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JJan 12 22:01:41 paveljanik meeting starts?

Jan 12 22:01:52 ericb_ fheckl: I need to use clipping to draw the Aqua theme in main window areas

Jan 12 22:02:08 ismael_ hi all

Jan 12 22:02:25 ericb_ fheckl: and to implement clipping, some other things have to be adapted to Quartz too

Jan 12 22:02:32 ericb_ ismael_: hi Isa

Jan 12 22:02:34 ericb_ oops

Jan 12 22:02:39 mav_eric paveljanik: looks like florian and eric already started

Jan 12 22:02:40 ericb_ ismael_: Hi Ismael

Jan 12 22:02:53 ericb_ mav_eric: no, no, just discussing

Jan 12 22:02:59 fheckl no, we were just chatting

Jan 12 22:03:03 mav_eric ericb_: ok .-)

Jan 12 22:03:05 mav_eric :-)

Jan 12 22:03:06 paveljanik hi fheckl!

Jan 12 22:03:17 fheckl hi pavel

Jan 12 22:03:42 * ericb_ thinks we can start

Jan 12 22:03:49 ericb_ Hi Thalion72  :-)

Jan 12 22:04:02 ericb_ Thalion72: Happy New Year for you too :-)

Jan 12 22:04:35 Thalion72 Hi ericb_ .. Happy new year (I'm just listening ... you might guess why ;-) )

Jan 12 22:05:41 ericb_ Thalion72: I think so. To save your time, I think this point will be discussed in misc, because I proposed to late to include the point

Jan 12 22:06:21 mav_eric ericb_: or we discuss the point now and let Andre go afterwards

Jan 12 22:06:37 Thalion72 no no .. don't change agenda

Jan 12 22:07:12 ericb_ mav_eric: we can discuss the point now, but Andre is welcome and can stay as long as he wants ;-)

Jan 12 22:07:26 mav_eric ericb_: agreed

Jan 12 22:07:50 ericb_ Ok : first point, should be misc : The licensde

Jan 12 22:07:57 ericb_ sorry

Jan 12 22:08:06 ericb_ Ok : first point, should be misc : The license change on the wiki

Jan 12 22:09:16 ericb_ the history started today (maybe yesterday night) when Maho declared on his mail he wanted to put everything under LGPL like the wiki

Jan 12 22:10:11 ericb_ afterwards, several people verified, and it does appear the wiki license has been modified .. suddenly

Jan 12 22:10:21 ericb_ please correct me if I'm wrong

Jan 12 22:10:49 fheckl what was it before?

Jan 12 22:11:21 ericb_ fheckl: I think it was PDL License

Jan 12 22:11:30 ericb_ fheckl: more adapted to documentation

Jan 12 22:11:44 Thalion72 there has been no license info at the wiki till that moment

Jan 12 22:12:04 paveljanik hmm, why should we (ie. one special team inside OOo project) discuss this stuff? Isn't it more general issue? Don't we loose our time on this?

Jan 12 22:12:16 Thalion72 no .. situation was, that only copyright applies ... or a license notice was added per page

Jan 12 22:12:32 Thalion72 paveljanik: : agreed ;-)

Jan 12 22:12:52 ericb_ paveljanik: why lose our time ? Mac OS X port is a big and regular wiki contributor, and so far we are concerned, aren't we ?

Jan 12 22:12:57 paveljanik so: who will brought it to geenral attention? Where?

Jan 12 22:13:05 mav_eric ericb_: we are concerned right

Jan 12 22:13:24 paveljanik ericb2: yes. And everyone else - e.g. l10n. So I'll spend my time discussing this in l10n, tools, porting ...?

Jan 12 22:13:25 mav_eric but I see no real issue in this licence "change"

Jan 12 22:13:25 paveljanik nonsense.

Jan 12 22:13:54 mav_eric ericb_: I know the contributers and I can ask them or simply do what LGPL allows me

Jan 12 22:14:03 ericb_ paveljanik: what you write is intersting : OpenOffice.org project looks very divided

Jan 12 22:14:13 paveljanik yes, into projects.

Jan 12 22:14:16 paveljanik back to this topic.

Jan 12 22:14:29 paveljanik who and where will bring this to general community?

Jan 12 22:14:29 Thalion72 btw .. everyone can easily remove the license ...

Jan 12 22:15:34 ericb_ paveljanik: I can't believe this change, without any justification, is made without objective

Jan 12 22:15:52 paveljanik ericb_: don't get me wrong: I agree with you.

