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(10:02:18) b_osi: Welcome to the weeklly extension site meeting;
(10:02:34) b_osi: We will go through the action items first from last meeting:
(10:02:36) b_osi: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/Minutes/2007-10
(10:03:18) b_osi: mdamboldt: 1_2007-8-23: find out whether ClamAV is available for the platform our extension site server is running on
(10:03:24) mdamboldt: 1_2007-8-23:
(10:03:24) mdamboldt: In Progress - Thorsten Bosbach and some people from OSUOSL are working on this item. First tests have been successfull. We are in progress to activate the anti virus module now. Final test expected within the next days.
(10:03:26) paveljanik: Hi
(10:03:57) lgodard: mdamboldt: do you analyze inside the oxt
(10:04:25) mdamboldt: lgodard: Thats what I understand from the informations I received.
(10:04:40) lgodard: mdamboldt: great
(10:04:52) b_osi: b_osi: 2_2007-8-23: solve open site layout issues according to todo list	
(10:05:17) b_osi: :-) done, as mailed yesterday on the mailing list;
(10:05:48) b_osi: bettina-h: 2_2007-8-30: Define Requirements for Tooltips in Extension Manager and Update Notification
(10:05:59) matm: todo list should be cleaned up, so
(10:05:59) bettina-h: Done.
(10:06:20) lgodard: bettina-h: where are these requirements ?
(10:06:36) b_osi: matm: yes, will update soon, if i don't forget ;-)
(10:06:37) bettina-h: in spec.
(10:06:48) lgodard: bettina-h: url ?
(10:06:58) lgodard: bettina-h: may be a link on the wiki ?
(10:07:14) bettina-h: I will post it on the mailing-list
(10:07:21) lgodard: bettina-h: thanks
(10:07:30) b_osi: mdamboldt: 2_2007-9-06: Talk to STS about the page which is displayed after downloading an extension.
(10:07:40) mdamboldt: Done - Thorsten already implemeted the changes we decided to go with in one of our last meetings.
(10:07:55) lgodard: mdamboldt: this is the automagic
(10:08:01) lgodard: redirection isn't it ?
(10:08:27) b_osi: no, not jet ;-) it is just teh layout .
(10:08:32) mdamboldt: lgodard: No, it was about the design of the page after the GetIt button.
(10:08:41) lgodard: ok :)
(10:08:46) lgodard: so i wait ... :)
(10:09:04) lgodard: why localization items have been drop on the agenda ?
(10:09:13) lgodard:  3_2007-8-30: Follow up on localization of extension site ??
(10:09:31) lgodard: oups closed, sorry
(10:09:39) b_osi: it is marked closed in favor of another AI ;-)
(10:09:49) b_osi: stx: 1_2007-9-13: provide some statistics about the usage of "By Tag" compared to the tag cloud
(10:09:54) jsc: lgodard: because we have new more specific AI's
(10:10:08) b_osi: as stefan is not there I will say something about it
(10:10:09) lgodard: jsc: yes please forgive me
(10:10:49) b_osi: the numbers show, that the link: 'By tags' is not used and the list there is not usefull; proposal is to remove the link.
(10:11:09) jsc: +1 from me
(10:11:15) lgodard: tag clouds are not that usefull, or at least easy
(10:11:19) lgodard: ti use
(10:11:35) b_osi: the tag cloud will stay, as numbers show that it is used.
(10:11:38) lgodard: but, if figures are that by tags are not used
(10:12:11) lgodard: 0 for me
(10:12:19) b_osi: there are 2 links; 1. ist by tags in teh upper frame 2. is more tags below the tag cloud
(10:12:35) b_osi: i would remove the upper one
(10:12:50) mdamboldt: +1 for removing the tag link, not the cloud
(10:12:52) bettina-h: It should be removed now, we wated long enough.
(10:13:07) lgodard: the problem of tag clouds is tahta lobbying can disturbn the tags presentation
(10:13:14) bettina-h: meant 'waited'. We have to cover usability.
