49] ericb2 hdu_hh: don't exagerate :)

[15:50] * mikesic (n=mikesic@adsl-70-242-31-206.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) has joined #ooo_macport

[15:50] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to mikesic

[15:50] PhilippL mikesic: we were talking about CWS macosxspellchecker

[15:51] mikesic PhilippL: Hi

[15:51] PhilippL mikesic: hi

[15:51] mikesic PhilippL: Can you summarize or send me a transcript?

[15:52] PhilippL mikesic: one thing is that the CWS does not seem to build on Mac/X11

[15:52] ericb2 paveljanik: do you think this is more correct: http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/aquavcl/patches/aquavcl03_september07/ spellchecker/macspell.diff

[15:52] PhilippL mikesic: I think there may be some adjustments to be made to the makefiles.

[15:52] mikesic PhilippL: I am sure you are correct.

[15:53] PhilippL mikesic: also I think tl had some concerns over service naming and separating the macosx spellchecker from hunspell. I don't know the details, could you tell us ?

[15:53] paveljanik ericb2: First, there should be big .IF GUIBASE == aqua or at least OS==MACOSX...

[15:54] paveljanik then you can do whatever you want to inside the .IF case, but please print "Nothing to be done for OS $(OS)..." in .ELSE

[15:55] ericb2 paveljanik: are you ok we build only for aqua ?

[15:55] mikesic PhilippL: Originally the mac spellchecker was in the same lib with the "SpellChecker" class, but they were separated. That could be it, but otherwise I don't know.

[15:55] paveljanik ericb2: if we can only test for aqua, sure ;-)

[15:55] paveljanik but it would be better to have it in all Mac versions...

[15:55] ericb2 paveljanik: I'm not sure it will work on X11

[15:56] paveljanik ericb2: depends on how it is done...

[15:56] paveljanik mikesic: ?

[15:56] mikesic paveljanik: yes?

[15:56] paveljanik mikesic: does your spellchecker code work in X11 as well?

[15:56] paveljanik does it use any native GUI?

[15:57] mikesic paveljanik: If we can link to the cocoa framework, there is no technical reason why not.

[15:57] mikesic paveljanik: I can try the X11 build and see what needs to be changed.

[15:58] mikesic paveljanik: No, It uses the OOo gui exclusively.

[15:59] PhilippL Then maybe it's just the makefile that needs to be changed.

[16:00] ericb2 PhilippL: I think so

[16:00] PhilippL from the tinderbox log it seems that the files are not compiled with objective C support.

[16:01] paveljanik I was not able to get the build logs from it 8)

[16:02] ericb2 PhilippL: accordingly to solenv/inc/unxmacx.mk, X11 version does not link with Cocoa framework

[16:03] PhilippL yes, one would need to add that in lingucomponent/source/spellcheck/macosxspell/makefile.mk for X11 case,

[16:03] * jsi_sun sorry for being late had to fix some environment issues with Mac OS X ;-)

[16:04] ericb2 PhilippL: can we separate Aqua macosxspellchecker implementation and add X11 version later ?

[16:04] PhilippL sure, just change the makefile so only on aqua any compilation is done.

[16:05] jsi_sun ericb2: then the CWS will get back to "New"?

[16:05] ericb2 jsi_sun: yes, unfortunaly :/

[16:05] jsi_sun All: Do we have an agreement of doing so?

[16:05] ericb2 jsi_sun: there is a portability issue

[16:05] PhilippL actually since no code is changing on aqua, why should we ?

[16:05] ericb2 paveljanik: what do you think ?

[16:06] ericb2 PhilippL: I'll follow you

[16:06] paveljanik ericb2: it definitely breaks other platforms now, so it definitely has to be brought back to New.

[16:06] ericb2 paveljanik: ok, then do you see other issues ?

[16:06] paveljanik first please make it build-clean than QA on it can start.

[16:06] PhilippL paveljanik: why ? there's nothing new to test, just a change to the makfile to NOT compile on other platforms ?

[16:06] jsi_sun paveljanik: +1

[16:07] mikesic paveljanik: ericb2 : In the makefile the line .IF "$(GUIBASE)"=="aqua" needs to change to allow X11 and aqua, can you tell me what it should be?

[16:07] * cloph_away is now known as cloph

[16:07] cloph Talking about macosxspellchecker?