Jan 12 22:16:02 paveljanik But again: do we have to spend time on it on mac port meeting?

Jan 12 22:16:06 Thalion72 ericb_: : any objections to reverting an untauthorized change?

Jan 12 22:16:09 paveljanik where e.g. louis is not present etc.?

Jan 12 22:16:18 paveljanik Thalion72: what page it is on?

Jan 12 22:16:24 Thalion72 (unauthorized)

Jan 12 22:16:32 Thalion72 http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/OpenOffice.org_Wiki:Copyrights

Jan 12 22:16:43 ericb_ paveljanik: yes, good point. So I propose we discuss more on next meeting, because we'll have more infos. .etc

Jan 12 22:17:20 ericb_ ok to stop with this point , and postpone it to next meeting ?

Jan 12 22:17:51 paveljanik NO

Jan 12 22:17:51 paveljanik NO

Jan 12 22:18:02 paveljanik stop with this point: yes.

Jan 12 22:18:08 paveljanik Who and where will propose this as topic?

Jan 12 22:18:14 mav_eric ericb_: yes and we may invite louis

Jan 12 22:18:15 paveljanik Thalion72: you?

Jan 12 22:18:26 Thalion72 paveljanik: : ok .. gopint to do so

Jan 12 22:18:28 * themoebius has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

Jan 12 22:18:30 ericb_ mav_eric: good idea

Jan 12 22:18:32 paveljanik Thalion72: thanks.

Jan 12 22:18:44 paveljanik and please invite ericb_ as he want to discuss it as well.

Jan 12 22:18:51 ericb_ paveljanik: :)

Jan 12 22:19:13 paveljanik next point of the mac port meeting? ;-)

Jan 12 22:19:21 Thalion72 paveljanik: : don't get me wrong .. I'll revert the change.

Jan 12 22:19:21 mav_eric paveljanik: i have this urgent feeling he will be present anyway

Jan 12 22:19:28 paveljanik Thalion72: yes, +1 on that.

Jan 12 22:19:31 ericb_ Return to usual agenda : Welcome new devs

Jan 12 22:19:37 Thalion72 I'm not interested in bringing this to the community

Jan 12 22:19:56 Thalion72 this might be done by whomever who likes to have a license there

Jan 12 22:20:03 paveljanik Thalion72: ok, so why it was brought here where we publish our meeting lost?

Jan 12 22:20:08 paveljanik logs not lost ;-)

Jan 12 22:20:35 ericb_ paveljanik: I proposed to discuss the point in misc

Jan 12 22:20:46 paveljanik no new devs.

Jan 12 22:20:58 ericb_ paveljanik: audionuma ?

Jan 12 22:21:18 * paveljanik was happy to see Thalion72, but...

Jan 12 22:22:51 ericb_ looks like no audionuma ..

Jan 12 22:23:09 ericb_ Next point : last Aqua news

Jan 12 22:23:18 * audionuma is really having dinner with his wife

Jan 12 22:23:27 paveljanik audionuma: ;-)

Jan 12 22:23:29 audionuma should have turned into

Jan 12 22:23:35 ericb_ audionuma: sorry

Jan 12 22:24:28 * Bi-noix (n=Bi-noix@6.33.102-84.rev.gaoland.net) has joined #ooo_macport

Jan 12 22:25:53 Moxed sorry to butt in. Just a little heads up (before going to bed). Did a small cleanup of QuickDraw stuff that ericb asked me about. It's in http://mox.fidisk.fi/bonsai/aquavcl01

Jan 12 22:25:54 paveljanik I only added mouse dragged events. No time on my side to work more on aqua probably before 2.2 going out. But I'll try to create proper patch for keyboard events processing.

Jan 12 22:26:15 * themoebius (n=themoebi@dyn-8-244.uwnet.wisc.edu) has joined #ooo_macport

Jan 12 22:27:01 paveljanik Moxed: does it compile?

Jan 12 22:27:05 ericb_ Moxed: uff .. you removed everything ?

Jan 12 22:27:06 Moxed yes

Jan 12 22:27:11 Moxed yes

Jan 12 22:27:36 Moxed none of that stuff was used by the current quartz code

Jan 12 22:27:49 paveljanik In general, my opinion is: yes, cleanup is usefull, but if you really want to spend your time on cleaning stuff, lets clean X11 first from aquavcl01... This is our major task.