(10:13:22) jsc: lgodard: two entry points "By tags" and the tag cloud. The first is not used we can remove it and the second one is used and should stay -> quite easy decision based on numbers i would say
(10:13:23) mdamboldt: please not again the discussion about the tag cloud!!!
(10:13:38) lgodard: ok ok
(10:13:41) b_osi: ;-)
(10:13:53) b_osi: matm: _2007-9-13: prepare a discussion proposal how we can collect feedback and how we can handle the feedback
(10:14:10) matm: done.
(10:14:19) matm: i put alink in the comments to a page in the wiki
(10:14:26) b_osi: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/feedback
(10:14:32) lgodard: thx
(10:14:50) matm: it has vanished. look to September minutes
(10:14:53) matm: yes thx
(10:15:26) b_osi: I think nobody took a look? then we will read it and discuss on mailing list.
(10:15:27) lgodard: seems like the report abuse, isn'it
(10:15:51) matm: almost
(10:16:16) matm: goals are the same: improve the Extensions (security or other points, whatever)
(10:16:18) lgodard: i propose an AI for me : setting up adress for report
(10:16:34) lgodard: and finsih abuse as we experience some problem
bettina-h b_osi buchanae 
(10:16:54) lgodard: b_osi: thorsten, i'll probably need your help for testing purposes
(10:17:04) b_osi: lgodard: granted ;-)
(10:17:08) lgodard: is it ok ?
(10:17:09) matm: lgodard: finish abuse means what ?
(10:17:10) lgodard: ok :)
(10:17:34) lgodard: a ghost user that can post on the restricted mailing list
(10:17:51) matm: ok
(10:18:07) lgodard: as i don not practice CN so often, i have some cleanup and points to adress on mailing list management
(10:18:28) b_osi: b_osi: 3_2007-9-20: Provide "get in contact" checkbox for extension submitter to receive feedback via webform from users.	
(10:18:57) b_osi: Is there, you have to provid a mail adress on extension submission, that is shown then.
(10:19:02) b_osi: done;
(10:19:24) b_osi: b_osi: 1_2007-10-04: Review and update site todo list	
(10:19:45) b_osi: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/Minutes/2007-08#Site_Design_Topics
(10:19:49) b_osi: done;
bettina-h b_osi buchanae 
(10:20:11) lgodard: b_osi: there is some questions 
(10:20:17) matm: does it include the layout optimized for 1024 monitors ?
(10:20:18) lgodard: form KAMI on the mailing list
(10:20:44) matm: link is broken for me, confirmed anyone ?
(10:20:48) b_osi: matm: the layout is optimised, isn't it?
(10:21:08) lgodard: b_osi: add total download
(10:21:17) lgodard: is requested by KAMI
(10:21:32) lgodard: matm: wiki link works
(10:22:13) b_osi: lgodard: has nothing to do with *that* todo list; is new item for discussion round after AI.
(10:22:22) matm: ok so my browser is in bad mood :-)
(10:23:05) b_osi: matm: send screenshots if you have problems; I use http://browsershots.org/http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/
(10:23:35) matm: don't bother, my fault (multi-line tabs)
(10:23:50) matm: browsershots is right :-)
(10:24:08) lgodard: b_osi:  Highest rated list: sorting of items: shall be: primary key = number of stars, secondary key = number of votes (in progress)
(10:24:28) matm: but i still agree with (bettina-h i think) about the search nox in the left menu. should not be there
(10:24:30) lgodard: b_osi: point 6
(10:24:45) lgodard: matm: why ?
(10:24:54) lgodard: matm: where should it be ?
(10:25:33) matm: it takes space for nothing. We can easily put it in the blue bar on the header.
(10:25:42) bettina-h: better at the beginning at top of the site, it is easier to realize there.
(10:25:51) lgodard: matm: it is a navigation stuff, should stay there
(10:25:53) matm: it makes a box with no title
(10:26:00) lgodard: bettina-h: ok, if at left
(10:26:06) matm: and makes 2 lines where one should be enough
(10:26:33) b_osi: matm: is new item, please let's discuss after AI finishing;
(10:26:39) matm: ok
(10:26:47) mdamboldt: Putting the search box top right would align with openoffice.org site.
