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Preface / はじめに

Thank you for choosing to start building It is a very interesting procedure and teaches you a lot about the source code and its structure.

This guide is the great first step if you are interested in modifying the source code, applying patches and fixes, or developing new features.

We hope that this document provides you with the information you need.

Contributing authors

The following authors have contributed to this document.
Per Eriksson
Bjoern Michaelsen

Getting help

If you experience problems on the way, please help us develop this guide!

  1. First subscribe to our dev mailing list by sending an empty email to
  2. Wait for a reply, respond to this email with an empty response.
  3. You get a WELCOME email saying you are now a subscriber.
  4. Send us a note at with your questions and problems.
  5. To unsubscribe from the list, send an empty email to, wait for a reply, repond to this email, you get a GOODBYE email. You have now left the mailing list.
Content on this page is licensed under the Public Documentation License (PDL).
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