[16:07] mav_eric_away mikesic mmeeks

[16:07] paveljanik PhilippL: sorry, but I know how programmers take care about other plaftoms ;-)

[16:07] PhilippL yes.

[16:07] ericb2 mikesic: .IF "$(OS)"=="MACOSX"

[16:07] cloph If so, ignore the Fedora x86_64 status - the cws is based on a pre-unomacli64 MWS...

[16:07] ericb2 mikesic: means both Aqua and X11. Is that what you need ?

[16:08] mikesic ericb2: Yes, thanks

[16:08] * cloph restricted the X86_64 tinderbox to milestones >=m222 in the meantime

[16:08] ericb2 mikesic: are you sure it will build and work on X11 ? This will force to do a twice QA

[16:08] TrainedMonkey cloph: what I don't like in ignoring like this is that bridges are very early built and noone knows whether later there is no breakage. I would prefer people with red tinderboxes to resync

[16:08] paveljanik lets go for aqua for now and do X11 later...

[16:08] paveljanik much easier.

[16:09] mikesic paveljanik: ok

[16:09] cloph The breaker on Mac is due to a fink-update I did - fink did break some dependencies - I solved that by building without gtk since then, but for some reason something in that cws pulls in a dependency from /sw/lib (from fink)

[16:09] ericb2 @all: ok for aqua only ?

[16:10] paveljanik ... for now... yes.

[16:10] cloph TrainedMonkey: Yes, a resync would clearly give a correct view wrt to the X86_64 box, but right now, the status is a (maybe) false positive

[16:10] TrainedMonkey maybe indeed

[16:10] cloph At least the place where it breaks is not related to the cws (it matches a known issue that was fixed within that 64bit cws)

[16:11] cloph TrainedMonkey: What do you think of ignoring the "[javac] The serializable class DetailsAction does not declare a static final serialVersionUID field of type long" style "errors"?

[16:11] * ericb2 wondering: reset to New, then patch lingucomponent/source/spellcheck/macosxspell/makefile.mk and finally set again as RfQA. OK ?

[16:11] TrainedMonkey cloph: yeah, because it is a pain

[16:12] cloph (ignore = not flag them as errors, so that they won't be listed in the summarylog)

[16:12] paveljanik mikesic: I'll work with on on this, ok?

[16:12] TrainedMonkey but it might be some integer width problem

[16:12] mikesic paveljanik: sure, that's great. Thank you :)

[16:12] TrainedMonkey cloph: just make it ignored

[16:12] cloph From what I can tell, all those errors are in "external" modules (beanshell, hsqldb, jfreereport)

[16:13] paveljanik jsi_sun: have you already started your work on it?

[16:15] jsi_sun paveljanik: you mean carbonfixes.... yes

[16:15] jsi_sun paveljanik: macosxspellchecker - also yes

[16:16] * jsi_sun lag sorry

[16:16] paveljanik jsi_sun: spellchecker: ups. Will you accept my word that no code change was there in New/RfQA round? ;-)

[16:17] jsi_sun paveljanik: I will accept your words.

[16:17] * paveljanik doesn't want to stop jsi_sun for real QA work

[16:17] paveljanik jsi_sun: great.

[16:17] jsi_sun paveljanik: I am on the test case specification trip, have done the needed tests and doing tests on aquacarbonfixes

[16:18] paveljanik great.

[16:18] * jsi_sun INFO: first.bas passed 100%; topten.bas FAILED in macro security (aquacarbonfixes)

[16:19] * jsi_sun now the Sun internal QA database accepting 'MacOS' entries, so it is easier for me to validate things

[16:19] ericb2 jsi_sun: what failed ?

[16:19] ericb2 jsi_sun: I tested the first.bas manually ? Just because high level security ?

[16:19] jsi_sun ericb2: No that is reflected in the test case; it sets the security down to low

[16:20] jsi_sun ericb2: I have to analyze it

[16:20] ericb2 jsi_sun: ok

[16:20] ericb2 jsi_sun: here, default is no macro. I had to enable the security level to start the test

[16:21] ericb2 Next point ?

[16:22] jsi_sun ericb2: "framework/first/inc/smoketest.inc::Macro didn't finish in time (10 minutes)"

[16:23] ericb2 jsi_sun: no idea .. :)

[16:23] shaunmcdonald jsi_sun: is the Sun internal QA database only accepting aqua mac os entries?