(10:26:47) mdamboldt: In that case we have to decide where to put the login / pass items.
(10:26:48) b_osi: lgodard: any issues with 6.?
(10:27:39) lgodard: b_osi: i just answerd you that the request of having the total number displayed is linked to this
(10:28:12) lgodard: oups
(10:28:20) lgodard: misreading :(
(10:28:22) lgodard: sorry
(10:28:26) b_osi: ;-)
(10:28:39) b_osi: jsc: 2_2007-10-04: Clarify infrastructure for localization of static content with Thorsten
(10:28:48) jsc: I talked with Thorsten about this and he will take a closer look into the Drupal features next week.
(10:28:49) jsc: I was also no able to find  time to take a closer look into Drupal :-( What i know is that here exists a localization module (i think it is already installed) and some other promising modules. For example the "Internationalization" module
(10:28:51) jsc: ----
(10:28:52) jsc: "This is a collection of modules to add multi-lingual capabilities to Drupal sites. Provides content translation -nodes and taxonomy-, interface translation for anonymous users -with the locale module- and browser language detection. Includes a block for language selection and manages translation relationships for nodes and taxonomy terms."
(10:28:54) jsc: ---
(10:28:55) jsc: see also the feature overview of the module http://drupal.org/node/133978 and more documentation under http://drupal.org/node/133977
(10:28:57) jsc: From my point of view it looks really promising and the only critical factor is time and resources. I am personally have only limited time at the moment to work on this but will i do my best.
(10:29:39) lgodard: i made a call on english lists and french one
(10:29:57) lgodard: no_one with drupal capabilities seems to be interrested
(10:30:11) matm: jsc: put these infos on the wiki, so anyone can reach them
(10:30:11) lgodard: jsc: i agree that using drupa modules is the way
(10:30:47) lgodard: jsc: matm: yes. May be there http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/Translating
(10:30:48) jsc: matm: good idea, i should do that
(10:31:07) b_osi: jsc: 3_2007-10-04: Propose workflow for localization of static content	
(10:31:23) lgodard: jsc: what about joining the ooo translation process for static part
(10:31:28) lgodard: would it be possible ?
(10:31:38) mdamboldt: My recommendation is to follow standard OOo translation processes. I would suggest to setup a separate meeting with Rafaella Braconi to discuss translation details and probably some engineering experts to clarify details about so called SDF-Files.
(10:31:40) jsc: This AI depends on the possibilities that we will figure out next week (see last AI). As soon as we know how it can look like and how we can do it i will prepare some documentation to explain the workflow. I read about po files and already existing translations (several languages) for general Drupal terms, interfaces etc. that we can resue as well. I downloaded a German file and took a...
(10:31:42) jsc: ...closer look in it, it looks stragiht forward from my point of view. Probably there are others with more experience in this localization area than me.
(10:31:43) jsc: But as you can see on the repository. Two Mexican extensions ... So localization gets more and more important ... Haven't we documented that English should be supported until the localization feature is available?
(10:32:25) jsc: mdamboldt: of course that shoudl we do but we first have to figure out how it works
(10:32:26) lgodard: mdamboldt: one point regardint the translation is consistency
(10:32:54) b_osi: jsc: I find the mexicans ok - if translation is available, they get the english one
(10:33:01) lgodard: matm: if we translate static part, and not dybnamic content, this will look a bit anarchic ? no
(10:33:17) jsc: b_osi: sure  but i can't understand the text ;-)
(10:33:23) lgodard: btw, is there any solution ?
(10:33:45) jsc: lgodard: for what exactly?
(10:34:28) lgodard: jsc:display translated static part and not extensions tehmeselves (dynamic part)
(10:35:00) jsc: i think we need some more time to figure out how we can move forward best and we are working on it.
