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See: Extension:Labeled_Section_Transclusion

This extension allows selective transclusion of marked-off sections of text.

How it works

Step 1: Mark off sections

Mark off sections in the text using <section> tags like this:

<section begin=chapter1 />this is a chapter<section end=chapter1 />

Note that this uses two individual markers, rather than normal XML open/close tags, which simplifies nested or overlapping sections. This allows you to insert section tags without worrying about interfering with other sections.

Step 2a: Transclude the section

Call the parser function #lst to transclude it, i.e. to transclude a section called chapter1 from a page called articleX:


The target article defines the location of the section; its behavior is determined by the parser function.

Step 2b: Transclude the page but excluding the section

To transclude a page, but exclude a specified section, use the #lstx function:


Optionally, you may add replacement text to the excluded section.



{{#lstx:articleX|chapter1|See chapter 1 in [[articleX]].}}

The replacement text will appear in the area where the section is skipped (excluded).

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