[16:23] ericb2 jsi_sun: can this avoid the cws ?

[16:23] jsi_sun shaunmcdonald: no

[16:23] jsi_sun shaunmcdonald: but we won't test the X11 internaly

[16:24] jsi_sun ericb2: I will see

[16:24] ericb2 jsi_sun: to be more precise, I'd suggest aquavclcarbonfixes as the first QA for aqua , i.e. as reference

[16:24] jsi_sun ericb2: Have to look at an older build and have to decide if the CWS is the breaker or the MWS also has that problem.

[16:24] shaunmcdonald jsi_sun: so will the crash reporter be turned back on

[16:24] shaunmcdonald report submitter

[16:25] jsi_sun shaunmcdonald: I don't speak about the crash reporter. I am talking about the QA database (test case results)

[16:25] <shaunmcdonald> jsi_sun: ah, so that they are two completely separate things

[16:27] * mav_eric_away is now known as mav_eric

[16:28] <ericb2> Next point ?

[16:30] * ericb2 received a proposal from a Software Architect + great experience, proposing to contribute in Aqua QA. jsi_sun : interested ?

[16:30] * ericb2 will ask him to join #ooo_macport

[16:30] <mav_eric> every Mac QA is welcome

[16:30] <ericb2> mav_eric: sure :)

[16:31] <mav_eric> and qa.openoffice.org

[16:31] <ericb2> No other point ?

[16:31] <ericb2> I have a question: *who* can to tests under Leopard ?

[16:32] <mav_eric> with the WWDC build yes - I have no access to later builds

[16:32] * ericb2 ADC select ends the 20th of September ( I paid it myself) , and I don't want to pay again.

[16:33] <jsi_sun> ericb2: yes, sure interested

[16:33] <ericb2> jsi_sun: I'll ask him to join the channel and contact you and QA project

[16:33] <jsi_sun> shaunmcdonald: yes, complete different databases; we will talk about that on OOoCon because we will put the database into the public in the near future

[16:33] <shaunmcdonald> jsi_sun: 8-)

[16:33] <jsi_sun> ericb2: ok

[16:34] <ericb2> Nobody runs Leopard on the channel ?

[16:34] <paveljanik> there is no Leopard yet.

[16:34] <paveljanik> 8)

[16:34] <mav_eric> ericb2: I have only the very outdated WWDC build and no money to join ADC

[16:34] <ericb2> paveljanik: it is announced on Apple site ;)

[16:35] <mav_eric> ericb2: we may talke to Apple then if they can help us ;-)

[16:35] <mav_eric> if it's announced it is "available" ;-)

[16:35] <ericb2> mav_eric: I'll do during Apple Expo

[16:35] <paveljanik> according to http://www.apple.com/macosx/leopard/, the current version is Tiger.

[16:36] <ericb2> paveljanik: lol even the name is in your link :)

[16:36] <mav_eric> ok. until then we have to wait with leopard testings

[16:36] * shaunmcdonald probably won't be able to afford tiger when it comes out

[16:36] <jsi_sun> ericb2: costs of one ADC?

[16:36] <ericb2> jsi_sun: 499$

[16:37] <shaunmcdonald> ericb2: http://www.apple.com/macosx/ redirects to paveljanik's link ;-)

[16:37] <jsi_sun> ericb2: If you put Sun bashing 1 year into trash I will ask my managers ;-) haha

[16:37] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: 8)

[16:37] * jsi_sun will ask if Sun has ADC membership or interest or ....

[16:39] <ericb2> Misc now ?

