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(10:04:25) jsc: good morning
(10:04:27) jsc: joli (Joachim) will not attend the meeting today
(10:04:51) lgodard: hi all
(10:05:24) mdamboldt: Nils is out of the office today.
(10:05:44) mdamboldt: jsc: You're next to write the minutes according to the agenda.
(10:07:03) jsc: oh, not my day ;-)
(10:07:05) jsc: ok
(10:07:25) jsc: let's start with the first AI:1_2007-8-23
(10:07:37) mdamboldt: it's done
(10:07:42) mdamboldt: last week already
(10:07:46) jsc: nothing from me but from Thorsten
(10:08:02) jsc: sorry i mean 2_2007-10-04
(10:08:14) b_osi: 2_2007-10-04: Clarify infrastructure for localization of static content with Thorsten
(10:08:16) b_osi: Got it localy working; will have to do some changes to the files, since core functions are overwritten, that I customized for extensions.
(10:08:18) b_osi: I hope I get it working today and will then put it onto the site and people with 'translation' rights could play with changing languages;
(10:08:19) b_osi: The extracting and importing of strings to be translated will happen with '.po' files.
(10:08:21) b_osi: Before I can provide the first files, I have to fix some strings in the code, since I used the translation function in drupal in a wrong way, sometimes.
(10:08:23) b_osi: Caching is solved for anonymous users :-) was a problem of the person who installed the module in drupal not reading the documentation ;-)....
(10:08:24) b_osi: btw. Andreas Mantke will also take a look onto how to translate with drupal.  But he can't join the meeting, since he has to work.
(10:09:38) jsc: it sounds promising and i am looking forward to localized side
(10:09:52) jsc: any questions? Otherwise next AI
(10:10:09) lgodard: ok for me
(10:10:15) lgodard: really happy thx b_osi
(10:10:31) jsc: 3_2007-10-04: Propose workflow for localization of static content
(10:10:32) jsc: It seems that we can export the string (necessary for the static content) as po files. Either we provide them directly to the i18n teams for translation or i we try to include them in the normal translation process as for other office resources as well. I will check the second way with Rafaela and our tooling team that do all this stuff.
(10:10:34) jsc: For the dynamic content pages Thorsten will investigate a little bit more (when i have understood him correctly) and we can maybe use a further module that allows online translation (after login). We will see how that can work. Alternatively we can try to push snapshots in the normal translation database from time to time. I will try to figure that out.
(10:11:35) lgodard: jsc: one more point
(10:11:42) jsc: time to time means once per month or so, i don't know
(10:11:53) lgodard: is there a way to filter all of this contributions by NL representatives ?
(10:12:59) jsc: i am not sure if i understand you
(10:13:00) jsc: when we can integrate the po file sin the normal i18n process everything should work seamless
(10:13:17) lgodard: jsc: it was for the dynamic content
(10:13:28) jsc: when we do it online, the NL representatives can login in and can translate, review or whatever
(10:13:46) lgodard: i think we agree that the i18n/l10n will not translate all the extensions description
(10:13:48) jsc: lgodard: sure
(10:14:05) lgodard: the problem is to filter garbage 
(10:14:30) jsc: that would be a review step
(10:14:31) lgodard: a 'volunteer' submits a translation using the drupal framework
(10:14:51) lgodard: then the NL Repr. rewiews and accepts/rejects/modifies
(10:14:56) lgodard: jsc: exactly
(10:15:21) b_osi: Why shouldn't the NL rep translate the content?
(10:15:22) rbircher [n=raphaelb@126-105.0-85.cust.bluewin.ch] est entré dans le salon
(10:15:42) bettina-h [i=Bettina_@nat/sun/x-9a2ea5973d3a3e01] est entré dans le salon
(10:16:01) jsc: i don't see a problem here.
(10:16:03) jsc: When we do it online, only registered people can do it adn we can limit it to a group of trusted people for example
(10:16:23) jsc: volunteers can ask for help and the NL rep can check the quality ....
(10:16:24) lgodard: jsc: i would like to avoid this
(10:16:26) lgodard: barrier
(10:16:26) b_osi: yes, so we can skip the step of review.
(10:16:43) jsc: don't make it to compicate
(10:16:49) lgodard: b_osi: review is for quality
(10:17:18) b_osi: does it happen in the normal translation prozess for OOo; I don't think so.
(10:17:28) lgodard: so what happens if offending description occur in a language we can't read 
(10:17:30) jsc: we shoul dstart simple and can improve the process if necessary
(10:17:45) b_osi: jsc: right
(10:17:57) jsc: somebody who can read will notify us or submit an abuse mail
(10:18:02) lgodard: jsc: agree start simple but we have to take care on this mandatory requirement
(10:18:25) lgodard: jsc: yes, but it will have hurt. too late
(10:18:42) b_osi: let's ask how it is done for OOo, then do it the same way.
