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Group 2 of the Hitek School internship project started in March 2009. Its participants told about themselves:

Came to Canada from Ukraine.
A master degree in Computer Science of the State Technical University.
5 years of experience working in the IT industry as a computer programmer developing an accounting software application.
Completed a Quality Assurance course from HITEK Computer School in summer 2008.
After graduation took a practical training course in “Jiibe Solution Inc.” company.
Is looking forward to working on OpenOffice project, where can utilize current knowledge and experience and continue to learn.

Live in Israel.
Have finished "software testing" course in "Hitek School" at last November.
Since then had an internship at Meredian Software.

Have finished Software Testing course in Hitek School.
After graduating I had internship with Meredian Software.
Performed testing of www.pentaforce.ca

Graduated from Hitekschool in early November of 2008.
Had very good grades during the course.
Have learned various automation tools including HP QTP 9.5 and Vermont HighTest.
Really interested in automation testing as well as black box testing.

Came to Canada from India .
A Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Gulbarga University (India).
Software Testing course from Hitek school will be finished by end of March.
Have learned automation tools like QTP 9.0 and Vermont high Test.
is looking forward to work on OpenOffice project.

Completed a Quality Assurance course from HITEK Computer School in 2008.
Took a practical training course in Jiibe Solution Inc and Triecho Software.
Completed training in OpenOffice.org.
A member of OOo Writer QA team.
A leader of Hitek School students group inside an OOo QA internship project.
Is looking forward to making my contribution in the OOo QA team success and improving skills in QA activity
(preferably in every type of suggested individual project :) )

You can see our group achievements at this page.

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