[16:40] <jsi_sun> Stand alone testtool is working now

[16:40] <ericb2> jsi_sun: ahh :)

[16:40] <jsi_sun> there will be no need to use always the builded one, so you can leave your settings etc. on ONE testtool.app

[16:41] <mav_eric> jsi_sun: good to hear that

[16:41] <jsi_sun> the "beta test" will be done by MWS testers inside Sun; if the reference is ok the packages will be available

[16:41] shaunmcdonald skyza

[16:41] <mav_eric> but I got used configure testool every now and then

[16:41] <jsi_sun> thanks to b_osi alias TBO

[16:41] <ericb2> jsi_sun: I'm pretty sure the libdtransX11 dependency was causing some troubl

[16:42] <jsi_sun> the most important thing: The different handling which will, after modifying the scripts, the speed. We expect -30% time usage

[16:42] <jsi_sun> ericb2: yes

[16:42] <jsi_sun> ericb2: we have "work arounded" it but will change it back after the carbonfixes are in the MWS

[16:43] <jsi_sun> that's my misc today

[16:44] <ericb2> in misc, I'dd add two interviews ( shaunmcdonald and mav_eric are on CC ) : one for macgadget, and one to come for ComputerWorld

[16:44] <ericb2> during, or after OOoCon2007

[16:44] <PhilippL> next week no meeting ? or rather in person ?

[16:45] <ericb2> PhilippL: you beat me :)

[16:45] <ericb2> PhilippL: what about a meeting from Barcelona ? ( if possible )

[16:45] <jsi_sun> bye

[16:45] <PhilippL> There's you BOF session for example :-)

[16:45] * jsi_sun is away: cul8er

[16:46] <ericb2> PhilippL: hdu_hh mainly

[16:46] <ericb2> PhilippL: I have the last part

[16:46] <ericb2> hdu_hh: Jesus confirmed your name will be added on the site. Not on the program (was too late )

[16:47] <hdu_hh> ericb2: no problem ;-)

[16:48] * ericb2 doing a course ( Physics) just before to take the plane :)

[16:48] <ismael_> FYI, i won't be able to attend meetings on wednesday afternoon anymore because I'll have school

[16:48] <PhilippL> ismael_: what time would suit you better ?

[16:50] <ismael_> PhilippL: i have generally school from 14h to 18h on afternoon, so i would prefer evenings but evenings are problematic for others [16:51] <PhilippL> ismael_: sorry for asking again, but which timezone ?

[16:51] <shaunmcdonald> remember presentations for ooocon2007 are due at the end of the week

[16:52] <ismael_> PhilippL: i'll have my timetables next week, so i'll know when i will be free and when i'll have school

[16:52] <ismael_> PhilippL: Paris (CEST)

[16:52] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: do you remember the URL ?

[16:53] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: ( whom send the presentations )

[16:53] <shaunmcdonald> you send the presentation to ooocon2007@openoffice.org

[16:53] <cloph> FYI: I'll probably check in the loanguagepack parts in the evening if you want to be added to the cws, feel free (or if that's not possible, ask me and I'll add you)

[16:53] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: ok

[16:53] <ismael_> PhilippL: i forgot time zones :-)

[16:53] <PhilippL> ismael_: perhaps we can discuss a new meeting time on the mailing list then.

[16:53] <ericb2> cloph: good idea

[16:53] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: are you still waiting on me to write the spec?

[16:54] <ismael_> PhilippL: ok

[16:54] <mav_eric> 19:00h CEST would be OK for me but this would be 13h Eastern Standard for the USA and I think ~3:00 or one hour earlier or later in Japan

[16:54] <ericb2> cloph: I think your script could be used to install the soptlight plugin, once we will have one. I hope asap

[16:54] <cloph> shaunmcdonald: Not waiting to check the stuff in - but the spec would be necessary to mark it as ready for QA/to create the dialogs as a mac-user would expect :-)

[16:54] * shaunmcdonald is planning to do it while waiting at the airport and maybe on the plane

[16:54] <cloph> You'll be able to create languagepacks from the very beginning, only the user-experience depends on the spec/will be modified during the cws's lifetime :-)

[16:55] <shaunmcdonald> cloph: ok, I'll get it done by the end of ooocon, unfortunately there are other commitments I'm running behind on :-(

[16:56] <cloph> No need to hurry - I don't see t hat feature for 2.3 anyway :-P (and for 2.4/2.3.1 we have enough time to finish it up)

[16:56] <ericb2> Next meeting ? When ?

[16:56] <shaunmcdonald> next week in person?

[16:57] <ericb2> shaunmcdonald: ok. We'll use our blogs for the minutes and what was discussed decided. Ok  ?

[16:58] * fipa has quit (Excess Flood)

[16:58] <ismael_> and next IRC meeting the week after OOocon, date/time to be disccused on mailing-lists

[16:58] <ericb2> ok for me

[17:00] <mav_eric> +1

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