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Closing a document

To close a document, click File > Close.

You can also close a document by clicking on the Close icon on the document window. In Windows XP, this button looks like the X in the red box shown in the figure below.

If more than one OOo window is open, each window looks like the sample shown on the left in the figure. Closing this window leaves the other OOo windows open.

If only one OOo window is open, it looks like the sample shown on the right. Notice the small black X below the larger X in the red box. Clicking the small black X closes the document but leaves OOo open. Clicking the large X closes OOo completely.

Close icons

If the document has not been saved since the last change, a message box is displayed. Choose whether to save or discard your changes.

  • Save: The document is saved and then closed.
  • Discard: The document is closed, and all modifications since the last save are lost.
  • Cancel: Nothing happens, and you return to the document.
Documentation caution.png Not saving your document could result in the loss of recently made changes, or worse still, your entire file.

Closing Writer

To close Writer completely, click File > Exit, or close the last open document as described in Closing a document.

If all the documents have been saved, Writer closes immediately. If any documents have been modified but not saved, a warning message appears. Follow the procedure in Closing a document to save or discard your changes.

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