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This chapter describes the OOoBean component, a generic Java Bean wrapper for Apache OpenOffice components. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the Java Beans technology. Additional information about Java Beans can be found at

With the OOoBean, a developer can easily write Java applications, harnessing the power of Apache OpenOffice. It encapsulates a connection to a locally running Apache OpenOffice process, and hides the complexity of establishing and maintaining that connection from the developer.

It also allows embedding of Apache OpenOffice documents within the Java environment. It provides a Java AWT window into which the backend Apache OpenOffice process draws its visual representation. This window can then be plugged into the UI hierarchy of the hosting Java application. The embedded document is controlled from the Java environment, since the OOoBean allows developers to access the complete Apache OpenOffice API from their Java environment giving them full control over the embedded document, its appearance and behavior.

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