(10:35:21) matm: we shoulkd wait
(10:35:29) matm: for previous AI first, yes
(10:35:32) jsc: lgodard: the static part can probably solved fast when we have figured out how it works exactly. The dynamic part we take longer
(10:35:45) lgodard: jsc: i agree with that juergen
(10:35:52) lgodard: the problem is more for a user pow
(10:36:18) jsc: i understand but can't provide a solution. We have to live with it at the moment
(10:36:19) lgodard: is it good for ux having a mixed language site
(10:36:43) lgodard: jsc: ok ...
(10:37:00) matm: well, fr.ooo sit is like that: Some docs are in english, while static content is translated.
(10:37:14) lgodard: matm: ? please example
(10:37:29) matm: macros document from Andrew P.
(10:37:41) matm: Issue Zilla
(10:37:42) lgodard: matm: that is totally wrong
(10:37:44) matm: etc.
(10:37:46) jsc: i think it is not so important because we are working on a solution ...
(10:38:02) b_osi: finished AI's :-) in just 36 Minutes.
(10:38:04) matm: I know there are others docs in french
(10:38:10) b_osi: round table:
(10:38:13) b_osi: Laurent proposed to list extensions randomly on the site homepage. Another approach would be to give all extensions a chance by switching between "last modified", "most popular", "highest voted" and "random".
(10:38:19) lgodard: matm: andre's doc is translated and is a file, not a webpage _ I agree for issuezilla
bettina-h b_osi buchanae 
(10:38:51) lgodard: b_osi: the alternative is the same as random, no ?
(10:39:00) b_osi: I prepared a suggestion for the home page, that will cycle randomly through:
(10:39:02) b_osi: recent changes, most popular, highest votes and random:
(10:39:04) b_osi: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/homepage
(10:39:16) lgodard: why not only random ?
(10:39:26) mdamboldt: b_osi: sounds great
(10:39:50) b_osi: lgodard, because I suggest this ;-)
(10:40:11) lgodard: b_osi: what is the advantage ?
(10:40:16) jsc: b_osi: i like it as well
(10:40:17) jsc: lgodard: we honor the best extensions a little bit ;-)
(10:40:32) lgodard: jsc: they are honorred in a dediacted category
(10:40:33) b_osi: lgodard: jsc is right.
(10:40:49) lgodard: b_osi: jscbtw, do as you want
(10:40:53) b_osi: But not for first time visitors coming to teh site
(10:40:59) jsc: yes but i like to do it on the main page as well
(10:41:05) lgodard: what i want is that unknown extensions are focused 
(10:41:29) matm: how do you define unknown ?
(10:41:37) b_osi: that is with randomly displaying teh random category.
(10:41:46) lgodard: a new extension that do not profit from buzz
bettina-h b_osi buchanae 
(10:42:01) lgodard: b_osi: yes
(10:42:04) mdamboldt: also recent changes cover "unknown"
(10:42:04) jsc: i don't believe that you can do it with simply showing them. The provider have to make some noise ...
(10:42:20) b_osi: lgodard: and with showing randomly recent added extensions
(10:42:21) lgodard: ok lets stop this discussion as tyou're not convinced
(10:42:27) lgodard: jsc: don't agree
(10:42:40) matm: lgodard: ok, but how do you define it with the database infos we have ?
(10:42:59) lgodard: matm: that is why pure random gives equal focus to all
(10:43:09) matm: ok, then
(10:43:27) b_osi: is Daniel Darabos here?
(10:43:47) jsc: should we vote for
(10:43:48) jsc: random only or
(10:43:50) jsc: the way suggestd yb b_osi
(10:44:20) lgodard: jsc: no need, i'm the only one for pure random
(10:44:50) jsc: b_osi: do oyu have an idea waht the problem form Daniel is/was
(10:45:30) b_osi: yes, I will put it on mailing list, after i took a look, but I have an idea wht's wrong :-)
(10:45:41) ***jsc i hate my crossing fingers when typing fast :-(
(10:46:02) jsc: b_osi: good to hear that ...
(10:46:07) b_osi: me to :-(
(10:46:16) b_osi: ok, any other topics?
(10:46:16) lgodard: jsc: me ot
(10:46:18) mdamboldt: b_osi: May it was related to the anti virus tests and the duplicate file issue?
