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You can choose whether to use the Open and Save As dialogs or the ones provided by your operating system.

To view or change which type of dialog uses:

  1. Choose Tools > Options > > General.
  2. Select the Use dialog boxes option.

This section discusses the Open and Save As dialogs. See below for an example of the Save As dialog; the Open dialog is similar.

The three buttons in the top right of the OOo Open and Save As dialogs are, from left to right:

  • Go Up One Level in the folder (directory) hierarchy. Click and hold this button for a second to drop down a list of higher level folders; to go to one of the folders on the list, move the mouse pointer over its name and release the mouse button.
  • Create New Folder.
  • Default Directory.
The Save As dialog, showing some of the Save formats

For documents that have been saved with more than one version, use the version drop-down to select which version you wish to open in read-only mode. For Microsoft Office documents, only the current version can be opened.

Use the File type field to specify the type of file to be opened or the format of the file to be saved.

The Read-only option on the Open dialog opens the file for reading and printing only. Consequently, most of the toolbars disappear, and most menu options are disabled. An Edit File button is displayed on the Standard toolbar to open the file for editing.

You can open files from the Web by typing a URL in the File name field on the Open dialog.

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