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(10:03:14) SunNF: OK, so lets start with the action items
(10:03:23) SunNF: 1_2007-8-23
(10:03:24) joli: hi
(10:03:40) SunNF: ind out whether ClamAV is available for the platform our extension site server is running on (MD)
(10:03:52) SunNF: any update on this?
(10:04:13) mdamboldt: This is done.
(10:04:25) mdamboldt: We finished implementation and the process is live.
(10:04:45) mdamboldt: All incomming extension are checked against possible Virus contents from now in.
(10:05:03) SunNF: Great!
(10:05:08) lgodard: great
(10:05:15) lgodard: mdamboldt: congratulations
(10:05:29) lgodard: mdamboldt: what happens if something is detected
(10:05:42) mdamboldt: lgodard: Congrats mainly go to b_osi.
(10:06:05) b_osi: no mainly to neilr from osuosl
(10:06:07) lgodard: b_osi: that's for you ;)
(10:06:47) lgodard: so, what happens if something is detected ? does it checks inside the extensions itself ?
(10:07:02) b_osi: the file is deleted and a message is shown that it was viruseffected; and also a log is written.
(10:07:32) lgodard: b_osi: at what time ? 
(10:07:47) lgodard: b_osi: seen by contributor ar all users ?
(10:07:52) b_osi: yes, i tested also with an renamed virus to an .oxt file and since you say it, i need to chet a zipped one.
(10:08:09) b_osi: s/chet/check
(10:08:27) b_osi: at the time of submitting/previewing the extension release
(10:08:36) lgodard: ok
(10:08:38) b_osi: only seen to contributor
(10:08:43) lgodard: b_osi: ok, good
(10:08:57) SunNF: So, next AI is 2_2007-10-04: Clarify infrastructure for localization of static content with Thorsten
(10:09:01) lgodard: b_osi: may be a mail to the abuse list ?
(10:09:03) jsc: well, nothing from my me today (busy with other things), i wasn't able to talk with Thorsten about it. But maybe he has some infos ....
(10:09:27) b_osi: what should i mail? the file is at that time away....
(10:09:50) lgodard: b_osi: to abuse ? someone is trying to abuse our site ?
(10:10:01) lgodard: b_osi: just an idea though 
(10:10:15) b_osi: SunNF: I checked for localisation;
(10:10:18) jsc: lgodard: we have started the next AI, could we please focus on one thing
(10:10:33) lgodard: jsc: the previous was not finsihed
(10:10:39) lgodard: jsc: imho
(10:10:49) lgodard: jsc: this is unefficient to drop to nect ai
(10:10:52) b_osi: Problem with the default anonymous user on the site, since that content is cached, and cache doesn't respect locale. You select german language, but site is still shown in english.
(10:10:53) lgodard: at least, ask
(10:10:58) SunNF: sorry, so anything else regarding the first AI?
(10:11:11) lgodard: SunNF: thx
(10:11:15) jsc: it was not me who started the next AI.
(10:12:02) lgodard: b_osi: so lets discuss this later about abusing
(10:12:13) lgodard: SunNF: its ok for me
(10:12:17) SunNF: OK, then next AI is 2_2007-10-04, JSC already mentioned that there is no update from his side
(10:12:56) b_osi: I'm working on the localisation; the data itself is not a problem, but I have not found an idea, how to get a nice caching and localisation for normal visitors to the site. : in progress
(10:13:33) jsc: what do you mean in detail
(10:13:55) lgodard: b_osi: why cache does not respect local ?
(10:14:22) b_osi: lgodard: that is exactly the question I have to find an snswer to.
(10:14:30) lgodard: b_osi: ok :)
(10:14:37) bettina-h [i=Bettina_@nat/sun/x-94172fe860910c9d] est entré dans le salon
(10:14:53) lgodard: b_osi: i guess drupal framework should allow that easily. good luck
(10:15:33) b_osi: The caching happens on a question, if the page is already in the cache, by searching teh url - since there is no language information in the url the page can be different from that what the user selected.
(10:16:04) b_osi: for users who are logged in, caching is disabled, and they get always teh language they selected.
(10:16:13) lgodard: b_osi: any ttl of the cache ?
(10:16:16) jsc: ok, i understand, thanks
(10:16:39) lgodard: b_osi: btw, thanks and good luck for solving this
(10:16:40) b_osi: And I don't want to change our urls to put language informations into.