(10:46:35) lgodard: is it the open discussion now ?
(10:46:49) b_osi: mdamboldt: no;
(10:46:56) b_osi: lgodard: yes
(10:46:58) matm: For the search box, i will send a reply to the ML from the message of Matthias Mueller-Prove
(10:47:17) lgodard: which list ?
(10:47:21) lgodard: matm: ux ?
(10:47:33) matm: website
(10:47:41) matm: ext-website
(10:47:45) lgodard: matm: ok
(10:47:52) b_osi: ok, then we discuss search box on mailing list; is ok with me; if you came to conclusion, fill issue to me or come to website mailing list
(10:47:53) matm: a mail of the Sept, 11th
(10:48:00) lgodard: one point to note : invite the ux list to join this meeting
(10:48:25) b_osi: ux is there: bettina-h
(10:48:34) matm: there was cross posting with discuss@ux, i may keep it
(10:48:35) lgodard: b_osi: ok
(10:48:40) matm: or not ?
(10:48:55) lgodard: matm: has you want
(10:49:08) matm: bettina-h: do you follow ext-website ?
(10:49:55) matm: lgodard : -h ;-)
(10:49:55) lgodard: so
(10:50:12) lgodard: matm: (right ;))
(10:50:24) lgodard: regarding kami's mail ?
(10:50:30) jsc: isn't the ux mailing list more for office related features? website@extensions ... is for the repository site. I would say if they want help us they should join this list
(10:50:36) lgodard: is it possible to have the total download ?
(10:50:54) b_osi: kami: I think we should rework the method of creating Most popular extension. In my opinion every Extension should appear once this list and they have to sorted by their total number of downloads. In fact, currently every single release indicated what is not user friendly IHMO.  ?
(10:50:56) lgodard: jsc: or at least warn us they start discussiin
(10:51:03) bettina-h: matm: Yes, I do.
(10:51:05) jsc: we have some overlapping things but that are the minor issue we discuss here
(10:51:14) lgodard: jsc:  that is what i replied on the list
(10:51:40) lgodard: b_osi: thx
(10:51:42) matm: ok, so leave the cross posting
(10:52:05) jsc: matm: thanks. But you can do a last posting where you explain why ;-)
(10:52:26) lgodard: b_osi: is the total downlaosd a usefull information for user ? I THINK SO
(10:52:32) lgodard: oups, caps
(10:52:34) mdamboldt: I share KAMI's opinion to sum the releases in the most popular extension listing
(10:52:49) jsc: mdamboldt: me too
(10:53:01) matm: +1
(10:53:11) b_osi: I don't; that will eb an advantage for old extensions, but new ones don't have a chance to appear there.
(10:53:13) lgodard: +1
(10:53:26) mdamboldt: I personally think its usefull information to have total download numbers as a user.
(10:53:45) mdamboldt: b_osi: Very good point!
(10:53:53) lgodard: b_osi: yes but leverage over time
(10:53:58) matm: so a ratio download/age of the extension ?
(10:54:06) lgodard: b_osi: that is what most popular is
(10:54:12) mdamboldt: matm: Interesting idea.
(10:54:12) matm: but that may disadvantage old extensions ...
(10:54:23) lgodard: b_osi: or cakcukate the second derivative rate
(10:54:25) b_osi: lgodard: isn't that what we are talking about?
(10:54:45) mdamboldt: So -> download / time instead of dwonload / age?
(10:55:07) lgodard: mdamboldt: yes this is the second derivative
(10:55:15) lgodard: last month most popular
(10:55:36) jsc: hey guys,  i have to leave now. See and hear from you next week or maybe earlier somewhere else
(10:55:45) lgodard: mdamboldt: if we have the information, why not, but i do not see problem there
(10:55:46) jsc est désormais connu sous le nom de jsc_away
(10:55:47) mdamboldt: Extension of the moth ...Mc Donalds (SCNR)
(10:55:59) lgodard: mdamboldt: ?
(10:56:18) b_osi: mdamboldt: I got it :-)
(10:56:35) mdamboldt: lgodard: Forget about it, it's an joke about employee of the month at Mc Donalds...
