Inserting a landscape page between two portrait pages in documents

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You can insert a landscape page between two portrait pages in documents.

  1. Create a new document with more than two pages.
  2. Click Format > Page. The Page Style window is displayed.
  3. Click the Page tab. The default orientation is Portrait. Accept the default setting and click OK.
    D page style orientation.jpg
  4. Press F11 to display the Styles and Formatting window.
  5. Select Page Styles.
    D style list page styles.jpg
  6. Click the New Style from Selection button D create new style.jpg and then select New Style from Selection. The Create Style window is displayed.
  7. Enter a name for the style, for example, LandscapePage, and then click OK.
    D create style.jpg
  8. Right-click the style that you create in the step above, and then select Modify.
  9. Click the Page tab and select Landscape in the Orientation field.
    D page style landscape.jpg
  10. Click OK.
  11. Click at the end of the first page to move the cursor there.
  12. Click Insert > Manual Break.
  13. Select Page break in the Type field, and select LandscapePage in the Style field.
    D insert break landscape.jpg
  14. Click OK. A landscape page is inserted between page one and page three.
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