Jan 12 22:28:23 paveljanik if it is not used, OK, but it can be an inspiration for quartz coder...

Jan 12 22:28:25 ericb_ paveljanik: doing this cleanup, I can understand a lot of things, really

Jan 12 22:28:28 Moxed I would not have gotten into that stuff, if ericb hadn't asked about it

Jan 12 22:28:55 ericb_ Moxed: I wonder if nbothing at all is used

Jan 12 22:29:47 * themoebius has quit (Client Quit)

Jan 12 22:29:58 Moxed as I said in the comments, quartz should do that stuff automatically, so we don't need that

Jan 12 22:30:23 ericb_ Moxed: where is it connected with current cws ?

Jan 12 22:30:46 ericb_ Moxed: I remember Christian Lippka added some stuff for bitmaps

Jan 12 22:30:56 ericb_ ismael_: I think we can continue ?

Jan 12 22:31:47 Moxed ericb_: all the stuff that was about quartz was left in the files. Almost everything, but NOT all was removed.

Jan 12 22:32:08 Moxed going to bed now. good night.

Jan 12 22:32:18 ericb_ Moxed: ok, I'll check and test. Thank you

Jan 12 22:32:37 ericb_ Other news for Aqua ?

Jan 12 22:32:46 ericb_ Moxed: good night

Jan 12 22:33:07 mav_eric Moxed: good night

Jan 12 22:33:13 * Moxed has quit ("It's a wonderful world out there, I'll go exploring...")

Jan 12 22:33:27 ismael_ ericb_: i haven't had time to continue my work on aquaSalGraphics

Jan 12 22:34:17 ericb_ ismael_: no problem. where are you with your ssh2 key ?

Jan 12 22:34:31 paveljanik ericb_: can you describe your idea on clipping and its usage for native controls?

Jan 12 22:34:43 * themoebius (n=themoebi@dyn-8-244.uwnet.wisc.edu) has joined #ooo_macport

Jan 12 22:34:56 ismael_ ericb_: i have just tested to connect by the SSH tunnel to the cvs and it works

Jan 12 22:35:26 ismael_ ericb_: i posted a message on the issue

Jan 12 22:35:30 ericb_ paveljanik: I just want to use system functions to get the theme as kTheme*something and draw it inside the main window area, like it is done in windows implementation

Jan 12 22:35:48 ericb_ ismael_: ok, next step, ask for commit rights ;-)

Jan 12 22:36:08 ericb_ ismael_: I'll help you

Jan 12 22:36:28 ismael_ in the issue?

Jan 12 22:36:37 ericb_ paveljanik: shall we create an issue to ask Martin for ismael_ rights ?

Jan 12 22:36:42 ismael_ or in a new?

Jan 12 22:36:44 ericb_ ismael_: no, I don't think so

Jan 12 22:36:57 ericb_ ismael_: yes, a new issue maybe

Jan 12 22:37:17 ismael_ ericb_: ok

Jan 12 22:37:54 paveljanik ericb2: and where you'll use clipping and for what exactly?

Jan 12 22:38:03 shaunmcdonald ismael_: you will need a new issue

Jan 12 22:38:08 ericb_ paveljanik: in salnativewidgets.cxx

Jan 12 22:38:18 ismael_ ok i will create a new one

Jan 12 22:38:39 ericb_ paveljanik: but I found two cclasses including clipping methods

Jan 12 22:38:52 ericb_ paveljanik: and the one we need is not yet implemented

Jan 12 22:40:03 paveljanik OK,

Jan 12 22:40:24 shaunmcdonald ismael_: see issue 72882

Jan 12 22:40:29 IZBot tools TASK CLOSED FIXED CVS access to all modules required http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=72882

Jan 12 22:40:39 shaunmcdonald ismael_: it is the one that I had to get CVS access

Jan 12 22:40:47 shaunmcdonald ismael_: you can use it as a template

Jan 12 22:40:59 ismael_ shaunmcdonald: that was exactly what i was doing

Jan 12 22:41:15 ismael_ shaunmcdonald: that's a good template/example

Jan 12 22:43:00 ismael_ do i ask for all modules too?

Jan 12 22:43:12 ismael_ (for the CVS rights)

Jan 12 22:45:32 ericb_ paveljanik: one class in AquaSalGraphics , and one in AquaSalFrame use clipping stuff

Jan 12 22:45:58 * tinor_ has quit ("See you later")

Jan 12 22:46:11 paveljanik ericb2: how can you describe clipping in one or two sentences?

