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R1C1 notation

The usual way to refer to cells in Calc is by using a column letter and a row number:

C5 - the cell at the third column across and the fifth row down.

An older method in some other spreadsheets is R1C1 notation. This is only implemented in Calc in the INDIRECT and ADDRESS functions, for compatability.

In R1C1 notation:

R5C3 refers to the cell at the fifth row, third column (C5 in usual notation)
R[2]C[4] is a relative reference, two rows down and four rows across from the current cell. If R[2]C[4] is entered in a formula in cell D3, it refers to cell H5.
R[-1]C[4] is a relative reference, one row up and four rows across from the current cell.
R is a reference to the current row.

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