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(09:57:41) jsc: slopez: i've talked already with Laurent about some kind of specification for the localization feature. What do you think? I would suggest that we prepare a separate wiki page where collect requirements and write some informal specification. It's should be mainly to help us that we do the right thinks and that we can check if have taken care of any important things related localization. and...
(09:57:43) jsc: ...of course it make sit easier to follow your work.
(09:58:56) stx12 [n=st@sd-socks-197.staroffice.de] est entré dans le salon
(10:01:24) stx12: good morning
(10:03:38) kso [i=kso@nat/sun/x-f8aad3e094f1d7b2] est entré dans le salon
(10:03:42) kso: hi
(10:03:49) jsc: 1_2007-7-5: was done last week
(10:05:02) jsc: 1_2007-8-03: md prepared something and put it in the wiki
(10:05:04) jsc:  
(10:05:36) jsc: 2_2007-8-16: in progress, md is working on it
(10:06:05) jsc: 1_2007-8-23: in progress
(10:06:18) jsc: 2_2007-8-23: in progress
(10:06:42) jsc: lgodard, do you know anything from Lopez
(10:07:24) jsc: ok, no news, next
(10:08:53) jsc: 1_2007-8-30: seems to be unclear, we will define a more concrete new one related to this topic
(10:10:35) jsc: 2_2007-8-30: open, low prio and postponed
(10:11:03) mdamboldt [n=mdambold@sd-socks-197.staroffice.de] est entré dans le salon
(10:11:07) mdamboldt: Hi
(10:11:29) mdamboldt: Sorry for beeing late, had some major connection issues...
(10:12:00) stx12: jsc: then put a due date on 2_2007-8-30; postponed and not to be mentioned again until ...?
(10:12:02) stx12: hi
(10:12:04) mdamboldt: In case nobody stated it yet, the phone connection for this meeting is still broken
(10:12:27) ***stx12 would have been happy to dial in :-(
(10:12:35) jsc: 3_2007-8-30: i've talked already with lgodard about it and he agreed that it make sense to create some kind of informal spec for the localization feature. In progress  ...
(10:12:48) mdamboldt: I'm already in progress to setup a new conference call line for this meeting
(10:13:06) mdamboldt: Hopefully the new line will be available till next meeting
(10:13:24) lgodard: hi all
(10:13:27) lgodard: sorry being late
(10:14:21) lgodard: jsc: agree regarding localization feature _ lot have been writtent informally on mailing lists - I need to gather all of this
(10:15:07) mdamboldt: tbo just mentioned some issues regarding filename of extensions during upload
(10:16:18) mdamboldt: If you upload "foo.oxt" and another user trys to upload an extension called "foo.oxt", too
(10:16:49) mdamboldt: The second user will end up in having "foo_.oxt" instead of "foo.oxt"
(10:17:03) stx12: without notification?
(10:17:27) mdamboldt: tbo is in progress to implement a workaround asap
(10:17:34) mdamboldt: stx12: no warning
(10:19:50) mdamboldt: jl just mentiond issues with the way of displaying category
(10:20:04) mdamboldt: not the category Web2.0 styling on the main page http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/
(10:20:31) ***stx12 missed what is the due date for 2_2007-8-30 is...
(10:20:35) mdamboldt: but following the link "By Category" http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/tagadelic/chunk/3
(10:21:38) stx12: i'm fine with the size according to the number of items; what is the problem?
(10:23:33) mdamboldt: stx12: Seems that expectation from some people is a kind of list or tree list with "normal" font size for all
(10:25:24) mdamboldt: Additional people discuss that "Category" is currently more a kind of "statistic", the more a specific sting is mentioned, the bigger they would be displayed
(10:25:29) stx12: different sizes in tag clouds are "normal". this list or tree would be something different - not necessary bad. what would be the structure of a tree for our categories?
(10:26:42) stx12: it's just "well known" behaviour of tag clouds; seems we shoudl have named it tags to better fit what is does.
(10:28:07) mdamboldt: stx12: According to tbo "Category" was formally named "tags" - don't remember for which reason we renamed
(10:29:19) lgodard: these king of cloud is useless to parse the list. No clear vision of what is available
(10:29:51) stx12: tbo is right; we felt uncomfortable with the name "tag";
(10:30:31) lgodard: keywords ?
(10:32:52) stx12: i don't think we have to reinvent what has been defined as "tag cloud" - short "tags" - if we feel that we have to change the name from "category".
(10:32:57) mdamboldt: Suggestion from round table here in the room is:
(10:33:14) mdamboldt: remove "By Category" link on top left of the page
(10:33:46) mdamboldt: rename Web2.0 tag cloud on main page to "Tags"
(10:34:21) mdamboldt: and re-think what "Category" can be, where we put and gather those "Category"
(10:35:00) mdamboldt: addition rename "category" field during submitting extensions to "tags"
(10:37:24) jsc: 1. remove "By Category" link on top left of the page
(10:37:26) jsc: 2. rename Web2.0 tag cloud on main page to "Tags"
(10:37:27) jsc: 3. and re-think what "Category" can be, where we put and gather those "Category"
(10:37:28) stx12: ok; renaming category to tags at all occurenceies is good; what about a link "By Tags" at the top
(10:37:29) jsc: 4. addition rename "category" field during submitting extensions to "tags"
(10:37:30) jsc: to make your answer easier ;-)
(10:37:50) stx12: ad 1)  what about a link "By Tags" at the top
(10:37:57) lgodard: 3. and think on translation of this
(10:38:12) lgodard: unfortunatelly, slopez seems not here :(
(10:38:27) jsc: srx2: it would be doubled
(10:38:50) jsc: lgodard: localization is addressed and we should work first on a spec ....