Jan 12 22:46:15 paveljanik what it does?

Jan 12 22:46:32 ericb_ paveljanik: e.g. you concatenate two rectangles

Jan 12 22:47:02 ericb_ paveljanik: AquaSalGraphics::unionClipRegion

Jan 12 22:47:29 mav_eric ismael_: yes. You'll never know what's comming next

Jan 12 22:47:34 ericb_ paveljanik: when you want to draw some theme inside, for example

Jan 12 22:47:39 ismael_ mav_eric: ok thanks

Jan 12 22:49:01 paveljanik ericb_: concatenate? You mean you can limit the space where are you drawing?

Jan 12 22:49:14 ismael_ paveljanik: yes

Jan 12 22:49:16 ericb_ paveljanik: often, we have to point a list of rectangles, using indexes

Jan 12 22:49:22 ericb_ paveljanik: yes

Jan 12 22:49:46 ericb_ paveljanik: if you look at my current screenshots, I can't paint all the window area

Jan 12 22:50:03 ismael_ paveljanik: i used clipping for transparency in CreateWithMask function

Jan 12 22:50:03 ericb_ paveljanik: some parts stay grey

Jan 12 22:50:24 paveljanik ismael_: so it worked for you and what ericb_ needs in addition?

Jan 12 22:50:30 ericb_ ismael_: not cliping from salframe, but from salgraphics

Jan 12 22:50:53 ericb_ paveljanik: I don't know why, but two class have clipping methods

Jan 12 22:51:03 ericb_ classes is better

Jan 12 22:51:10 ismael_ ericb_:, paveljanik : i clipped using quartz

Jan 12 22:51:25 ismael_ not ooo api

Jan 12 22:51:33 ericb_ ismael_: good

Jan 12 22:51:55 ismael_ (and this function needs MacOSX 10.4 at least)

Jan 12 22:51:55 paveljanik ismael_: ok.

Jan 12 22:52:39 ericb_ paveljanik: look carefully at that screenshot : test_colors_2_09_01_06.jpg

Jan 12 22:52:49 ismael_ (i created the issue to have cvs rights)

Jan 12 22:53:07 ericb_ paveljanik: I have tested updateSettings() I implemented in aquacolors

Jan 12 22:53:24 ericb_ paveljanik: some parts have aqua theme, like toolbars

Jan 12 22:53:44 ericb_ paveljanik: but the main modal window, not : uniform grey (awfull )

Jan 12 22:54:12 ericb_ paveljanik: updateSettings() is interesting to fill in the listboxes with Aqua blue

Jan 12 22:54:32 ericb_ paveljanik: but I'll try ismael_ method

Jan 12 22:54:46 ismael_ ericb_: have you solved the bug in the toolbar submenu to add button to the toolbar (images weren't transparent)?

Jan 12 22:55:25 ericb_ ismael_: I didn't work at it

Jan 12 22:55:31 ismael_ erok

Jan 12 22:55:35 ismael_ ericb_: ok

Jan 12 22:55:40 ismael_ (sorry)

Jan 12 22:56:00 ericb_ ismael_: I think invert method or another one (you told me) will have to be used

Jan 12 23:00:28 ismael_ ericb_: i'll have a look at your code if i have time

Jan 12 23:00:51 ismael_ i will go now. Bye all

Jan 12 23:01:22 ericb_ ismael_: good night

Jan 12 23:01:40 ericb_ other news for Aqua version ?

Jan 12 23:02:20 ericb_ in chaotic order : Pavel added Drag events for mouse,

Jan 12 23:02:34 ericb_ I implemented some salframe function

Jan 12 23:02:56 ericb_ mox added some changes in toolkit

Jan 12 23:03:58 ericb_ Tino did an enormous work fixing symbols issues

Jan 12 23:04:55 ericb_ Vijay progressed with drag and drop too ( needs some work )

Jan 12 23:05:30 ericb_ fheckl: what is not working with aquafilepicker01 in native version ?

Jan 12 23:05:37 paveljanik to add some non-aqua stuff as well: I'm almost finished with WaE cleanups. X11 build is now the same quality as Linux/x86. I filed many patches about sal issues, because the code there is really nightmare...

Jan 12 23:05:56 * ismael_ has quit ()

Jan 12 23:06:02 ericb_ paveljanik: wow, this is an enormous work you did. thank you very much for your time

Jan 12 23:06:58 ericb_ Next point is : X11 news, TODO for 2.2

Jan 12 23:07:04 fheckl I cannot tell you exactly, I'll have to test it again. I'll tell you next week...

