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The component will create an entry "Creative Commons" in the file menu of Writer/Calc/Impress/Draw.


When the user chooses that entry, following things will happen:

  • connect to creativecommons.org via provided API to get information about possible licensing.
  • Create a dialog via UNO AWT, containing different license options, using radio buttons.
  • If the user chooses "Creative Commons or "Sampling", get needed details from cc.org and offer to the user.
  • In the end, cc.org should give you a link to the license which is to use.
  • That link, and a cc.org image, has to be embedded into the current document

How to embedd the licensing information in the document

Insert the returned value of the dialog in the document:

  • Writer: On current cursor position, cc image as hyper link, and a normal hyper link.
  • Impress: Same like Writer, but on new page, appended after current one (or on current one if empty)
  • Draw: To be determined, probably text object on top of page
  • Calc: To be determined, probably in current cell

There should also be some custom property in the document to remember the fact that a license was added:

  • how to add a property to an ODF document?
  • use of ODF metadata? Does ODF already provides something for licensing information?
  • If so, and if the user chooses the menu item again, a query box states that a license was already added, and asks the user if to continue reminding the user that changing the license must comply with the re-licensing table (I'll add the link once I get it)

Creative Commons web API

The Creative Commons web API is a REST API that allows to get up-to-date information on the licenses. It must be used to get the list of "questions" to answer to in order to select the license.

The documentation of the Creative Commons web API can be found at: http://api.creativecommons.org/docs/readme_15.html

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