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(09:59:27) stx12: hi all
(09:59:34) mdamboldt: Hi
(09:59:46) lgodard: hi
(09:59:54) bettina-h: hi
(10:02:01) mdamboldt: Thorsten is on vacation and Nils will not be able to join today.
(10:02:01) mdamboldt: stx12: Are you going to take the minutes today?
(10:02:30) stx12: oops; i'm not prepared to to that; may i do it next time?
(10:03:24) mdamboldt: Ok, I will do it...one moment...
(10:03:32) stx12: thx
(10:03:52) mdamboldt: First AI is from Thorsten " 2_2007-10-04: Provide infrastructure for localization of static content"
(10:03:52) mdamboldt: anybody know anything about that?
(10:04:42) mdamboldt: Ok, next one is mine "2008_04_10_1: Ask Stella about putting the new branding from www.openoffice.org onto the extension site; Most important would be the banner on top."
(10:04:42) mdamboldt: There no ressources available at Stella till end of June 2008. So I would ask for a due date of "end of June 2008".
(10:05:14) mdamboldt: Next item is for lgodard " 2008_04_10_2 :  What process to translate an extension itself"
(10:06:35) lgodard: sorry
(10:06:41) lgodard: stalled
(10:06:43) lgodard: no time
(10:06:58) jsc: maybe i can at least add a comment
(10:07:04) lgodard: jsc: sure
(10:08:14) jsc: if people want to host extensions in the oo repository, lgpl extensions etc. and available in the repository, we can probably use the normal translation process
(10:09:01) jsc: the sources should be in a special place and an adapted process will collect the i18n string into the normal database ....
(10:09:39) lgodard: yes
(10:09:59) lgodard: jsc: the goal is to provide extensuion developpers a format they have to use
(10:10:34) lgodard: if it already exists, lets advertize to use it
(10:10:46) jsc: the format is already given, xcu, property files, xhp, ... The standard formats that we use everywhere
(10:11:24) lgodard: hum, doesn't l10n team uses po file ?
(10:11:53) stx12: lgodard: or did you ask whether the special place exists?
(10:12:02) lgodard: but, ok on the principle
(10:12:36) jsc: We ened an instruction how the projects should look like that our process can handle them ...
(10:12:38) jsc: yes, our process integrate the string in a database, some processing .... trnalsation form the community -> back in the database -> back in the sources during the build based on localize.sdf files ...
(10:12:53) jsc: ... need ...
(10:13:21) jsc: i will prepare an instruction for NB projects soon
(10:13:34) lgodard: ok
(10:14:30) ***jsc i should type slower
(10:14:40) mdamboldt: Next one is "2008_04_24 : Give an overview of how to do this decoupling of translaition cycles and release and find out the opinion of other stakeholders, such as release management and the l10n team". Nils informed me that he had a first meeting with Juergen, but the will have a follow up meeting, too.
(10:14:40) mdamboldt: jsc: Anything you like to add for this one?
(10:15:40) jsc: no not really at the moment
(10:16:19) jsc: parts of the things i have mentioned before werer part of our discussion.
(10:16:24) mdamboldt: So is there anything for the round table you want to raise?
(10:17:14) lgodard: nothing for me, no time sorry
(10:18:04) jsc: nothing from me too
(10:18:32) mdamboldt: Ok, than again it was a very short meeting today. Thanks for joining.
(10:18:32) mdamboldt: The next meeting will take place on 2008-06-05.
(10:19:04) jsc: fine, thanks and bye
(10:19:08) bettina-h: bye.
(10:19:09) mdamboldt: bye
(10:19:36) lgodard: bye
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