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(10:02:05) mdamboldt: Hi
(10:02:15) bettina-h: hi
(10:02:36) bosi: juhu
(10:03:02) mdamboldt: Ok, let's start wlaking thru the action items.
(10:03:12) mdamboldt: AI #1: 2_2007-8-16: make a picture of: How is the information flow on Extension Repository Site
(10:03:16) IZBot: no issue with number 1
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(10:04:45) mdamboldt: AI #1: I've created a diagramm which is part of the Wiki pages at: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/submission
(10:04:48) IZBot: no issue with number 1
(10:05:19) mdamboldt: aI No.2: 1_2007-8-23: find out whether ClamAV is available for the platform our extension site server is running on
(10:06:05) mdamboldt: AI No.2: Got confirmation that the corresponding module is being tested right now. Don't know a date when it will go live. Will investigate further on it.
(10:06:20) mdamboldt: AI No. 3: 2_2007-8-23: solve open site layout issues according to todo list
(10:06:35) bosi: in progress; still working on some IE6 problems;
(10:06:52) mdamboldt: bosi: ok
(10:07:12) mdamboldt: AI No. 4: 3_2007-8-23: provide Action plan for Localization Framework / Owner: Simon Lopez
(10:07:58) mdamboldt: anbody know something about AI No. 4: 3_2007-8-23?
(10:08:44) mdamboldt: AI No 5: 2_2007-8-30: Define Requirements for Tooltips in Extension Manager and Update Notification / Owner: BH (KSO)
(10:08:51) bettina-h: We need to enhance the submit extension website by a field, where the submitter enters a short description explaining the purpose of the extension. That string is needed as input for the tip-help, which is shown above a selected extension in the extension manager. I'll support Bosi with an appropriate string.
(10:09:29) bettina-h: I have informed JL about and will add the stuff to the appropriate spec.
(10:09:40) mdamboldt: beetina-h: So it's back "in progress"
(10:10:03) bettina-h: Yes.
(10:10:08) mdamboldt: AI No. 6: 3_2007-8-30: Follow up on localization of extension site / Owner JSC
(10:10:28) mdamboldt: anybody have an updete on AI No. 6: 3_2007-8-30?
(10:11:04) mdamboldt: AI No. 7: _2007-9-06: How can updates (using the Extensions Manager's update mechanism) be counted? How do we make the statistics public? / Owner: TBO
(10:11:28) bosi: Found solution that is working; currently implementing; will add the counts to the current download button click counter.
(10:11:40) mdamboldt: great
(10:11:55) mdamboldt: AI No. 8: 2_2007-9-06: Talk to STS about the page which is displayed after downloading an extension. / Owner: MD
(10:12:21) lgodard: hi all
(10:12:36) mdamboldt: AI No. 8: Received drafts from Stella. Will publish tem on the mailing list.
(10:12:37) lgodard: hey, there is a meeting ?
(10:12:46) mdamboldt: lgodard: yes
(10:12:46) lgodard: has it been announced ?
(10:12:58) mdamboldt: lgodard: No I missed it.
(10:13:29) mdamboldt: AI No. 9: _2007-9-06: Remove the To-Dos and SiteHelp link at the bottom of the page. Let the "Contact us" link lead to a page wich explains how the openoffice.extensions.website can be accessed. /Owner: TBO
(10:14:17) bosi: was already done lasr week :-)
(10:14:19) mdamboldt: forget about AI No. 9: _2007-9-06, it's already done
(10:14:30) lgodard: bettina-h: AI5: need te be translated
(10:14:35) mdamboldt: AI No. 10: 1_2007-9-13: provide some statistics about the usage of "By Tag" compared to the tag cloud / Owner: ST
(10:15:15) bosi: stefan? should get moved to next week again.
(10:15:24) mdamboldt: lgodard: Good point regarding No. 5
(10:15:27) mdamboldt: bosi: ok
(10:15:31) bettina-h: lgodard: ok.
(10:15:53) lgodard: mdamboldt: of course defaulting to english if not accessible
(10:16:22) ***mdamboldt wondering how that translation process will look like!?!?