Jan 12 23:07:24 ericb_ fheckl: ok, thank you ! From my side, I'll test too

Jan 12 23:09:13 ericb_ X11 news ?

Jan 12 23:09:48 paveljanik Laurent provided new DicOOo and FontOOo files

Jan 12 23:10:14 paveljanik we have to test them because the problem is mainly visible on mac OS X - both width of the window and also all buttons on one side.

Jan 12 23:12:50 ericb_ FYI, 2.2 release plans : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/OOoRelease22

Jan 12 23:13:50 * shaunmcdonald there are issues with the readme text see issue 67539

Jan 12 23:13:58 IZBot framework DEFECT STARTED New readme Text for MACOSX http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=67539

Jan 12 23:14:03 shaunmcdonald also other mails on the mac@ooo list

Jan 12 23:14:43 ericb_ shaunmcdonald: is it fixed now ?

Jan 12 23:14:53 shaunmcdonald ericb_: no

Jan 12 23:15:10 ericb_ shaunmcdonald: what is remaining ?

Jan 12 23:15:10 shaunmcdonald erwe have been debating the system requirements on the list

Jan 12 23:15:31 shaunmcdonald the min spec for Tiger is 256MB os RAM

Jan 12 23:15:36 paveljanik shaunmcdonald: no way to get it in IMO, it affects UI-translation and the UI freeze already happened = the deadline for translators is 18th...

Jan 12 23:15:56 * themoebius has quit ()

Jan 12 23:16:54 shaunmcdonald yet we have had a user on the users@ooo list with 256MB of RAM complain that they cannot get ooo to run at a reasonable speed as 512MB of RAM is better to get a reasonable performance

Jan 12 23:17:36 ericb_ shaunmcdonald: I think all Macs are now sipped with 256MB or RAM, aren't they  ?

Jan 12 23:17:46 mav_eric ericb_: yes

Jan 12 23:18:06 shaunmcdonald ericb_: all the mac now ship with 512MB of RAM or more

Jan 12 23:18:08 ericb_ well, what is requested for MS Office ?

Jan 12 23:18:14 mav_eric ericb_: afaik the current standard is 512MB

Jan 12 23:18:21 * ericb_ is lucky with 2GB :-)

Jan 12 23:19:04 ericb_ shaunmcdonald: what is(are) the reason(s) to keep 256MB  ?

Jan 12 23:19:05 shaunmcdonald http://www.microsoft.com/mac/howtobuy.aspx?pid=sysreq

Jan 12 23:19:08 mav_eric eric http://www.microsoft.com/mac/howtobuy.aspx?pid=sysreq

Jan 12 23:19:31 * ericb_ notes 10.2.8 compatibility

Jan 12 23:19:37 mav_eric ericb_: the reason back then when I did a first revision was Louis

Jan 12 23:19:46 shaunmcdonald ericb_: +1

Jan 12 23:19:50 mav_eric he claimed that he can run OOo with 128MB RAM on his Mac

Jan 12 23:19:59 mav_eric and so 256MB was the compromise

Jan 12 23:20:13 ericb_ mav_eric: for me that's correct

Jan 12 23:20:24 shaunmcdonald that makes less RAM needed

Jan 12 23:20:56 ericb_ what about put the same value as for MS Office ?

Jan 12 23:20:59 shaunmcdonald in terms of 10.2.8

Jan 12 23:21:09 cloph "system requirements" reminds me of something... One cannot create OOo binaries that run on Panther from Tiger, right?

Jan 12 23:21:24 mav_eric cloph: right

Jan 12 23:21:46 mav_eric cloph: there is a sdk on tiger that allows to build for panther

Jan 12 23:21:48 ericb_ cloph: in fact, it's maybe possible. I started and never finished :-)

Jan 12 23:22:00 shaunmcdonald cloph: thinks compiled on Tiger will only run on Tiger, though _some_ will run on 10.3.9

Jan 12 23:22:03 mav_eric cloph: but I couldn't get it to work with OOo

Jan 12 23:22:42 mav_eric cloph: if you catch me in the german channel the next days I can give you the links

Jan 12 23:22:44 shaunmcdonald mav_eric: support would need to be integrated into the build process so that you can choose which libraries to link to

