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HowToCWS using Subversion

NB: This page is about working with the ChildWorkSpace (CWS) commit process using Subversion as the version control system. The workflow described here is used by many community developers but some Sun engineers might find it interesting as well.

For 'standard' Childworkspace handling please see CWS.



Prerquisites: You have your CWS system setup for Subversion support and a MixedTree without the sc module.

1  export CWS_WORK_STAMP=<your_username>svntest01
2  cwscreate -s SRC680 m180 $CWS_WORK_STAMP
3  cwsadd -c sc
4  echo // Replace this with hacking| cat sc/source/filter/excel/biffdump.cxx -
5  cwsresync -m m181 sc
6  cwsresync -c sc
7  cwsresync -l m181
8  mkdir /tmp/__analyze_$(CWS_WORK_STAMP); cd /tmp/__analyze_$(CWS_WORK_STAMP)
9  cwsanalyze sc


  1. Required for correct operation of the cws* tools
  2. Note the '-s' flag that tags the CWS as subversion enabled
  3. The '-c' flag checks out that module into your tree. If you already had a subversion 'sc' directory you could omit the flag and use the faster 'switch' operation.
  5. cwsresync supports in place resync using Subversion. You can always revert or modify the changes before commit
  8. Pick any temp dir you want
  9. cwsanalyze (and cwsintegrate) extract the CWS changes and analyze/integrate against the CVS head. This is the point where a Subversion CWS is merged back into the upstreams CVS repository.

Setup for existing CWS users

  1. Install Subversion from the Subversion site or use the one included with your distribution. Warning: Cygwin SVN is broken and will not work!.
  2. Add these lines to your .cwsrc:
# Subversion server root

See .cwsrc for a complete configuration file.

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