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The Galaxy Icons - default in 3.0

Examples of the new Galaxy Style


Characteristic of the Galaxy Style


  • New, clear, fresh and harmonic color palette
  • Be careful with saturation, avoiding extremes
  • Color language - same symbolism like Andromeda style


  • Simple! reduce to basic elements and characterisics
  • Smooth look (round corners)


  • Straight-on perspective
  • rotating objects when to make exceptions


  • Two-part system (top-down light, buttom-up light)
  • Low sheen, diffuse reflection materials
  • Realistic effects (glassy, metallic)


  • 24bit with alpha channel
  • New behavior for disabled icons
  • small size (16 x 16 pixel), large size (26 x 26 pixel)
  • High contrast version of all icons

 	Please, keep in mind:
	* Look good on different platforms
 	* Make sure that Windows and Mac users feel at home

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