Jan 12 23:22:50 mav_eric cloph: I don't have them at hand right now

Jan 12 23:23:00 mav_eric shaunmcdonald: right

Jan 12 23:23:29 mav_eric shaunmcdonald: basicly it was the need to change ./configure and link to the SDK for 10.3.x too

Jan 12 23:23:35 cloph mav_eric: Thanks, but I don't have 10.3 to verify/play with it, so I'm basically just curious

Jan 12 23:23:47 mav_eric cloph: you won't need 10.3

Jan 12 23:23:55 mav_eric cloph: the SDK comes with XCode

Jan 12 23:24:12 ericb_ cloph: I can verify if you want

Jan 12 23:24:12 shaunmcdonald paveljanik: I believe the readme is only in german and english currently

Jan 12 23:24:33 cloph mav_eric: But I cannot verify whether it really runs on 10.3 then (at least not myself)

Jan 12 23:24:42 paveljanik shaunmcdonald: no, see localize.sdf file...

Jan 12 23:24:42 mav_eric cloph: got it

Jan 12 23:24:44 cloph But I can try at least to make it compile :-))

Jan 12 23:24:48 paveljanik it is part of strings to be translated.

Jan 12 23:24:53 ericb2 cloph: +1

Jan 12 23:25:13 mav_eric cloph: ericb2 has a 10.3 and I know some folks here in Cologne running 10.3 too

Jan 12 23:25:22 * Thalion72 has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

Jan 12 23:26:24 shaunmcdonald paveljanik: the only file mentioned to be integrated into the CWS is readme.xrm

Jan 12 23:26:30 ericb2 paveljanik: is a resync sheduled with aquavcl01 ?

Jan 12 23:26:49 * ericb_ will quit (only one screen now )

Jan 12 23:26:57 * ericb_ has quit ("Success !!")

Jan 12 23:27:54 paveljanik ericb2: yes, I plan to do so after pj69 and all macosx% are integrated, *and* the master milestone builds without additional patches needed.

Jan 12 23:28:06 paveljanik i think it *might be* m200.

Jan 12 23:28:21 ericb2 paveljanik: I like the end "without additionnal patches needed "  :-)

Jan 12 23:28:28 ericb2 paveljanik: good number :-)

Jan 12 23:28:58 cloph Master m199 builds without patches on PPC/X11 :-) (on mac that is)

Jan 12 23:29:26 ericb2 cloph: m200 makes more "round" :-)

Jan 12 23:29:43 paveljanik cloph: but doesn't run because of ICU ;-)

Jan 12 23:29:50 ericb2 FYI, Stephan Schaefer added toolkit module on the AquaBuild wiki page

Jan 12 23:29:56 shaunmcdonald cloph: but not on intel :-( http://termite.go-oo.org/MacPort1/builds/70

Jan 12 23:30:09 cloph paveljanik: Good argument :-)

Jan 12 23:30:21 * cloph didn't try to run it yet

Jan 12 23:30:57 paveljanik cloph: I was happy too when it compiled without patches but then I had to edit some file ;-)

Jan 12 23:36:23 * shaunmcdonald struggles to issue relating to the above build failure :-(

Jan 12 23:39:54 * shaunmcdonald sees Sweedish builds are approved but not distributed

Jan 12 23:40:15 ericb2 other points ?

Jan 12 23:41:33 ericb2 I propose to complete the meeting with urgent tasks in aqua version

Jan 12 23:41:54 ericb2 anybody ?

Jan 12 23:42:34 shaunmcdonald ericb2: I'm here nut have nothing to add

Jan 12 23:43:11 ericb2 important bugs to fix in priority are :

Jan 12 23:43:33 ericb2 instant crashes

Jan 12 23:43:35 paveljanik I don?t think urgent, but important is: to really concentrate on what is needed now and not on what will be needed in 2009 ;-)

Jan 12 23:44:03 ericb2 paveljanik: why not :-)

Jan 12 23:44:19 ericb2 fonts

Jan 12 23:44:29 ericb2 we need fonts working

Jan 12 23:44:41 paveljanik yes

Jan 12 23:45:13 ericb2 we need correct libsalsystool for the locale to be recognized *and* the current directory to be read, to open some libs

Jan 12 23:45:23 shaunmcdonald talking of fonts

Jan 12 23:45:39 shaunmcdonald I heard there was an issue with the PDF export with certain fonts

Jan 12 23:46:07 shaunmcdonald one of my project supervisers noticed it in December

Jan 12 23:46:11 shaunmcdonald too

Jan 12 23:46:58 shaunmcdonald some characters are closer together or further away from each other than they should be

Jan 12 23:47:10 shaunmcdonald I believe there is not issue currently open for it

Jan 12 23:47:31 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: do you have the issue number ? if so maybe ask on dev@gsl, and/or assign the issue to hdu ?