(10:19:03) jsc: we have to take of people who does the work, having a NL rep does not mean that they will deliver ;-)
(10:19:14) lgodard: b_osi: there is no dynamic content. Him not as promotional as the extension
(10:19:41) lgodard: jsc: that his why i would suggest not to be registered to give a translation
(10:20:14) lgodard: and if not registered, we need some kind of review/moderation
(10:20:15) jsc: it can be more than one
(10:20:49) lgodard: i do not think a dedicated team for translation is efficient
(10:20:57) jsc: i think people who are really interested will take care of it and simply change it
(10:20:59) lgodard: a dedicated team for rewiewing yes
(10:21:12) lgodard: jsc: will be too late as published
(10:21:29) lgodard: it is not a wiki but a marketing front end for OOo
(10:22:12) jsc: i don't think so, descriptions can evolve
(10:22:13) lgodard: well at least, send an email to the NL Repr. for extensions so that he can check 
(10:22:34) jsc: well, that should be possible
(10:22:52) lgodard: check immediately
(10:23:23) lgodard: and ones again, asking registration for translating should be avided 
(10:23:26) lgodard: avoided
(10:23:32) jsc: lgodard: you always see the bad guys everywhere. I think positive and belive that people will translate it correct ;-)
(10:23:46) jsc: anyway, i think there are still open questions that we can't solve today we keep the AI ongoing
(10:23:52) lgodard: jsc: it is our responsabilities to see the bad guys
(10:23:57) lgodard: and handle them
(10:24:18) lgodard: if things are OK, that's perfect, but there will be always bad guys, that can hurt
(10:24:46) lgodard: jsc: please summarize this points though as important to be addressed
(10:25:30) lgodard: jsc: so , if you're also so positive, don't ask users to register for being able to translate
(10:25:40) lgodard: jsc: :)
(10:26:20) jsc: nothing is defined yet and we will see when we know the details how it will work
(10:26:32) jsc: next AI: 1_2007-10-11: Set up mail address for feedback reporting
(10:26:35) lgodard: jsc: we are actually building it
(10:26:53) lgodard: ok next ai
(10:27:11) jsc: ok then in progress , right?
(10:27:12) lgodard: this is stalled
(10:27:27) lgodard: yes in progress as i would like to discuss with st
(10:27:35) jsc: 1_2007-10-18: Add note to provide English text for extension description to submission process
(10:27:37) lgodard: and group this with the abuse ml
(10:27:50) mdamboldt: I'm sorry, I lost this AI from my radar and I stumbled over it just before this meeting. Need to catch up on this.
(10:28:18) lgodard: mdamboldt: you just sent me a draft and i answered
(10:28:18) jsc: no problem, now it's back on your radar ;-)
(10:28:29) lgodard: need to be worked but in progress
(10:28:37) mdamboldt: lgodard: true
(10:28:41) jsc: 2_2007-10-18: Create a standart mail to contact submitters who filed extension descriptions in languages other then English
(10:28:51) jsc: hey you are to fast ;-)
(10:29:07) mdamboldt: Again I'm sorry, I lost this AI from my radar and I stumbled over it just before this meeting. A quick draft has been sent to Laurent just a couple of minutes before todays meeting. I will continue to work this out.
(10:29:22) lgodard: jsc: oups :)
(10:30:00) jsc: oups, sorry my fault ...
(10:30:38) jsc: so, the two last AI are open or in progress?
(10:31:17) mdamboldt: Yes
(10:31:33) lgodard: in progress for  2_2007-10-18
(10:31:42) lgodard: mdamboldt: for the first ?
(10:32:17) mdamboldt: lgodard: yes
(10:32:28) lgodard: mdamboldt: ok
(10:33:00) jsc: anything for 2_2007-10-18?
(10:33:16) lgodard: what happens if the submitter
(10:33:25) lgodard: does not answer to this email ?
(10:33:35) lgodard: and does not translate ?
(10:33:48) mdamboldt: jsc: Draft circulated this morning to lgodard.
(10:34:09) jsc: mdamboldt: thanks
(10:34:12) lgodard: jsc: yes Juergen, still the bad guys everywhere ;)
(10:35:19) mdamboldt: lgodard: We can't force people to translate the summary into English.
(10:35:20) mdamboldt: I don't think we want to bann Extension just because they are not translated.
(10:35:37) jsc: people can communicate it to someone (TBD), we will gently ask and if no response we will remove the extensions
(10:35:52) lgodard: jsc: agree
(10:36:16) lgodard: mdamboldt: i can't put an extension withn  something i do not understand
(10:36:24) jsc: i think we can, it does not make sense to have such extensions
(10:36:26) lgodard: in the front end of the site
(10:36:52) lgodard: jsc: it does make sense, but is not desirable beecause can be abused
(10:37:17) lgodard: jsc: and yes, to have the whole site in english (at least)
(10:37:51) jsc: i think it makes no sense, English is the default (we should document it). Either English and more or English only
(10:38:53) lgodard: jsc: ok
(10:39:18) lgodard: jsc: but only because english is pivot language
(10:39:42) jsc: fine, it seems that we have finished the AI's
(10:39:44) jsc: open discussion now
(10:39:45) jsc: i would like to keep it short today because i am busy with other things ...
(10:40:01) lgodard: do we have figures about the Anti virus guard ?
(10:40:06) lgodard: is it planned to have ?
(10:40:18) lgodard: mdamboldt: any idea ?
(10:40:41) b_osi: nothing planed right now, just an entry in the logfile
(10:40:52) lgodard: ok
(10:41:08) lgodard: an entry per virus detected ?
(10:41:26) b_osi: yes, per file
(10:41:50) lgodard: ok, may be after somme weeks runing have a look
(10:42:00) lgodard: but not that important i guess
(10:42:28) jsc: mmmh, are you sure, think about the bad guys ;-)
(10:43:15) lgodard: jsc: :)
(10:43:20) jsc: any other points?
(10:43:21) jsc: Otherwise i would finish the meeting for today
(10:43:31) jsc: 3
(10:43:31) mdamboldt: nothing
(10:43:32) lgodard: jsc: yes but nothing more that can be down, only be "aware"
(10:43:32) jsc: 2
(10:43:32) b_osi: nothing fro me
(10:43:34) jsc: 1
(10:43:36) lgodard: O
(10:43:39) lgodard: 00000
(10:44:02) lgodard: thanks juergen
(10:44:07) jsc: good bye
(10:44:16) mdamboldt: bye
(10:44:22) bettina-h: bye
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