(10:17:00) b_osi: It happens currnetly on a session cookie, which knows which language is selected.
(10:18:06) b_osi: some more questions?
(10:18:34) jsc: no not from me
(10:18:41) lgodard: ok for me
(10:18:46) SunNF: Next AI is then 3_2007-10-04: Propose workflow for localization of static content
(10:18:55) jsc: this AI depends in the previous one
(10:19:12) lgodard: we may invite the l10n team on this
(10:19:19) jsc: i mentioned last week that i will prepare somehting when we know the details
(10:20:27) jsc: well, when we know more details we can discuss this with the i18n team to check wha's the best way
(10:20:45) lgodard: jsc: ok
(10:21:33) jsc: next AI?
(10:21:39) lgodard: ok
(10:22:02) SunNF: 1_2007-10-11: Set up mail adress for feedback reporting
(10:22:11) lgodard: nothing done 
(10:22:17) lgodard: i have a genarl problem though
(10:22:21) lgodard: general
(10:22:25) lgodard: with collabnet
(10:22:34) lgodard: to have a phantom address 
(10:22:57) lgodard: we have to setup 2 adresses, one for "report abuse"
(10:23:09) lgodard: one for "website feedback"
(10:23:53) lgodard: b_osi: i'll probably need some help/tests during the coming week
(10:24:06) lgodard: b_osi: let me know when ok (by email)
(10:24:08) jsc: .. and what exactly is the problem
(10:24:12) b_osi: lgodard: you're welcome
(10:24:36) b_osi: lgodard: anytime, just mail/irc
(10:24:38) lgodard: jsc: the mail always go to moderation
(10:25:16) lgodard: it has to be sent with the correct account and the tests we did with Thorsten were not succesfull
(10:25:34) lgodard: btw, i'm confident. a matter of time
(10:25:36) jsc: have you contacted Stefan or Martin Hollmichel or at least have asked one of  them
(10:25:48) lgodard: jsc: no
(10:26:00) jsc: maybe that woudl be a good idea
(10:26:01) lgodard: will do
(10:26:23) lgodard: but i thought admin rights on extensions mailing list shpould allow that
(10:26:35) SunNF: lgodard: Stefan will be available in two week earliest
(10:26:41) lgodard: the difficulty i think is that report abuse mailing list is a closed one
(10:26:54) lgodard: SunNF: ok.
(10:26:55) jsc: sure but who knows, -> maybe a bug ;-)
(10:27:10) lgodard: jsc: no, the bug is me i think :)
(10:27:25) lgodard: before vcalling a bug, i prefer see by myself the possibilities
(10:27:30) lgodard: ok, last question
(10:27:53) lgodard: for the contact/comments on the website, where is sent the question ?
(10:28:05) lgodard: website@extensions ? abuse@extensions
(10:28:12) lgodard: i would prefer website
(10:28:24) lgodard: any opinion ?
(10:29:18) mdamboldt: lgodard: sounds fine to me
(10:29:26) SunNF: lgodard: website +1
(10:29:29) jsc: website@extesnions is fine for me
(10:29:36) lgodard: ok noted
(10:29:41) bettina-h: +1
(10:29:50) SunNF: So we are ready for the next AI?
(10:29:57) lgodard: SunNF: ok
(10:30:00) SunNF: 2_2007-10-11: Change home page to cycle through different views
(10:30:04) b_osi: done;
(10:30:36) SunNF: OK, no need for discussion here, I guess ...
(10:30:48) SunNF: Next is 3_2007-10-11: Provide additional views: "all time popular" and "last 30 days popular" for downloads of extension releases
(10:30:55) b_osi: I put it into an issue, since I currently do localisation: 82620
(10:31:43) SunNF: OK, should I remove it from the AI list, then?
(10:31:53) jsc: i think that is good to track it and localization is more important
(10:31:58) lgodard: SunNF: no, 
(10:32:02) jsc: i would say yes
(10:32:12) SunNF: jsc: +1
(10:32:17) lgodard: why ?