(10:56:42) lgodard: mdamboldt: ok
(10:57:09) b_osi: ok, so what conclusion: a new sort of view, with all time popular?
(10:57:13) mdamboldt: So the idea is most poular of a month list, not only a single one?
(10:57:21) matm: mdamboldt: time will favor newly tested extensions, not most used ...
(10:57:38) lgodard: matm: i agree
(10:57:49) lgodard: matm: i would say to keep it simple
(10:58:51) matm: downloads of last release + (total dl /2) ?
(10:59:07) b_osi: ok, so what conclusion: a new sort of view, with all time popular?
(10:59:07) matm: that's not simple, but should be more equal
(10:59:21) lgodard: matm: with a coeffcient, and a Tan function on it :)
(10:59:28) mdamboldt: :)
(10:59:38) b_osi: matm: you are joking, I hope ;-)
(10:59:38) lgodard: matm: as you want
(10:59:43) matm: b_osi: yes, maybe a "all time popular" and "month popular"
(10:59:57) mdamboldt: +1
(11:00:01) matm: b_osi: no, it smooths variations, and we have both numbers.
(11:00:02) b_osi: matm: ah, ok better :-)
(11:00:04) lgodard: matm: yes absolute and incremental
(11:00:49) matm: month should be last 30 days, IMO
(11:01:04) lgodard: matm: what about february ?
(11:01:11) b_osi: ok I will go for to prepare: "all time popular" and "last 30 days popular"
(11:01:18) lgodard: matm: yes of course, but do we log these information
(11:01:20) lgodard: ?
(11:01:30) matm: don't relate to static months.
(11:01:36) lgodard: b_osi: do we log date/time of downloads ?
(11:01:46) lgodard: matm: it wwas a joke 
(11:01:51) matm: I meant "all time popular" and "last 30 days  popular"
(11:02:11) b_osi: lgodard: no, not jet - this will take longer to provide.
(11:02:27) matm: wait, we may compute the mean and addit for the one or two days missing
(11:02:31) matm: add it
(11:02:36) matm: :-)
(11:02:48) b_osi: ok other topics?
bettina-h b_osi buchanae 
(11:02:56) lgodard: b_osi: yes
(11:03:10) b_osi: 30 minutes to go at...
(11:03:13) lgodard: b_osi: the autoredirect while retreiving 
(11:03:18) lgodard: the extension
(11:03:32) lgodard: we leave the ooo site to an unknown one
(11:03:42) lgodard: even in a foreign language
(11:04:01) b_osi: you don't leave, you win a second window.
(11:04:02) lgodard: eg. the site is all in french, and then, we arrive on a Zulu page
(11:04:24) lgodard: b_osi: no, thorsten, the window i'm looking at is redirecting
(11:04:28) mdamboldt: lgodard: Thats theoretical, currently its in English.
(11:04:35) lgodard: mdamboldt: grrr
(11:04:42) mdamboldt: The intention when enabling the field "Download from page / Open follow up page URL:" in the submition form was exactly to also enable the extension provider to show a follow up page. That is exactly what is being done in the given example.
(11:05:09) mdamboldt: And it's not intended as redirect but as follow-up page.
(11:05:11) b_osi: and again, it is leaft for teh extension submitter! please blame them, if they use it wrong.
(11:05:13) lgodard: mdamboldt: a mexican extension provider decides to redirect to its site and then you switch from english to lexican without any warning
(11:05:21) lgodard: mdamboldt: it is better now ?
(11:05:33) mdamboldt: lgodard: Yes.
(11:05:49) KAMI: hej
(11:05:50) b_osi: lgodard: if no second window pops up it is an error for issue tracker to me.
(11:06:00) lgodard: b_osi: the problem is
(11:06:09) KAMI: Sorry I am late :/
(11:06:23) mdamboldt: b_osi: The second window / tab does open up.
