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Ctrl+1 open the Format Cells dialog.

Documentation note.png The shortcuts listed in Table 4 do not work under any Linux desktop tested. If you would like to have the functionality described in this table, you must create custom key sequnces as explained in Customizing keyboard shortcuts.
Documentation note.png The shortcut keys shown in Table 4 do not use the number keys on the number pad. They use the number keys above the letter keys on the main keyboard.

Table 4: Formatting shortcut keys

Shortcut Keys Effect
Ctrl+Shift+1 Two decimal places, thousands separator
Ctrl+Shift+2 Standard exponential format
Ctrl+Shift+3 Standard date format
Ctrl+Shift+4 Standard currency format
Ctrl+Shift+5 Standard percentage format (two decimal places)
Ctrl+Shift+6 Standard format

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