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This task is Python25 Migration.It has been finished on both platform of Windows and Linux based on the version of SRC_680_m234 but not on Mac OS X.

Draft for the Planning

Python2.3.4 -> Python25(or later) Migration
Task week 1
18th August
22th August
week 2
25th August
29th Augest
week 3
1st September
5th September
week 4
12th September
week 5
15th September
19th September
week 6
22nd September
26th September
week 7
29th September
Status Comments
Check the sources (one milestone)
resync on Linux and Windows
resync on Mac OS X
Fix build issues (bad compiler option maybe) and conflicts
Modify source files include .mk and other source files
Test on Linux and windows platform
Test on Mac OS X platform
ready for QA
Verify it works on any platform ( Mac OS X , windows )
fixed issues after testing of QA (see relevant issues)
Write report for task
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