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Update: a much superior approach to bibliographies in OpenOffice is now provided by the OpenOffice plugin for Jabref (a plugin for Jabref, not for OpenOffice). See for details. Using this plugin, there is no need to configure the bibliography layout using the OpenOffice tool, it can all be configured from a powerful *.jstyle file that you provide to Jabref. The 2.6b2 version of Jabref is recommended for use with this plugin (as of Feb 2010).

Using JabRef makes an attractive, convenient, cross-platform and cross-application way of maintaining your bibliographic database in plaintext form. JabRef supports export to an .ODS spreadsheet which can be linked to the bibliographic database, allowing for fairly simple everyday use of JabRef as a bibiography editor.

The only difficulty comes when attempting to work out what OpenOffice bibliography entry type is output from each corresponding Bibtex (source format) entry type. This page gives those mappings. Unfortunately, they're not always self evident, and some systems will even have the same type listed more than once in OpenOffice with different ID numbers.

BibTeX type type
TECHREPORT Research Report (13)
BOOK Book (1)
ARTICLE Journal (7)
INPROCEEDINGS Conference proceedings (6)
MISC (10)

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