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Answer to "3_2007-9-13: prepare a discussion proposal how we can collect feedback and how we can handle the feedback"

How to collect feedback

  1. define a ghost address for the site in the website@extensions.openoffice.org mailing-list. Something like website-form-no-reply@openoffice.org should do it
  2. set up a form with mandatory fields: mail-address, subject, message
    • mail address may be taken from profile if user is logged
    • (plan to add captcha or limit to registered users if too much spam )
    • it should have a notice asking to better post in english, then in native. English feedback will ensure faster handling by avoiding translation step.
  3. format this as standard email:
    • From: ghost address
    • Subject: [FEEDBACK] submitted subject
    • Message: On behalf of submitted mail address
      submitted message
  4. Mail is received on the list.
    • whoever wants can start the discussion about the issue mentioned, if needed (we may not need discussion about congrats feedback :-)
      • if in english, the feedback could be discussed as is. If not, reading people may translate it (like Laurent which can convert french to english quite quickly), or we may consider asking volunteers like NL-representative or NL-project member before strating discussion.
    • if details are needed, one could contact the submitter to have further information. Should this one be :
      • anyone on the mailing-list ?
      • a member of extensions project ?
      • anyone active in the website (admins, translators, reviewers, etc.) ?
    • if an issue is started, mail back to the submitter, so he knows its contribution is taken into account
    • if feedback is ignored (e.g. there is a spell error, one should write color instead of colour), we may notify the user also (with a templated mail saying gently that this issue will be ignored for reason X).
  5. All answers will be set in english. If a NL-repsentative exist for the lang, we may ask them to prepare a notice to set in the start of the body: "<localized>If you don't understand english, please ask for a translation to us</localized>".
    in french, it will do "Si vous ne comprenez pas ce message en anglais, demandez-nous la traduction"

See more points ?

  • if there is many feedback, we may set a "feedback team" to filter it.
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