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See: Extension:FCKeditor

FCKeditor extension enables a more intuitive WYSIWYG editor when editing pages on the Wiki. It uses a special version of the FCKeditor WYSIWYG editor that outputs wiki text.

This editor is OFF by default for all users, and must be enabled in your preferences if you want to use it.

To enable the FCKEditor:

  1. Click my preferences.
  2. Select the Misc tab.
  3. Set the checkboxes as desired for how you would like the FCKEditor to behave on your account. Suggested settings are:
    • Not checked Disable rich editor.
    • Checked Start with rich editor disabled.
    • Checked Open rich editor in a popup.
    • Checked Use toggle to switch between wiki text and rich editor (replace textarea with rich editor).
    • Checked Remember last toggle state.
    • All other rich editor options not checked.
  4. Click Save

After setting these options, you will see two new links, Rich Editor and Open Rich editor in new window on the top left of the standard Edit box (when editing a Wiki page). If you click either one of these links, the Rich editor will be started. To disable the Rich editor and return to the default text editor, click the Disable Rich editor link on the top left of the Edit box.

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