(10:16:47) lgodard: regarding AI4 & AI6 : delay to next week - I propose to officially remove slopez and take an AI to find new resources
(10:17:19) lgodard: mdamboldt: any comment on the wiki is welcommed, or at least on mailing list
(10:17:42) lgodard: mdamboldt: seems that Drupal contains a usefull framework
(10:17:52) lgodard: mdamboldt: that was slopez part AI4
(10:18:21) mdamboldt: Ok, seems we have to find new ressources.
(10:18:45) mdamboldt: AI No. 11: 2_2007-9-13: provide some statistics about used screen resolutions / Owner: ST, TBO
(10:19:28) bosi: same as No.10.
(10:20:12) mdamboldt: AI No. 12: 3_2007-9-13: prepare a discussion proposal how we can collect feedback and how we can handle the feedback / Owner: MATM
(10:20:43) mdamboldt: Did I overlook the proposal somewhere?
(10:21:44) ***mdamboldt silence seem to say "no" or "me too"
(10:22:05) mdamboldt: So we are at round tabel, abybody likes to raise any forther topics?
(10:24:35) mdamboldt: Regarding submitting of Extensions and the license I have one point.
(10:24:36) mdamboldt: I like to request having a text field during extension submition where I can put a license text via cut copy paste.
(10:24:53) mdamboldt: Thorsten, do you think we can have that?
(10:26:19) bosi: could be done;
(10:26:40) lgodard: bosi: with also
(10:26:52) lgodard: standard text for GPL, LGPL and BSD
(10:27:00) lgodard: the site could provide
(10:27:13) lgodard: avoid duplicating licence text
(10:27:48) bosi: no standard text providing - every submitter has to take care about his own license; I won't be liable for some wrong false license texts.
(10:28:22) mdamboldt: lgodard: On the other hand people will shoot you if there are errors in the license, they didn't expect.
(10:28:22) mdamboldt: So everybody should be responsible himself for the license, not the site.
(10:28:23) lgodard: bosi: but pointing on fsf website
(10:28:56) lgodard: mdamboldt: no do not agree. this could allox us to separate free / non free stuff easily
(10:28:59) bosi: yes, below the field we could put the link to fsf for infos
(10:29:11) lgodard: bosi: yes, that was my point
(10:29:24) mdamboldt: The link sounds fine.
(10:29:35) mdamboldt: AI noted for TBO
(10:29:46) bosi: free/nonfeee is already done by the listbox of license kind.
(10:30:12) lgodard: bosi: but, then tou have to trust someone claiming he is free
(10:30:20) lgodard: tou/you
(10:30:26) lgodard: bosi: even not.
(10:30:45) mdamboldt: Additional I like to have the option to put a readme file to an extension. During submition of an extension we can only refer the .oxt file iteself.
(10:30:45) mdamboldt: Currently there is no room to put any additional information as file up there, for example a readme file which explains details about the installation of the corresponding extension.
(10:30:51) lgodard: bosi: free/opensource means the licence is officially recognized
(10:31:36) lgodard: mdamboldt: ok, put we should encourage submitters
(10:31:49) lgodard: to fill the website and not simply attach a readme file
(10:32:13) bosi: mdamboldt, this is something that has to get discussed with teh new feature for teh extension manager to link to the release notes. (That JL just implemented,)
(10:32:45) lgodard: bosi: i've anothoer point (sorry) - give an email link for contacting the author of an extension
(10:33:06) bosi: could we just discuss mdamboldt topic.
(10:33:12) lgodard: bosi: ok
(10:33:16) mdamboldt: I gues people download the file and like to know what to do with it. In some cases they might have the browser already closed, wondering what to do next.
(10:33:46) lgodard: mdamboldt: dealing with oxt is standard. No need with specific readme
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(10:33:55) bosi: mdamboldt, how will you solve this?
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(10:34:24) lgodard: mdamboldt: if the extension needs more, this should be available through integrated help
(10:34:57) mdamboldt: lgodard: The readme not only talks about installation, but also whats the benefit of it and where to reach it in the application. So it explains the user where the new buttons are and what they do. All those details.....
