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Book-old.png    This article is outdated.    
Documentation note.png Get the source from CVS (only for old milestones i.e. before DEV300m32)

For previous milestones (means before m31) : cvs is mandatory

=> Prepare a directory for the source download

mkdir DEV300_m30
cd DEV300_m30

export CVSROOT=""
cvs login
(password is 'anoncvs' )  + Enter
cvs -z3 co -r DEV300_m30 OpenOffice3 swext apache-commons tomcat hyphen  hunspell cppunit # don't forget the "3" !! 

Note: swext, tomcat, etc. in the cvs checkout are needed to prevent breakages at buildtime

IMPORTANT : if you want to build an old version of on Mac OS X  (especially for SRC680 versions) ,

you MUST use these mozilla archives instead :

If you want to build using them on PowerPC or Intel architecture (with Tiger) please rename them this way  :

Archive Name in Intel architecture Name on PowerPC architecture

As you can see, P means PowerPC, and I means Intel (replacing U or the UB (it depends on the builder) in the original name)

.. and put them into <ooo build directory>/DEV300_m28/moz/zipped Once done, you'll obtain milestone m28 from DEV300. should detect and use them if you respect the configure command line as described in Milestone build.

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