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This page is intended as a collection of simple step-by-step recipes to build Apache OpenOffice from source code on Docker Containers. A more thorough explanation of what the individual steps do and why they are necessary can be found in the building guide.

This page focuses on docker container. The goal is to provide a simple to create Build environment to build the Linux Version of Apache OpenOffice (R).

Prerequisite to this guide

You need to have a normal docker installation on your system and a git instance installed.

Building your Docker image

You need the Dockerfile for building the docker image.

Create a build folder on your host, and put the file into that folder. We assume here that the folder is /workspace/docker

$ cd /workspace/docker
$ wget
$ docker build -t aoo_centos .

Building Apache OpenOffice (R)

Getting the Code

$ mkdir /workspace/AOO
$ cd /workspace/AOO
$ git clone .

Starting the image and adding the source code

$ docker run -ti -v /workspace/AOO:/workspace/AOO aoo_centos


See the buildscript at

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