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What you need

see Submit patches, plus:

some knowledge of the XML help file format

ideally some knowledge of the build environment

What you don't need

Programming Experience

Long term commitment

What you do

Find issues and report them using IssueZilla / IssueTracker

Work in a CWS fixing the issues in the source files, this can be a CWS shared with other contributors maintained by one

What you get

A better Help containing your contribution

We may start keeping a top 10 bug fixers list ;-)

Tweaking appearance

To tweak presentation of application help, modify CSS files under /opt/<language>/

There are 5 CSS files there:

  • default.css
  • highcontrast1.css
  • highcontrast2.css
  • highcontrastblack.css
  • highcontrastwhite.css

Each CSS file is related to corresponding entry of 'Help formatting' in the dialog Tools | Options | | General

Source codes can be found at

To quickly see HTML codes converted from .xhp file stored in *.jar file using a XSLT file /opt/

  1. Help | Help
  2. Browse a target page
  3. Press Ctrl-A to select all contents in the page
  4. Press Ctrl-C to copy them
  5. File | New | HTML Document
  6. Press Ctrl-V to paste the contents into HTML document
  7. View | HTML Source
  8. Name the document to be temporally saved

Now you can see the contents of help in HTML format and determine what tag or class in the CSS file could be tweaked to fulfill your needs.


To remove underline from link

Insert the following lines in the CSS file and restart

        { text-decoration: none; }

For further information on link decoration, search "css link no underline" in the Internet.

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