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(10:01:04) bettina-h: Hi
(10:01:41) bettina-h: who is present?
(10:03:18) b_osi: ups almost forgott :-)
(10:03:31) bettina-h: Ok, then we are three.
(10:03:57) b_osi: I have just a short notice, and would like to leave for 'special mission'
(10:04:23) bettina-h: Bosi, can you give an update? What is the current status?
(10:04:38) bettina-h: Yes, go on, please.
(10:05:13) bettina-h: How far is the localization?
(10:05:15) b_osi: I didn't find time to do anything for the site - I hate to say this :-( but the next free slot is reserved...
(10:05:36) b_osi: so there was no progress since 2 weeks.
(10:06:33) b_osi: thats all - may i leave now, or are som equestions?
(10:07:18) bettina-h: Yes. Bye. We continue with MH's action item.
(10:07:35) b_osi: ok, bye.
(10:10:15) bettina-h: So Martin Hollmichel is not present, as his action item has a due date at end of April, he ivht come up with it at the next IRC.
(10:11:31) bettina-h: Well, if there is nothing else now, we'll close the meeting. Bye.
(10:25:10) mdamboldt: Sorry for beeing very late today, had an urgent item on my list which I received just before this meeting.
(10:25:10) mdamboldt: As I can see the meeting is already closed.
(10:25:10) mdamboldt: Sorry again for not being here in time. Promis to be more on time next time.
(10:25:10) mdamboldt: Martin
(10:32:14) lgodard: hi all
(10:32:23) lgodard: sorry for being late too
(10:32:30) lgodard: not easy time for me
(10:32:36) lgodard: perharsps better next week
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