(10:38:53) stx12: jsc: which is not a bad thing
(10:41:01) kso: +1 for renaming "category" to "tag" everywhere
(10:41:17) kso: +1 for the new toplevel entry
(10:41:22) mdamboldt: stx12: bh and mmp both think it makes no sense to have it double, independent if its named tag or catery
(10:42:40) lgodard: mdamboldt: btw a popular tag may become a category later if it shows a lack 
(10:42:54) mdamboldt: at the table here most people vote for remove "By Category" link
(10:43:26) stx12: for me it would be two entry links to the same page; In the "Extensions by" section "By Tags" and a "more tags" at the cloud.
(10:43:29) jsc: lgodard: we agreed that we will talk about categories some time later
(10:44:46) stx12: but there are more important topics that have been postponed also :-)
(10:46:30) mdamboldt: to come to an end we will rename category to tag everywhere now
(10:46:41) lgodard: jsc: i only answered mdamboldt remark on doubling
(10:46:50) mdamboldt: next item
(10:47:06) mdamboldt: tbo just mentioned issues regarding using IE6 for viewing the page
(10:47:28) mdamboldt: tbo is in progress to fix this, he is getting new graphics from sts
(10:47:42) mdamboldt: hopefully this will be fixed by end of today
(10:51:50) mdamboldt: the IE6 will not impact the "go live" action today, the disclaimer and test extensions will be removed later today by tbo
(10:52:28) stx12: good; are we going to start from scratch or at least remove test entries?
(10:53:10) mdamboldt: stx12: We will not start from scratch. Only removing test entries.
(10:53:11) lgodard: stx12: some contributors laready submitted extensions - may be contact them if we scratch
(10:53:18) lgodard: mdamboldt: agree
(10:53:24) stx12: or skip entries with tag test from "highest...", "most...",
(10:54:19) jsc: stx12: i would suggest to keep it simple
(10:54:50) stx12: so what is the simple solution to work with test entries and not disturb users of the site?
(10:57:30) jsc: the submitter can test it, if necessary the account can be shared or test it and disable the extensions later. Anyway if we think that it is a necessary feature we can integrate it
(10:58:43) kso: as long as the submitted extension gets not "published" by the submitter, the extension is not visible to others. Should be sufficient for most testing needs.
(11:02:18) mdamboldt: tbo just mentioned that we can'tcount the number of extension downloads which come in via Office Update Request currently
(11:03:09) mdamboldt: tbo will investigate on this with low priority
(11:08:46) mdamboldt: Currently discussing details about the update information generated on the Extension Repository
(11:11:47) mdamboldt: Currently discussing details about the update information generated on the Extension Repository?
(11:12:56) mdamboldt: anything else?
(11:13:30) stx12: the page shown after a regular download could use some love
(11:14:46) mdamboldt: stx12: I will discus this with sts
(11:15:21) stx12: i guess stella will also have some comments on the "by application" page
(11:17:31) mdamboldt: stx12: Will talk to sts about "By Application" page
(11:17:40) stx12: thx
(11:18:34) mdamboldt: ok, talk to ou next week again
(11:18:37) mdamboldt: bye
(11:19:17) stx12: still there?
(11:19:44) stx12: there is a site help link in the footer which doesn't help at all :-(
(11:21:37) mdamboldt: stx12: So remove it for now until we have true content?
(11:22:00) mdamboldt: Or pointing to links we have on the left at "Documentation" for now?
(11:22:29) stx12: i think we should remove it
(11:24:38) lgodard: stx12: ok. who is in charge of writting help ?
(11:25:47) jsc: nobody, we don't see it as important because we have the documentation section on the left
(11:27:02) lgodard: jsc: ok
(11:28:58) lgodard: jsc: regarding http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/resources perharps also point to community ressources such as extensions wiki and mailing lists for live questions and assistance
(11:31:32) jsc: lgodard: agreed,  we will extend that or we will limk directly into the wiki
(11:32:56) lgodard: it think this page is great, but link to wiki should be in proeminent place i think
(11:32:56) lgodard: + mailing lists (dev@ for assistance, users@ for annoucement)
(11:32:56) lgodard: + maybe irc
(11:33:20) lgodard: + a general mail adress contact us 
(11:33:49) jsc: lgodard: ok, we will extend it with some useful info
(11:33:49) mdamboldt: Regarding "Contact Us" we have the idea to put an information there explaining the possibility to participate on the extwesite mailing list
(11:34:06) mdamboldt: anything else?
(11:34:49) jsc: i think we have it for today
(11:34:58) stx12: not for today i guess...
(11:35:47) kso a quitté le salon (quit: "Leaving")
(11:36:30) mdamboldt a quitté le salon ("Verlassend")
(11:37:09) lgodard: ok thx all
(11:49:35) jsc: lgodard: we want to prepare an extensions meeting on Tuesday, right? I haven't seen a slot for such a meeting so far in the conf programme.  I thought it was already scheduled, do you know anything?
(11:51:15) lgodard: jsc: i asked 3 times and jesus tols me it was ok
(11:51:25) lgodard: jsc: but no more news
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