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The purpose of this project is to specify the new functionality for Base to filter records of a table or query. It is originating from the description of the New Filter Dialog developer project.


One of the two main goals of the specification is to describe a filter dialog for use in all contexts in order harmonize the user interface. Currently ( 3.0.1) Base uses two different filter dialogs in different circumstances.

The other of the two main objectives is to enhance the current functionality so that more complex filter conditions can be specified.

A third goal is to provide a dialog that is easier to use and more intuitive to the user.

How to Help

A first draft of the specification is provided below. Please feel encouraged to send feedback to the mailing list.


New project starting: 16 March 2009 (stalled because of lack of developer)

Specification Draft: Filter for Tables and Queries

Team and Contact

Please use the mailing list for questions, comments, problem reports or if you want help develop the new Filter Dialog.

The following people are working on the project:

Autors: Christoph Lukasiak (Clu), Karl Weber 10 March 2009

Please do not change the logical content of this site without acknowledge of the authors, the Database Docu Coordinator or the OOo QA Project Lead/Co-Leads.

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