(10:32:33) jsc: we have an issue and don't need to track it as AI
(10:32:34) b_osi: I would also say yes, sice i put it on top of todo list. and as issue it won't get list
(10:32:49) b_osi: s/list/lost
(10:32:53) SunNF: lgodard: Because is is redundant and we should have the one and only status within the issue
(10:33:05) lgodard: we review and discuss ai
(10:33:16) lgodard: for advancement
(10:33:22) lgodard: but as you want
(10:33:41) lgodard: may be then, add something more genral : Issues treament advanceùment
(10:33:52) lgodard: as event issues are written, the may get most easily
(10:34:16) jsc: we have you and i am sure you will remind us ;-)
(10:34:34) lgodard: jsc: i'm sometime busy juergen
(10:34:55) lgodard: well at least put a link pointing on the Track issue in the wiki report
(10:34:59) jsc: i am koking, we take it serious and i am sure Thorsten won't forget it
(10:35:06) lgodard: that lists all opened issues oagainst website extensions
(10:35:11) jsc: koking  -> joking
(10:35:28) lgodard: jsc: yes mee too. I'm not so busy ;)
(10:36:03) lgodard: so this link would be a part of the roundtable discussion
(10:36:13) b_osi: it is on : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/views
(10:36:18) lgodard: eg. any noticable things we should discuss
(10:36:18) SunNF: OK, I will remove the AI and will add a coresponding link to the minutes
(10:36:34) SunNF: We have a last AI: 4_2007-10-11: Download redirect/followup behaviour change
(10:36:39) lgodard: SunNF: thx. A general link is sufficienrt
(10:36:39) b_osi: done;
(10:36:45) lgodard: b_osi: seen yes
(10:37:13) SunNF: OK, so now its time for the round table :)
(10:37:20) lgodard: i have a question about navigation
(10:37:36) lgodard: on the download page
(10:37:51) lgodard: i took an extension yesterday, all was fine
(10:38:09) lgodard: i closed my forefox
(10:38:36) lgodard: and this morning, opening it with reoppenning all the previous page, i'm asked to download again
(10:38:42) lgodard: i know it is logic behaviour
(10:38:54) lgodard: is there something to do to avoid ?
(10:39:11) mdamboldt: lgodard: Don't use session saver?
(10:39:56) lgodard: i only answer firefox yes when asking if it reopens the tabs that were open before closing
(10:40:33) b_osi: If it was a download tab i would say it would be an error if the download would not start again!
(10:40:37) jsc: mmh, i think that is maybe another problem because the site does start the download automatically
(10:41:15) mdamboldt: Of course the download starts again when open the page again.
(10:41:15) ***mdamboldt Don't get whats wrong here!?!?!
(10:41:26) jsc: b_osi: are you sure that other sites do it the same way?
(10:41:37) lgodard: mdamboldt: i agree that nothing is wrong
(10:41:48) lgodard: mdamboldt: but may disturb users
(10:41:48) b_osi: yes; try out eg. sourceforge
(10:42:01) mdamboldt: jsc: I am, I've often seen the same on other sites.
(10:42:12) lgodard: b_osi: would it be possible to track the coming page ?
(10:42:24) jsc: ok, thanks, i was just confused
(10:42:31) b_osi: it is in the header of the page - if you reload the download page it is triggered again.
(10:42:56) lgodard: b_osi: ok
(10:43:13) lgodard: hey, i was just asking if it was possible
(10:43:18) mdamboldt: I don't see any reason to change anything here, it's comon behavior of a browser and web pages.
(10:43:20) b_osi: I won't spend time to workaround a user who uses sessions and last page was the downloadpage.
(10:43:38) lgodard: no problem if not easy
(10:43:50) mdamboldt: I've another item:
(10:43:50) mdamboldt: How to proceed with Extensions which are placed in the Extension Repository and do contain an Extension description, other than English?
(10:43:50) mdamboldt: - We are not able to identify content of the Extension description. Mal content may not be identified.
(10:43:50) mdamboldt: - Users who like to download Extensions are confused.
(10:44:15) lgodard: these are different issues
(10:44:41) mdamboldt: Do we want to put out a recommendation to upload only English descritions until we support localization?
(10:44:42) lgodard: for the first point, we should ask for the NL_represntatives
(10:44:44) jsc: we should try to contact the author and ask to change it
(10:45:08) lgodard: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/Translating/NL_Representative
(10:45:19) jsc: i think we had this already or not
(10:45:21) jsc: ... ok maybe we have discussed it only and not documented it
(10:45:23) lgodard: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/Translating#The_Native-Lang_representative
(10:45:51) lgodard: btw, do we ask explicitely for an english description ?
(10:46:02) mdamboldt: lgodard: But we have no translation workflow / porcess at hand yet.
(10:46:23) mdamboldt: lgodard: May be we should ask for such explicitly until we support other than English!?
