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We want to develop a series of tutorials on using styles and templates, focusing on when, why, what for as well as how, using common tasks to illustrate the concepts.

Please also read the Guidelines for writing tutorials.

Please feel free to add ideas below.

For example, page styles are fundamental to using Writer, but many people coming from another program like MSWord are expecting to do things using "sections" that Writer does using page styles ("sections" serve a different purpose in Writer).

Paragraph styles are less unfamiliar to former MSWord users, but most people don't use para styles in any program and don't understand all the ways in which para styles can make their work easier.

Templates have some fundamental uses, too, that many people don't discover. For example, many MSWord users expect something similar to Word's normal.dot, and don't make the connection to using a self-defined default template.

I will add other examples later, but meanwhile feel free to add your own ideas and topics and even volunteer to write one or more tutorials.

Much of this info can be extracted from the Getting Started book, the Writer Guide, and other books and then improved upon by reworking into more targeted tutorials about specific tasks.


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