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  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas)
  • Darabos Daniel (IRC: CyHawk)
  • Laurent Godard (IRC: lgodard)
  • Martin Damboldt (IRC: mdamboldt)
  • Rafella Braconi (IRC: rafaella)
  • Sophi Gautier (IRC: sophi)
  • Stefan Taxhet (IRC: stx12)
  • Thorsten Bosbach (IRC: b_osi)
  • Volker Ahrendt (IRC: VA)

Minute Taker: MD ()

Action Items

Action Items
Item Owner Status Due Date
2008_04_10_2: What process to translate an extension itself lgodard in progress
2008_04_24: Give an overview of how to do this decoupling of translation cycles and release and find out the opinion of other stakeholders, such as release management and the l10n team SunNF-JSC stalled
2008-07-31: Propose workflow for localization of dynamic extension specific content (e.g. descriptions) TBO stalled
2009-02-12: Schedule a separate meeting to discuss a) Repository/site related l10n and b) binary l10n items on next Thursday 19th Feb 2009 RB New

Comments on Action Items

  • 2008_04_10_2: Some discussion have taken place and some work has been done for a separate extension to support localization.
  • 2008_04_24: Still no update.
  • 2008-07-31: In progress

Round Table

  • Details regarding l10n processes have been discussed. Please find details in the irc log.
  • Details about items from the Template Repository ToDo List have been reviewed. The list has been updated accordingly.

IRC Details

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