(10:46:26) lgodard: this is decoupled as these volunteers may be joined by email
(10:46:38) jsc: i agree that we need docu that English is the default and as long as we don't have a working localization feature, the description have to be English
(10:46:42) lgodard: mdamboldt: agree on asking explicitelly
(10:46:45) SunNF: If we not already do, we should ask to provide a English description during the submission process. At least until we have a l10n process in place.
(10:46:56) lgodard: yes
(10:47:26) SunNF: b_osi: Is this a new AI for you?
(10:47:41) jsc: Sun NF: that sounds as a good workaround
(10:47:45) mdamboldt: I will write such a note and give it to b_osi to put it on the page.
(10:47:52) b_osi: I would have to put a sentence somewhere asking only for english.
(10:48:43) jsc: and what if somebody ignore it? Do we want to remove the extensions ?
(10:48:48) SunNF: OK, I put a new AI for Martin/Thorsten to the minutes
(10:49:01) lgodard: jsc: good question, i would say no
(10:49:10) lgodard: and ask NL represntative to do the job
(10:49:13) mdamboldt: jsc: We will friendly ask him afterwards again to change it.
(10:49:38) b_osi: who will be in charge asking?
(10:49:55) jsc: b_osi: good question
(10:50:19) lgodard: any volunteer/responsible of the website
(10:50:31) b_osi: the first one who sees it, put a notice onto website mailing list that he contacted him?
(10:50:40) lgodard: i can do it if the extension is pointed to me
(10:50:59) SunNF: Guess we should do the follwoing: Add the note to the site and contact all submitters who did not provide a English description, yet. And then simply track new submissions and see what happens.
(10:51:05) lgodard: b_osi: i think we should have a standard mail message
(10:51:30) mdamboldt: lgodard: We will have.
(10:51:49) SunNF: If then new submissions are still nor English, we should but this issue on the table, again.
(10:51:58) lgodard: lgodard: ok, put an AI on me, i'll try to mail some mails to work on as an example
(10:52:17) lgodard: what about our language detector in OOo
(10:52:21) mdamboldt: lgoadard: I will forward you some wording we can use on the site and in the mailing.
(10:52:24) lgodard: is it easily usable ?
(10:52:31) lgodard: mdamboldt: ok
(10:53:01) jsc: wrong audience here to ask
(10:53:31) SunNF: OK, I took to AIs, then: Adding the note (Martin, Thorsten), create example mails (Laurent)
(10:53:43) jsc: can you please check the most ecent page, the last ext looks not nice -> header overlasp the image
(10:53:44) lgodard: add mdamboldt with me
(10:54:41) SunNF: lgodard: OK
(10:55:04) jsc: any ideas how we can avoid this
(10:55:36) SunNF: less then 10 minutes to go!
(10:56:23) lgodard: jsc: no sorry
(10:56:40) lgodard: about cid "call home" ... 
(10:57:00) lgodard: mdamboldt: please don't take it for you
(10:57:09) SunNF: lgodard: I sent another mail regarding CID to the list.
(10:57:17) lgodard: ok, i read
(10:57:45) SunNF: lgodard: We can put it on next meetings agenda if you still see an issue here
(10:57:55) lgodard: there are some institutions that use OOo and do not want that "unknown" informations are sent
(10:58:19) lgodard: please note the quotes
(10:58:32) lgodard: ok, lets discuss on the mailing list
(10:58:35) SunNF: A URL itself in such case is such unknown information, isn't it?
(10:58:41) lgodard: i think we are at the middle of the river
(10:58:51) mdamboldt: lgodard: It's not more or less unknown that everything else when you start using the internet.
(10:59:02) lgodard: mdamboldt: ok, i stop here
(10:59:27) lgodard: french army and gendarmerie won't care
(10:59:36) lgodard: that an unknown code is sent
(11:00:00) lgodard: remember the phone home tempest some months ago
(11:00:09) lgodard: just because it was not explianed
(11:00:26) lgodard: (and switchers have been explicitelly requested)
(11:00:51) lgodard: i stop there, just discuss on mailing list
(11:01:06) SunNF: This means we are done for today?
(11:01:18) lgodard: SunNF: stop for me yes
(11:01:25) jsc: bye
(11:01:32) bettina-h: bye
(11:01:33) lgodard: bye juergen
(11:01:36) mdamboldt: bye
(11:01:37) lgodard: bye all
(11:01:38) SunNF: Ok, thanks and bye
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