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After creating a master document, you may want to change its appearance or contents.

Changing the appearance of the document

You can change the styles in the template as your project develops. Do not make changes to styles in the master document or in any of the subdocuments—make those changes in the template.

To update the master document (and all of the subdocuments) with changes to the template, just open the master document. You will get two messages: first, to ask if you want to update all links; and second, if you want to apply the changed styles. Answer Yes to both of these messages.

Editing subdocuments

You cannot save edits made to a subdocument from within the master document. Instead, you must open the subdocument, either by double-clicking on it in the master document’s Navigator, or by opening it from outside the master document. Then you can edit it just as you would edit any other document. Just one rule: if you make any changes to the styles while editing a subdocument, you must copy those changed styles to the template so they are available to all of the subdocuments and to the master document.

If you change the contents of any subdocument, you need to manually update the table of contents, bibliography, and index from within the master document.

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