Jan 12 23:47:37 mav_eric and there is Issue #72571

Jan 12 23:47:43 IZBot porting DEFECT NEW Crash when exporting *.odp in *.PPT-Format http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=72571

Jan 12 23:48:13 mav_eric which still doesn't make me happy

Jan 12 23:48:24 mav_eric but I'm the only one seeing this as a showstopper

Jan 12 23:48:34 ericb2 mav_eric: I think macjogi will work to fix it soon

Jan 12 23:48:51 mav_eric ericb2: that would be good news to hear

Jan 12 23:49:06 shaunmcdonald ericb2: no issue is currently open

Jan 12 23:49:14 ericb2 mav_eric: he comes regularly on this channel since some times

Jan 12 23:49:33 mav_eric ericb2: thanks for the information

Jan 12 23:49:40 mav_eric ericb2: I see if I can catch him

Jan 12 23:49:41 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: the issue is set as new, but asking politely jogi, I'm sur ehe will do something

Jan 12 23:50:57 ericb2 mav_eric: for issue 72571, can you ask tino too ?

Jan 12 23:51:04 IZBot porting DEFECT NEW Crash when exporting *.odp in *.PPT-Format http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=72571

Jan 12 23:51:06 mav_eric ericb2: I may

Jan 12 23:51:20 ericb2 sorry, IZBOT should wait for flood :-)

Jan 12 23:51:25 ericb2 cloph: ?  ;-)

Jan 12 23:51:42 cloph ericb2: It does...

Jan 12 23:51:56 cloph issue 72571

Jan 12 23:51:56 cloph issue 72571

Jan 12 23:51:56 cloph issue 72571

Jan 12 23:51:56 cloph issue 72571

Jan 12 23:52:00 IZBot porting DEFECT NEW Crash when exporting *.odp in *.PPT-Format http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=72571

Jan 12 23:52:02 IZBot porting DEFECT NEW Crash when exporting *.odp in *.PPT-Format http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=72571

Jan 12 23:52:05 IZBot porting DEFECT NEW Crash when exporting *.odp in *.PPT-Format http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=72571

Jan 12 23:52:07 IZBot porting DEFECT NEW Crash when exporting *.odp in *.PPT-Format http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=72571

Jan 12 23:52:10 ericb2 paveljanik: FYI, I can't see a difference since mox removed everything

Jan 12 23:52:13 cloph Arrgh! - It did...

Jan 12 23:52:16 ericb2 paveljanik: in salcolors*

Jan 12 23:52:23 paveljanik ok

Jan 12 23:52:34 cloph I modified the timeout to wait for slow IssueZilla at the wrong place I guess :-(

Jan 12 23:54:08 ericb2 other priority for native is fix instant crashes with Calc. No way to launch Calc, here

Jan 12 23:54:33 ericb2 cloph: I'm sure you'll fix it soon. IZbot is great  :-)

Jan 12 23:56:10 ericb2 another point is fix the very annoying Tips issue : when enabled, zillions of tips appear, never deleted, and .. crash a bit later

Jan 12 23:56:48 ericb2 last, I'll continue the native controls implementation

Jan 12 23:57:35 ericb2 I know Vijay is working on basic Drag and drop. That's good too

Jan 12 23:57:50 ericb2 but I don't have ybart news anymore

Jan 12 23:58:05 ericb2 (sent a mail yesterday, waiting for an answer)

Jan 12 23:58:37 * audionuma has quit ("Leaving")

Jan 12 23:58:41 ericb2 Next point : misc questions

Jan 12 23:58:58 cloph ericb2: thanks :-) - I can launch calc in aquavcl build here... (PPC)

Jan 12 23:59:15 ericb2 cloph: arghh .. my changes, maybe

Jan 12 23:59:29 ericb2 cloph: thanks for reporting this success

Jan 12 23:59:54 ericb2 cloph: I propose you to test some modfid files ?

Jan 13 00:00:09 ericb2 cloph: with some more native controls, and see if it does crash or not

Jan 13 00:00:12 cloph But basically unusable because of many redraw issues (text "disappears" when editing text in another cell) - so you have to force a refresh often...

