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Group 1 of Hitek School graduates is participating in Calc QA.

Group 1 team members

Speaks Russian, Hebrew and English.
Has background in mechanical engineering and experience in mass volume electronic production along with military experience.
Graduated from HitekSchool in early 2008.
Group Leader (GL) of HitekSchool interns: Group 1 - OOo Calc QA, reporting to Oliver Crämer.

Speaks Russian,Hebrew and English.
Degree--Retail Management and Merchandizing .
In Canada since March 2008.At present studying HitekSchool.

Originally - from Belarus, Grodno.
Background - Economist.
In Canada since March 2007.
At present studying at HitekSchool.

Lives in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.
Has a Master's Degree in Economics.
Graduated from Software Testing course of HitekSchool in 2008.
Expects a lots of fun working for OOo.

Is originally from Belarus, Minsk, since November 2008 - in Canada.
Graduated from Computer Science Faculty of Minsk Institute of Radio Engineering in 1986
with qualification of engineer-system analyst. Worked as system programmer (assembler, C, C++)
for different companies till 1995. From 1995 to 2008 worked as head of preprees department for
"Printteam-Pack" company. Hence has backgrounds in programming and prepress for printing production.

Lives in Burnaby, BC, Canada since 1997.
Has Civil Engineering background.
Spent 10 yrs in sign business as designer.
Dreams to become the best software tester.

Lives in Canada, Vancouver since 2005 .
Immigrant from Russia, Novokuznetsk.
Graduated from Russian University with speciality in "Finance and Kredit"
Now days a student of HitekSchool.

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