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TabBrowse Extension

Get the source

The source code for these extension can be downloaded here:

Please note: these source files are not thought to be used for real development. They are provided here only to allow a "first look" into the source code without the need to check it out from the CVS repository. (link to sources within the cvs will follow)

Build the source



First you will need an installed Office. Please note that these extension need some support within the office and so it will run on versions >= OOo 2.0.4 only.

Download OOo 2.2

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK can be found here: SDK Home.

Hint for windows users ... You should use paths without spaces. Quoting of those paths isnt realy supported by the SDK till now.


Prepare your shell to be able to work with the SDK in general. Unpack the source file package of the TabBrowse component on your disc. It's not required to use a directory within the SDK itself. The sources can be placed on any directory you like (excepting it does not contain spaces ... see before). Change to the directory where the sources exists and type "make". Doing so you will get an OXT package inside the output tree o fthe SDK itself. Deploy it to the office and restart the office. Viola.

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