Jan 13 00:00:40 ericb2 cloph: this is in the topten list, and Tino should work on that asap if I'm not wrong

Jan 13 00:00:46 cloph Sure - my aquavcl-build is a couple of days old anyway

Jan 13 00:01:10 ericb2 cloph: wich milestone does it use ?

Jan 13 00:01:51 * cloph cannot read the scroll-credits since that has redraw issues as well :-) - one sec...

Jan 13 00:02:13 ericb2 cloph: bitsplit() to be implemented, thanks for the reminder :-)

Jan 13 00:02:47 cloph versionrc says: buildid=680m196(Build:9096)

Jan 13 00:03:29 ericb2 cloph: that's good : just cvs up in vcl ( don't forget to add toolkit module) and rebuild /deliver both

Jan 13 00:03:41 ericb2 cloph: I'll prepare clean patches for you

Jan 13 00:03:51 cloph timestamp is Dec 29 - so built around that date

Jan 13 00:04:15 ericb2 cloph: what interest me is someone test my changes, and gives me feedback

Jan 13 00:05:02 ericb2 paveljanik: I agree with you, scrollbar code is too complicated, and I'll try to simplify

Jan 13 00:05:29 ericb2 paveljanik: reuse it was a bad idea

Jan 13 00:06:05 cloph (Calc uses white highlight color to draw the frame around a selected cell as well)

Jan 13 00:06:51 ericb2 cloph: could you provide me some screenshots ?

Jan 13 00:07:03 ericb2 Next meeting scheduled on Friday 19th January, 21:00 UTC / 22:00 CET

Jan 13 00:07:09 ericb2 ok ?

Jan 13 00:07:20 cloph I'll try whether I can take a screenshot of the VNC-window...

Jan 13 00:07:34 ericb2 cloph: no hurry

Jan 13 00:07:36 shaunmcdonald ericb2: no problem here

Jan 13 00:07:45 cloph I'll add one to the wishlist:

Jan 13 00:07:58 cloph Implement window-manager hints for initial window size...

Jan 13 00:08:10 ericb2 cloph: can you be more precise ?

Jan 13 00:08:11 * fheckl has quit (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))

Jan 13 00:08:16 * fheckl (n=florianh@p57B551A5.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #ooo_macport

Jan 13 00:08:18 cloph (not sure whether such thing exists on Mac)

Jan 13 00:08:29 cloph ericb2: New OOo-Windows are too small

Jan 13 00:08:36 cloph I always have to resize them.

Jan 13 00:08:41 ericb2 cloph: I have some ideas (and code) , to get global preferences

Jan 13 00:08:45 cloph At least the main menu should be visible initially

Jan 13 00:09:02 ericb2 cloph: I fixed that, please cvs up ;)

Jan 13 00:09:13 cloph Ah :-)

Jan 13 00:09:23 shaunmcdonald cloph: actually I find ooo windows often to be too big with X11

Jan 13 00:09:34 * shaunmcdonald wonders if cloph is talking about aqua

Jan 13 00:09:44 * shaunmcdonald has changed the topic to: OpenOffice.org Mac porting team channel. Next IRC Meeting is scheduled Friday 19th

January 2007 (21:00 UTC / 22:00 CET). See http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/MacOSXPortMeetings#Next_Meeting for the agenda. All previous Mac port meetings logs are available at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Previous_Mac_Meeting_logs

Jan 13 00:09:46 cloph shaunmcdonald: Yes, X11 ones are too big, but aqua ones are too small .-)

Jan 13 00:09:50 ericb2 cloph: the refressh issue still remains, but the size respects 10% is screen dim all around

Jan 13 00:10:22 cloph (too big = reach under the dock)

Jan 13 00:10:52 ericb2 cloph: GetOptimalWindowSize() in salframe.cxx

Jan 13 00:11:34 ericb2 ok, I'll stop for today. Good night all !

Jan 13 00:12:12 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: did you put the log for tonight ? Or shall I do it ?

Jan 13 00:12:31 ericb2 on the wiki (was missing )

Jan 13 00:12:42 shaunmcdonald ericb2: I haven't done log

Jan 13 00:12:59 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: +I'll do

Jan 13 00:13:09 shaunmcdonald ericb2: thank you

Jan 13 00:14:27 * shaunmcdonald found a mention of the bug with PDF export http://macosxreviews.blogspot.com/2006/12/openoffice-export-to-pdf-bug.html

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