(11:06:27) b_osi: kami: no problem, we alreday solved your topic :-)
(11:06:30) lgodard: b_osi: a second widows popup, and we are on this one. then the extension is doxnloaded and the page redirected
(11:06:39) lgodard: we should have astay on the first page
(11:06:49) b_osi: kami: you get additional views: "all time popular" and "last 30 days popular"
(11:07:09) mdamboldt: lgodard: So you mean the download page should not open in a seperate window?
(11:07:14) KAMI: what is the solution?
(11:07:22) lgodard: the if the user is curious , he goes to the site the extension producer proposes 
(11:07:35) lgodard: this site can be advertized on the extension download page
(11:08:00) lgodard: "The provider proposes you to vis its site fore more information, look at the other window or click here"
(11:08:35) mdamboldt: Here is what the website says today:
(11:08:36) mdamboldt: Your download will start automatically.
(11:08:36) mdamboldt: Please, klick here to start download manually.
(11:08:36) mdamboldt: You should be redirected to a page with important additional informations.
(11:08:36) mdamboldt: Please, klick here to go on manually.
(11:08:36) mdamboldt: I still don't see whats wrong with the current behavior.
(11:08:36) lgodard: mdamboldt: yes, the download page stays in the main windows, and the follow up page opens in the second window
(11:08:43) b_osi: kami: you get additional views: "all time popular" and "last 30 days popular"
(11:08:51) lgodard: You should be redirected to a page with important additional informations.
(11:09:15) lgodard: i don't want as a user being redirected, i have other things to do on the extensions web site
(11:09:36) KAMI: b_osi: perfect
(11:09:46) matm: kclick should be click, btw
(11:09:59) KAMI: But it must contain one entry per extension
(11:10:07) mdamboldt: I'm still confused by "redirected". There is no redirection. People get the extension and after they got it, a follow-up page is provided.
(11:10:10) KAMI: so not all releases listed here
(11:10:32) lgodard: mdamboldt: please define follow_up
(11:10:56) matm: Taking example of Sun report builder, the page doesn't start download automatically, and the SRB is not visible at first glance on the page. Confusing. But seems to be the ext author misbehaving, here.
(11:11:06) b_osi: kami: yes, I will try to take it into account for the new views.
(11:11:34) mdamboldt: I understand redirect as forwarding to another point where the current process continues.
(11:11:34) mdamboldt: Follow-Up I understand as way to display further things.
(11:12:00) lgodard: mdamboldt: does the view of the user change or not ? or is it in an other page ?
(11:12:04) lgodard: page/tab
(11:13:20) mdamboldt: lgodard: So you think the follow-up link should not open in the same tab / window as the download?
(11:13:46) lgodard: mdamboldt: yes at it is not the choice of the use rto be kicked_off the extensions website
(11:14:22) matm: I click on get it (means download for me), and download does not start. DOwnload should start and then we may go to follow-up page
(11:14:47) mdamboldt: lgodard: At the point when the follow-up page is opened currently, the download is finished, so the user should be finished with what he processed. Currently the main Extension tab is still open. Remember, we opened a new tab/window when the user clicked on GetIt.
(11:14:52) matm: the download open in a separate tab for me
(11:15:08) b_osi: matm: I have an issue with opera browser, where it doen't work - that is known.
(11:15:12) lgodard: matm: download should start (it starts here) but we should stay in the website, other tabs/links *proposing* to go outside
(11:15:35) matm: b_osi: ok
(11:15:38) mdamboldt: matm: For me the download starts imediatly after selcting GetIt
(11:16:00) matm: seems to be opera's fault, here :-)
(11:16:17) b_osi: matm: you are using opera? I'm sorry ....
(11:16:32) KAMI: b_osi thanks
(11:16:35) lgodard: mdamboldt: i'm proposed to store on the disk, and even if i don not reply, i go to an external site
(11:17:16) lgodard: (here sun websiten but could have been a mexican website, or a zulu one, or an pron.xxx)
(11:17:55) b_osi: kami: to say it with IZBot: always a pleasure helping you.
(11:18:29) matm: text "You should be..." must be changed: "You will go to a page proposed by the extension's author". And adding a text saying the oriinal page is still there, behind it.
