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You might find it easier to just use a keyboard shortcut for styles, than to double-click them in the Styles and Formatting window. (Format → Styles and Formatting). Here are the steps for setting up styles, so you can apply them with a keyboard shortcut.

  1. Create or open a document in the module where you want to apply the shortcut. You will be able to choose that module such as Writer, or all of OpenOffice, as the context in which the shortcut will work.
  2. Choose Tools → Customize.
  3. Select the Keyboard tab.
  4. Select the module such as Writer, or OpenOffice, at the top.
  5. Select the shortcut key to assign from the list of shortcut keys.
  6. In the Category list, scroll to the bottom and select Styles. Expand the + next to it and select the category of style: Paragraph, Page, or other.
  7. Select the style to assign from the Function list.
  8. Click  Modify 
  9. Click  OK .
Documentation note.png Remember, the style has to be in the document where you use the shortcut key, otherwise of course it will not work.
Tip.png In the same way you may assign shortcut keys to other items in the Category list such as formats. If you want to remove a shortcut key from an item, select it in the Keys list and click  Delete .

This How To comes from Solveig Haugland's Blog

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