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The standard words and phrases used in the 3.x user guides are given in the table below.

Words & phrases Comments & examples of use
back up Verb.
backup Noun, adjective.
button A clickable control with words on it. Examples: OK, Apply. The term button itself is usually not necessary in text; the words alone are usually enough. Contrast with icon.
checkbox One word, not two. Use the term option when possible.
choose Use with menu items. Example: Choose File > Save As from the menu bar.
click Use with buttons or icons. Examples: Click OK. Click the Save icon.
data Collective noun, used with singular verb.
database One word, not two.
dialog box Do not italicize or bold the names of dialog boxes.
double-click Hyphenated.
drop down Verb.
drop-down Adjective.
e-mail With a hyphen, as used in OOo UI.
file name Two words.
file type Two words.
icon A clickable control with a picture on it. (The tooltip for an icon shows words.) The term icon is usually required in the text for clarity. Contrast with button.
menu bar Two words.
OpenDocument One word; note capital D. Not OpenOffice or Open Office.
OOo No punctuation.
pop up Verb.
pop-up Adjective.
PostScript Note capital S.
press Use with keyboard keys. Example: Press Enter.
program Not programme.
right-click Hyphenated.
select Use with options, checkboxes, items in a list. Avoid using tick or check; use select instead.
subdocument Not hyphenated.
tab A “page” in a dialog box, identified by a tab at the top. Not capitalized. Example: On the Font tab of the Paragraph Style dialog box...
Tab The Tab key on a keyboard. Capitalized. Example: Press Tab to move to the next cell.
toolbar One word, not capitalized.
website One word, not capitalized.
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