(11:18:45) lgodard: better change the texte
(11:18:55) lgodard: but, the workflow is still wrong
(11:19:16) mdamboldt: lgodard: What should the workflow look like from your point of view?
(11:20:08) lgodard: mdamboldt: ok, lets repeat it in a clearer manneer
(11:20:17) mdamboldt: GetIt stays in the current tab and follow-up site is opened in separate tab?
(11:20:18) lgodard: you click get it
(11:20:30) lgodard: mdamboldt: YES :)
(11:20:38) mdamboldt: AH!!!!
(11:20:48) matm: using click here to go manually opens a new window (having 3, for now: looks much)
(11:21:15) lgodard: matm: maybe, if automartic tab is not working
(11:21:28) lgodard: but automatic new tab for follow up is fine for me
(11:21:55) matm: window or tab, whatever, it makes too much for a simple action, IMO
(11:22:11) KAMI: Are we know about tzhe upcoming extensions?
(11:22:36) lgodard: mdamboldt: do we agree ?
(11:22:39) matm: mdamboldt view is good. Get it in same tab, starts download, and provide a link to get back. Follow-up page as a new window/tab
(11:22:52) KAMI: Also I would like to know if you are interested to release more templates extensions
(11:23:08) KAMI: many of them is not linked by me
(11:23:09) lgodard: matm: congrat to mdamboldt ;)
(11:23:11) KAMI: directli
(11:23:52) matm: lgodard: ;-) will rephrase next time :-)
(11:24:25) b_osi: ok - finished this topic with an AI for me to changhe behaviour?
(11:24:35) lgodard: b_osi: ok :)
(11:25:25) b_osi: and now to kami: you have 7 minuntes ;-)
(11:25:52) b_osi: kami: I don't understand what you are asking.
(11:26:10) b_osi: do you wan't to provide more extensions, or are you waiting to see more?
(11:27:23) b_osi: kami .... ?
(11:27:43) KAMI: jes
(11:27:44) KAMI: :)
(11:27:56) KAMI: yes :o)
(11:28:06) matm: KAMI: 1 or 2?
(11:28:10) b_osi: it was an 'or' question ;-)
(11:28:45) KAMI: I wanted to ask
(11:28:52) KAMI: I have more tmaplates extension
(11:28:56) KAMI: Should I upload it
(11:29:15) KAMI: or I should link the download page (this is the currens situation)
(11:30:03) mdamboldt: KAMI: Well if you put the binaries into the Repository, you can take advantage of Updates for example.
(11:30:37) matm: b_osi: before i leave:
(11:30:38) b_osi: ah, the big packages; I would favor to just link them - updates for templates are nice, but not that important?
(11:30:44) matm: b_osi: about daniel darabos, read his mail carefully. He's talking about problem in description.xml parsing. Answer on ML to deepens the analysis
(11:31:01) mdamboldt: How big are they?
(11:31:01) matm: bye
(11:31:27) b_osi: matm: thanks, I do, by and thanks fot joining
(11:31:47) lgodard: matm: thx
(11:32:09) lgodard: b_osi: i agree pointing on big stuff
(11:32:24) lgodard: b_osi: to we have an upload limit ?
(11:32:35) b_osi: lgodard: 100MB
(11:32:51) lgodard: b_osi: far enough
(11:33:40) b_osi: kami: anything else we can do for you?
(11:34:05) matm a quitté le salon (quit: )
(11:34:38) b_osi: then I would like to close todays meeting....
bettina-h b_osi buchanae 
(11:34:52) b_osi: 3....
(11:34:53) lgodard: thanks thorsten
(11:35:00) b_osi: 2....
(11:35:05) lgodard: i put the log on wiki
(11:35:10) b_osi: 1....
(11:35:13) b_osi: so thank you again for joining the extesnion site meeting;
(11:35:15) b_osi: Logs and meeting minutes will get published and announced on mailing list;
(11:35:17) b_osi: see you next week.
(11:35:18) mdamboldt: bye
(11:35:21) lgodard: bye
(11:35:22) b_osi: bye
(11:35:36) bettina-h: bye
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