(10:35:01) lgodard: mdamboldt: btw, i agree your point but we should be carefull otherwise we will end with a lot of extensions were all is described in readme and not on the site
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(10:35:05) bosi: mdamboldt, but every extension installation procedure is equal? there is already the link on how to install an extension on the site.
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(10:35:52) lgodard: mdamboldt: readme is only for very specific things (such as need a third party tool aso.)
(10:36:21) lgodard: otherwise we should point submitters to write release notes on the website itself
(10:36:22) mdamboldt: lgodard: I don't believe people won't write details on the page anymore. The like to advertise / promote their extensions, so they have to write as much and detailed as possible to reach people.
(10:36:52) lgodard: mdamboldt: no, won't do. at least, not all
(10:37:18) lgodard: mdamboldt: people will write a readme and then on the site will say "see readme"
(10:37:52) bosi: mdamboldt, so how would you expect people who download teh .oxt will have to find the readme on the site again?
(10:38:45) bosi: mdamboldt, can we not just rename it to 'release notes' instead of 'read me' ;-) ?
(10:39:24) mdamboldt: bosi: Probably somewhere in the detailed page of an extension.
(10:39:49) mdamboldt: bosi: I will re-think the idea, probably it would best fit into release notes section
(10:41:04) mdamboldt: Anything else for today?
(10:41:32) mdamboldt: lgodard: Any impressions you can share with us from the OOoCon in point of view to the Extension Repository?
(10:42:16) lgodard: mdamboldt: i'm not at OOoCon
(10:42:22) mdamboldt: Oh
(10:42:33) lgodard: mdamboldt: unfortunatelly :(
(10:42:58) lgodard: i even do not know if juergen drive the meeting he announced
(10:43:02) lgodard: no feedback
(10:43:30) lgodard: bosi: one last point i raised : contacting the author.If he agree, his email should be available
(10:43:34) bosi: lgodard, the email link should get established - maybe with teh contact formular aceesible for all users;
(10:44:18) lgodard: bosi: is it per-extension ? a link on the name of the submitters should be suitable 
(10:44:29) bosi: I don't like to publish the email - but you arguments for this are welcome - to publish the email direct on teh site
(10:44:58) lgodard: bosi: if i need further information on the extension before installing it
(10:44:58) bosi: the submitter might get hidden, if he publishes as 'provider'
(10:45:21) lgodard: btw, this should be a volunteer choice
(10:45:44) cloph_away a quitté le salon (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
(10:45:51) lgodard: when submitting, a checkbox : give my email as contact
(10:45:57) lgodard: or something like this
(10:46:45) bosi: yes, a checkbox: I would like to be able to get contacted via email.
(10:47:17) bosi: AI for me ?
(10:47:18) lgodard: bosi: but, as you want, publishing or not the email, using a formular (i found generally unsuable as a user)
(10:47:33) mdamboldt: bosi: AI noted
(10:47:42) lgodard: any user should be able to contact someone to get more information
(10:47:48) lgodard: i even would say 
(10:48:11) lgodard: defaulting to users@extensions (but needs more discussion on this)
(10:48:33) lgodard: bosi: thx :) I'm sure you'll do the best that can be done :)
(10:48:53) mdamboldt: other items?
(10:49:19) lgodard: not for the moment
(10:49:31) lgodard: i volunteer to report the log on the wiki
(10:49:45) lgodard: who is in charge for the minutes ?
(10:49:49) lgodard: mdamboldt: ?
(10:49:51) lgodard: you ?
(10:49:52) mdamboldt: lgodard: thanks for doing that!
(10:50:04) mdamboldt: minutes -> me
(10:50:07) lgodard: ok
(10:50:19) lgodard: so il let you close officially :)
(10:50:23) mdamboldt: Ok, so talk to you next week again, latest.
(10:50:23) mdamboldt: bye
(10:50:34) mdamboldt: -------- meeting closed ---------
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